Truck haulage from Europe

How to deliver a car from Europe to Russia? This question is asked among the first when the car is selected, the price is agreed with the seller, and in the pocket there are enough funds for its acquisition and customs clearance. The issue of delivery remains open. In fact, no European will drive the truck to Russia - it is not in their interest to get acquainted with our not always logical Legislation.

Trucking trucks from Europe is not an ordinary trip, and if you still decide to implement it on your own - it must be prepared with the utmost care and take into account many points of the upcoming tour.

First , you must have at least an initial knowledge of a foreign language, because anything can happen on the road, and when traveling in a country you do not know, coping with problems is much more difficult.

Secondly , you must have the necessary amount of money, which would be enough to buy fuel on the route, which, by the way, is usually calculated in advance. One should not allow the finances to suffice "back to back", because a change in the exchange rate or a jump in stock prices for oil products can play a cruel joke.

Thirdly , even before you plan a trip, transfer money to the seller and fly for your truck - you should know clearly - where you will clear it. We are now talking with you about the car from Europe, and if it is carried out "on its own", then you should know - in this case it is most convenient to make customs clearance in Kaliningrad. The matter is that the Kaliningrad region has a very advantageous location in relation to Europe and in case of customs clearance of commercial transport there - you do not have to make a deposit while the car is being transported to the final destination region. Therefore, you must contact the customs broker in Kaliningrad in advance and clarify all the details of the forthcoming procedure. It is highly discouraged to deal with the customs clearance of commercial vehicles on their own, because of the constantly changing customs legislation, all the nuances of which are known only to specialists who are closely studying the foundations of foreign economic activity. Self-design can be fraught with adjustments, increasing the term of the vehicle at the warehouse and other all kinds of unforeseen costs.

If your car will be bought in the European city, the exit to the sea which is close enough to you - it will be easier for you to order the delivery of the goods by ferry, to clear it at the "International Customs Terminal", and transfer to the area of your residence from St. Petersburg.

Fourthly , you must remember - the right to drive a truck must be registered in your rights - a special category (C) must be opened, and if you are going to overtake, say, a tractor with a semitrailer, then the CE category should be opened A new sample).

And do not forget that the visit to a foreign country is preceded by the opening of a visa that gives it the right. And one of the mandatory conditions for obtaining such a visa is the availability of a foreign passport.

Firms offering truck haulage from Europe have in their staff employees who have multiple Schengen visas that allow them to visit the Schengen countries without hindrance, which includes most of the EU countries. Employees, as a rule, have the rights to manage all necessary modes of transport and have extensive experience in this area. The Kaliningrad region is "rich" by the drivers because of the availability of all the above conditions.

If after reading you decided to abandon the idea of a self-drive truck - find a firm that provides services to drive cars and discuss the details of cooperation.

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