Which colored lenses are the best? Doctor's advice and user feedback

In this article we will consider the question of which colored lenses are best. In general, contact lenses are small devices that are made from transparent materials. They are put directly on eyes to increase visual acuity (for correction). The only exception is decorative and cosmetic products, because they not only correct vision, but also change the color of the eye.

According to experts, this masterpiece is worn by about 125 million people on earth. The method of correcting vision using such devices is called contact correction.

More than 40% of consumers of this product are young people aged 12 to 25 years. Among those who buy contact lenses for the first time, the proportion of people under the age of 35 is almost 90%, with about 70% of women among them.

Tinted and colored lenses

Do you know which are the best colored lenses? It is known that these products contribute to a radical change in the color of the ocular iris. By the way, toning lenses are necessary for changing or improving the hue. As a rule, the given production is made both with dioptries - for change of a shade of eyes and correction of sight simultaneously, and "zero", for those who wishes to achieve only cosmetic effect.

Usually colored lenses do not affect the perception of the color of the environment, since they are transparent in the center.

Use of lenses

Doctors do not recommend wearing contact colored lenses in the evening and at night. After all, in poor light, the human pupil expands, in the area of visibility is the painted part of the product, which is interpreted as a veil before the eyes, noise.

Doctors, by the way, are forbidden to drive a car in contact colored lenses, as well as to perform other works that require increased visual attention and speed of motor reactions.

Manufacture of lenses

Let's figure out how to produce good color contact lenses. They are created by several methods: turning, centrifugal molding, casting, and also combining the above.

With the help of turning, polymerized "dry" semi-finished products are processed on a lathe. Thanks to computer control programs there are lenses with sophisticated geometry, which have two or more radii of curvature. The turned products are polished, hydrated (saturated with water) to the required values and subjected to chemical cleaning. Then they are tinted, tested, sterilized, packaged and labeled.

Casting is considered a less time-consuming method than turning. First, a mold-matrix made of metal is produced. And for each set of lens parameters you need your own matrix. According to this auxiliary element, specialists from plastic mold the copies-forms: the liquid polymer solidifies under the influence of ultraviolet. The finished lens is polished, hydrated, tinted, sterilized and packaged.

Of course, the best lenses we'll look at next, and now we'll find out what is called centrifugal molding. This is the easiest way to create contact soft lenses. And he is involved even today. The liquid polymer is injected into a spinning shape at a certain rate, where it is immediately exposed to ultraviolet rays or high temperature. As a result, it hardens. Next, the workpiece is removed from the mold, hydrated and grinded.

One of the prototypes of the mixed approach of creating contact lenses is the Reverse trend III. With this method, the front surface of the lens is created by centrifugal molding, and the rear surface by turning.

Largest lens designers

Below are listed the largest and most famous manufacturers of lenses:

  • Neo Vision.
  • Jonson & Jonson (Acuvue brand).
  • CIBA Vision.
  • Cooper Vision.
  • Bausch & Lomb.
  • Maxima Optics.
  • Interojo.

White lenses

And yet, what color lenses are better? Let's look at the white contact lenses. In the modern world, they are often used as an indispensable attribute of a carnival, a holiday or a party. After all, they can change the human image in such a way that the object will be favorably separated from the general mass of people and become the center of gravity of views!

Recently, contact lenses have been used only as a means of correcting vision deficiencies. Today they play a cosmetic and decorative role.

In general, many argue that white lenses are the best colored lenses of the holiday or carnival. And really - they fit everyone. White lenses completely change the style and make the image mysterious.

Tinted lenses

Perhaps the color contact lenses are the best? Let's study these products. In general, the specificity of lenses of this type lies in their ability to give the eyes a different color, brightness with synchronous saving of the figure of the iris of the individual.

A lot of ladies at their own experience experienced the quality of tinted lenses. After all, using them, you can make an amazing dream and get eyes of a different shade. But these products have not only a decorative purpose: they protect the eyes from a dangerous ultraviolet.

