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RNPP-311M: instruction and purpose

The voltage relay RNPP-311M, the instruction for use of which is presented below, is intended for monitoring the maximum level of current supply and correct phase rotation. In addition, it disconnects the device under excessive load (380/220 volts - 50 Hz) by triggering and deactivating the supply contacts.

Unit Features

Parameters and operating time of the relay RNPP-311M (the instruction additionally confirms this) are created by the consumer. This is taking into account the indication of factors indicative of an emergency situation. Depending on the choice of the monitored network (380 or 400 V), the device has the following capabilities:

  • Selection of the type of the controlled area;
  • Mode of full or partial power supply;
  • Option of phase correction;
  • Control function of incorrect alternation and phase sticking.

In some modes, the device adjusts the misalignment and maximum parameters of the power contacts.

RNPP-311M: instruction and specifications

The device can be powered from the network in three phases, which guarantees its operation from any of the contacts, if there is a zero point. The relay is capable of operating online from an autonomous source with a load of 24 V. The device is connected by means of input contacts L1, L2, L3, M.

If the connection to the zero point is impossible, the unit will operate with an error of up to five percent. At the output of the relay has a pair of categories of independent contacts, which in standby mode are closed through one. If there is a maximum current supply, the device operates with an inverse activation logic. The tripping of the load is accompanied by a break in the supply circuit through the magnetic contacts of the starter.

In all modes RNPP-311M, the instruction of which maximally reveals all its capabilities, works when the phase is broken or the voltage is lower than 75 V. The time period for the reaction is two tenths of a second.

Switching and operation

If the voltage is only present in one phase, the unit will switch between 100 and 140 volts to switch on the LEDs. The control levers are exposed to the outside of the relay RNPP-311M, the instruction for use of which involves a joint adjustment of the threshold as a percentage of the maximum and minimum delivered.

The operating manual provides for several basic positions of the device:

  • U (nominal) - combined adjustment in the percentage ratio between the maximum and minimum voltage index;
  • Т (ср) - the period of operation in the event of any emergency situations, except for the reduction of the indicator below 75 volts or the rupture of one of the phases;
  • T (on) - the time of the next automatic turn-on as a result of the operation of the device and the normalization of the voltage indicators;
  • The type of network used is 380/400 V.

The switches of the RNPP-311M device, the instruction manual for which is attached to each instance, serve to prohibit or permit the relay to operate. In the left position, all the levers are designed for activation.

Technical specifications

Below are the main characteristics of the device:

  • Operating voltage - 380/220, 400/232 volts;
  • Rated frequency - 45-55 Hz;
  • The percentage of adjustment between the maximum differences from the nominal index - from 5 to 50 percent in both directions;
  • The adjustment range for T (cp) and T (on) is 0-10 / 0-600 seconds;
  • The indicator of the minimum fixed delay at operation is 12 seconds;
  • The period of operation when one phase is broken or the voltage is ready to be applied to the relay - two tenths of a second;
  • The size of the phase warp is 60 volts;
  • Accuracy of determining the differences - no more than three volts;
  • Feed, allowing the device to work - from 50 to 150 volts;
  • The limiting processed current is five amperes;
  • Dimensions - 35/92/58 millimeters;
  • Relay / terminal protection - IP-40 / IP-20;
  • Temperature mode of operation - from -35 to + 155 degrees Celsius;
  • Weight - two hundred grams.

Relay RNPP-311M: instruction, operating principle

Below is a diagram of the connection of the device in question. All the work of the device is provided by the following elements:

  • The reset threshold controller (minimum / maximum);
  • Re-activation control (T-on);
  • The corrector of the operating period (T-cp);
  • Voltage switch;
  • Phase corrector (BS);
  • Phase shift switch (PF);
  • The maximum and minimum lever;
  • Emergency and working LED indicators;
  • Input and output contacts.

The instruction of RNPP-311M states that the relay must be used with a load not exceeding three VA. The climatic design of the device is presented in the format "UHL-4".

Customer Reviews

The device is intended for constant monitoring of the supplied electric energy, protection of household devices against excessive regimes (voltage jumps, phase failure, violation of their sequence). In addition, the relay provides full-phase operation of induction motors. Feedback from users further confirms the reliability and stability of the unit.

The device is connected to the network, correcting and verifying its performance, and also comparing them with the specified parameters. If the voltage supply is judged to be unacceptable, the relay operates by acting on the contacts on the linking unit, which disconnects the equipment. This device can be a magnetic starter or the like. The RNPP-311M system, the instruction and photo of which is presented above, is not designed for the maximum loads on the minimum and maximum values. In this regard, it must be unloaded using a special starter.


In conclusion, it can be noted that this device allows you to cope with emergencies that arise in the electrical household or industrial network. The use of the relay RNPP-311 M helps to maintain the operability of refrigerators, compressors and other devices, and also prevents the occurrence of fires in the event of phase failure or voltage surges. Its design is as clear as possible and multifunctional in different climatic regions.

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