How to install Windows 8 without problems

The new operating system Windows 8 from Microsoft has turned out ambiguous. It brought native support for the latest equipment, a balanced work of multi-core systems, a substantially redesigned mechanism of hibernation and a number of other innovations. However, the orientation to work with touchscreen devices, spartan angular interface, the lack of some familiar features (the notorious "Start" button) and "childhood diseases" do not yet allow to recommend it to everyone without exception. Nevertheless, to make up your own opinion, you need to figure out how to install Windows 8, and try to work with this system.

There are 4 versions of it - RT, Win 8, Win 8 Pro and Enterprise. Owners of laptops and personal computers should choose from the last three. In general, the one who has installed previous versions (XP, Vista, 7) should not have any difficulties with how to install Windows 8. No significant changes were made to the algorithm.

First of all, you need to have an installation distribution of the operating system in your hands. It can be purchased in a store on a CD, downloaded from the Internet and using the Ultra ISO program to burn to a disk or a USB flash drive - it's not a matter of principle. One of the main points in the question of how to install Windows 8 is the medium from which you can boot. Not suitable except that another section of the target hard drive. Telling how to install Windows 8, we assume the use of a CD.

After inserting the disk into the drive, it is necessary to reboot the computer and immediately after the first labels appear on the screen, press the Boot Device Selection button. It can be F12 or F9 - usually at the bottom of the screen there is a hint. As an option - you can read the instructions to the motherboard. Choose a CD-ROM. If everything is done correctly, the message "Press any key" will appear. We press any button. The first screen of the installer will prompt you to set the time, date, and language settings. Further everything is obvious - "Install".

The next stage often raises the question of "how to put Windows 8", because you need to enter the key. If the system is licensed, then the required alphanumeric combination can be found on the disk package, and in the case of the laptop - on the label on the underside of the device. Without acceptance of the license terms, further installation is impossible, so put a checkmark and click the "Next" button.

Now the important thing is the choice of the regime. It is more preferable to selectively install (clean installation of Windows 8), but not upgrade. The only drawback is that the old system will be moved from the Windows.OLD folder. If necessary, all information from there can easily be restored.

In the next window, you should specify the target disk. It is recommended to install the system on a partition with an available capacity of at least 50 GB (taking into account third-party programs). After clicking "Next", the process of copying system files to the hard disk will begin. The time it takes depends on the performance of the disk subsystem and the configuration of the computer. It usually takes 15 to 40 minutes. After rebooting, you must select the primary color of the interface, the name of the computer and the user.

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