By the way, the tinted lens either strengthens the color of the eyes, makes it more expressive, or changes their shade. A characteristic feature of this product is the lack of the impression of "puppetry", the natural look. In general, such products perform vision correction, having a colossal range of diopters.

Perhaps you have decided that these colored lenses are the best? Maybe it is so. By the way, tinted lenses are made in three types. Thanks to the first you can give contrast to your eyes, to provide a rich look. The second type of lens will brighten the shade of your iris, add shine to your eyes.

The third product completely changes the color of the iris, so many of this masterpiece is called colored. Unfortunately, it does not look as natural as the first and second type of lenses, but it is no less popular among the population.

Description of white lenses

Many people believe that white colored lenses are the best. Why do they think so? It is known that for the production of white lenses, specific solutions and the latest technology are used. That is why these amazing products can change cardinally the person without harm for his body.

The statistics says that among all decorative lenses, whites today enjoy the highest demand. Why does this happen? Yes, we just used to talk to people, looking into their eyes. It is from there that we derive a lot of information about the mood of the interlocutor and his emotions.

Imagine that a man with white pupils in his eyes suddenly appeared before you! This at least will cause you a huge surprise, as well as interest in such an outrageous, original and stylish solution.

In fact, white contact lenses can not leave anyone indifferent simply can not.

That is why these products are becoming more and more popular today. People find them a lot of uses: they are used for thematic amusing parties, drawings, performances in the show program, carnival and so on. Be that as it may, white lenses will always give a zest to the human image.

Advantages of white lenses

Of course, now many are tormented by the question of which colored lenses are better. Meanwhile, we will study the merits of white lenses:

  • Complement the style with an alluring and enchanting eye tint.
  • Contribute to the manifestation of personality of nature.
  • Attract the attention of all present to the object.

In general, in the modern world, design solutions are so amazing that sometimes they simply amaze the imagination.

Today, the leading specialists of enterprise-developers of tools used in contact correction successfully interact with famous designers. As a rule, as a result of their work appears an incredible number of variations of carnival (decorative) and scleral lenses.

The basic difference between carnival lenses is that they have an unusual pattern or an entertaining picture. But scleral lenses in a single color completely cover the cornea of the eye.

By the way, experts and for the sclera developed white lenses. Many claim that it is the best colored lenses. But not everyone will be able to acquire them. After all, such a decision can only be made by a person who values unordinaryism, who is accustomed to hitting those around him and who does not tolerate monotony. You can not doubt: a white eye that does not have a pupil will surprise everyone.

It should be noted that most often white scleral lenses are used by stylists in cinematography, in concert and theater performances. They thus create an artistic image.


So which color lenses are the best? We are going to go further into this complex issue. Today it is quite easy to purchase white lenses. In every Internet salon, in the largest store of optics, you can find a huge assortment of these products. Of course, prices here fluctuate from high to quite acceptable.

We emphasize that you should not buy lenses without consulting with an expert on contact correction or an ophthalmologist. At first, scleral lenses were created for therapeutic (medical) purposes. Today, these products are widely used by representatives of the younger generation.

How to care for white lenses?

What color contact lenses are better and which are worse, we will find out later. Now let's see how it is necessary to look after white lenses. After all, because of incorrect care and wrong choice of lenses a person begins to feel uncomfortable during their use.

Basically, the principle of care for white lenses does not differ from the principles applied to other types of lenses. It is known that doctors do not advise using carnival and scleral lenses for a long period.

The best option is to use them exclusively at the time of the event. Here it is necessary to observe the recommended maximum period of wearing the product - six hours. In such contact lenses doctors strictly forbid to fall asleep.

It should be noted that the matrix of this product disgustingly misses oxygen, can be overdried immediately, and consequently, the cornea of the eye suffers.

In fact, if it is wrong to operate the lens, you can face very unpleasant consequences. These include burning, and red eyes, and profuse lachrymation, and other manifestations of discomfort. Doctors say that sometimes it can even develop a corneal edema!

That's why you need to carefully monitor compliance with the rules for wearing lenses and care for these fragile products. Only then will their use become comfortable, safe for your health. And, of course, white lenses will turn into a real decoration and a bright part of the image!

