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British singers: legends of retro and modern music

It can be confidently asserted that British singers are the most popular in the world. Even American music can not be compared with English in full. The United States has borrowed a considerable amount of musical styles from the United Kingdom for the development of its show business.

Kings of British music of the second half of XX century

The history of the English stage is to start with David Bowie - an artistic rock artist, whom the world lost in this, in 2016. His bright and experimental career lasted 50 years, and began in 1969 with the composition of Space Oddity. The musician was identified by the twenty-third artist on the list of the greatest world performers of all time. Bowie remembered his listeners scandalous images, song-puzzles and insinuating voice.

Queen is a rock band that achieved notable fame in the 1970s. From the mention of such songs as The Show Must Go On and We Are the Champions, many people goose bumps. The band has 15 studio albums, 5 concert compilations and hundreds of millions of grateful fans around the globe. Each musician of this group owns the authorship of at least one song, which took first place in the British and world charts.

Famous British singers of the 80s, whose popularity went beyond the borders of their native country, is, of course, The Beatles. The band performed in the style of beat-rock. His career began with British singers from covers and small-town performances. After the concert in the "Royal Variety Show" in 1963, The Beatles woke up in demanded artists. To date, only one of the "beetles" is engaged in music - Paul McCartney, who, incidentally, became the author of most of the compositions that were included in the first two albums and became world hits.

Not by the United Kingdom

Welsh singer and musician Marina Diamantis (pseudonym - Marina and the Diamonds) - a real diamond indie pop genre and the British stage. The career of the girl began in 2005 with the EP Mermaid vs. Sailor, which she created and sold without anyone's help. The unique album The Family Jewels of 2010 received silver from the UK Albums Chart a few days before the official release, as it was in the fifth place of the most anticipated novelties.

Era Electra Heart was not as successful as the first, because of the frequent transfer of premier songs. Album Froot, released in March 2015, and tour Neon Nature returned Marina the title of one of the best artists of the United Kingdom, America and Europe.

British singers who conquered the world

Speaking of English music, it is impossible not to mention the penetrating voice and sensual songs of Adele. The twenty-eight-year-old girl has three successful studio albums, is the winner of dozens of musical nominations, a member of the Order of the British Empire. She was three times recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Such British singers as Ed Shiran and Sam Smith, having won listeners at home, began to seek the attention of the American public. In 2014, more than half a million copies of Smith's debut album, In The Lonely Hour, were bought in the United States alone. The musical plate of Shirana under the name "X" became the first in the US chart of the best-selling in 2014.

Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys are truly accomplished musicians and British singers. Modern performers of these groups achieved success not only among the public of the United Kingdom, but also in the USA and Europe. Arctic Monkeys are the headliners in Britain and America for the phenomenal amount of sales of the album "AM". Coldplay for several months were able to sell 701 thousand copies of the record Ghost Stories.

Beginning artists of Britain

Counterfeit is a London band led by musician, soloist and actor Jamie Campbell Bauer, who starred in the movie "Sweeney Todd" and "The Cannon of Death." Four guys create music in the style of alternative rock. Such tracks as Hold Fire, Letter To The Lost, Lost Everything, Family Suicide and Enough, gave Counterfeit a favorable hand, so that in 2016 the artists performed two European tours with a sold-out at every concert.

For the year of its existence the guys managed to get to the pages of the popular British rock magazine Kerrang several times along with bands such as Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Twenty One Pilots, Muse, and other world stars. The official release of the first album is currently delayed due to Bauer's employment in the Shakespeare series "Will", but devoted fans continue to wait patiently for their reward in the form of studio recordings of breathtaking and incendiary songs.

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