Petunia: Care, Reproduction and Growth of Seedlings

One of the most popular and diverse flowers in the world has always been petunia. Baskets and vases with colorful colors can be seen on the balcony of almost every house in Europe. Flowerbeds, cottages and curbs are also full of a variety of varieties of petunias. This plant loves the sun, so you should grow this plant on sunny places. Petunia is very drought-resistant. The motherland of petunia is Yurazilia and Argentina. In our northern country, petunia is an annual plant. However, in the south, petunia is a dense perennial plant.
Petunia is a plant of the Solanaceae family. Today, you can meet up to 25 of its species. Petunia reproduces mainly by seeds. Despite the simplicity of this approach, the time of sowing varies greatly. Thus, in order to achieve early flowering in pots, petunia is sown in early February, if planting is planned to be planted in open ground, it will be fine. They sow petunia usually in boxes in the greenhouse. Well, the seeds of petunia germinate at a temperature of 20-22 C, the temperature increase will be needed only if before that the seeds were stored for two to four years. Very important is also the fact that petunia is a plant that requires a lot of light, which is a very important circumstance already at the early stages of its development. Because getting healthy seedlings will be possible only if you will lighten the seedlings additionally within three to four hours a day. The appearance and quality of flowering of this plant is influenced mainly by its nutrition. Hence it can be concluded that it is desirable to feed the seedlings at least once in 7 days. In our conditions, petunia blooms in eighty days from the time of sowing.
A long flowering period, ease in cultivation and a large number of flowers gives petunia a huge advantage among other varieties of ornamental plants. The unique quality of this universal plant is its good resistance to strong and cold winds. Just for this reason, petunia is so often seen on balconies. After all, the flowers of this plant have so many different colors that it is not difficult to match the coloring to the tone of the walls of the building.
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