Marking of white lenses

Interestingly, what are the white colored lenses of a better company? Today, many enterprises are engaged in the production of this miracle. We give only a single example of white lenses that enter the retail network and are in demand among customers - Carnaval lenses:

  • White carnival lenses.
  • Type: contact.
  • Schedule of application: daytime, night.
  • Replacement mode: every 90 days.
  • Mission: cosmetic.

Contact lenses of black color

Where are the best colored lenses for the brown eyes sold ? This information can provide both doctors and specialists working in this field. Many buyers say that brown eyes are suitable for black lenses. And indeed, they provide a cardinal change of the image, make the eyes picturesque, and the view insanely spectacular. In general, these products are ideal for Halloween, carnival, theme party or holiday.

Black lenses are most suitable for owners of dark hair. It's not for nothing that the eastern black-eyed beauties composed an incredible number of poems and songs!

Agree, today in the big assortment let out color contact lenses! Which is better to choose - the question is rather complicated. At the moment in any salon of optics, the online store sells a lot of models of color lenses scheduled replacement or daily. If the consumer observes the rules of wearing and care for these products, they will not harm his health. By the way, the coloring pigment in such products is placed in the thickness of the matrix. That is why it does not contact the surface of the eye, which prevents the appearance of allergies, irritation, and corneal staining.

It should be noted that the dye does not come into contact with the liquid by which the lenses are taken care of. Therefore, the color of products remains bright for a long time. The manufacturer assures that the saturation of black lenses is stable until the end of the service life.

Most likely, black lenses are the best colored lenses! Reviews buyers about them leave sellers in stores only positive! Of course, modern decorative lenses produce from raw materials of the highest quality. That's why they do not cause discomfort when socking.

These products are sufficiently moistened, so that the cornea does not overdry when working with a computer, as in a dry room or near an air conditioner. Of course, you can use additional moisturizers, which the specialist will gladly pick up for you. By the way, many decorative lenses are equipped with ultraviolet filter, which protects the eyes from the sun.

The main disadvantage of colored lenses is the understated data of the movement of oxygen to the eye surface. As a result, it is recommended to wear blacks and any other lenses up to six hours a day. Individual ophthalmologists generally do not advise using lenses for more than three hours. It is necessary to remember: it is strictly forbidden to sleep in lenses of black color! If you do not comply with these simple rules, you can easily acquire hypoxia and corneal edema.

Blue lenses

Everyone knows that a deep beautiful shade of the eye is very rare. That is why contact blue lenses are bought by those who are eager to get a non-standard, original image.

The collection of contact lenses of blue color is enormous, so you can select the product individually without exerting effort.

Scleral lenses

If earlier scleral lenses were used only for the purpose of treatment, at the moment they have become very popular among young people. Western pop culture lens without optical power is used in thematic meetings, celebrations, parties. The design of these products is so non-standard that it gives the person not only an original image, but also a mystical one.

It should not be forgotten that prolonged sock of scleral lenses without interruption, as well as their continued use, can adversely affect human health. In general, based on the monitoring report, which studies the negative effects of these products, in many countries the use of scleral lenses was banned.

If you decide to wear contact lenses, you should visit an ophthalmologist who will recommend the type of product you are looking for and also acquaint you with the operating rules before buying.


Perhaps now our readers have figured out. What color lenses are better? Feedback from buyers will also help us to clarify some points. Some of them say that they tried a lot of colored lenses, spent considerable money on the selection of necessary lenses and stopped on sky-blue. They like their color, they argue that the product sits well and does not travel through the eyes.

Some argue that the colored lenses they face, and that they wear them for 15 hours a day! Of course, these consumers say that the eyes are tired by the evening, and they begin to feel uncomfortable.

And buyers say that if you fall asleep with lenses (suddenly forget to remove), waking up, you immediately rush to get rid of them. After all, the eyes begin to ache wildly and fester. Many consumers write that they like monochrome lenses "Ophthalmics Butterfly".

We hope this article will help you find the best color lenses!

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