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Treatment and prevention of colds during pregnancy

For every woman, the health of her child is important. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of it from the very planning or the onset of pregnancy. Throughout the term, doctors strongly do not recommend a future mother to use any medications. But sometimes it is just necessary.

Modern manufacturers of medicines produce a variety of means with which help prevent colds. In pregnancy, such drugs are not always allowed. Every future mother should remember the main rule: no medication can be consumed alone. If you have signs of illness, you should seek help from specialists.

Take care in the cold season

Preventing colds during pregnancy should always be. But special attention is given to it in cold weather. If the street is damp and windy, then it is easy to catch an infection. Note that the viruses are most spread in a cold, but not frosty period. If there is a minus temperature outside the window, the chances of falling ill are many times.

It is very important to pay attention to your clothes. Choose it according to the weather. Do not try to dress warmer: you can easily sweat and catch a cold. If your journey takes a long time, then take a thermos in a warm drink: tea or mors. Hardening is a good way to boost immunity, but only before conception. If you are already pregnant, then it is worthwhile from such events.

Protect yourself from infection

Drugs for preventing colds during pregnancy are usually not recommended for use. Therefore, the future mother gently take care of her own health. Try to avoid crowded places, during epidemics it is worth to stay at home. But even here it is important to follow certain rules: ventilate the room as often as possible, the air surrounding you should be moist and cool. Be sure to refuse to receive guests.

If you can not afford to sit out the epidemic at home, then use masks. They need to be changed every two hours. Infection is inevitably transmitted by contact with a person: through the air, handshakes, documents. You can catch a disease even in a shop, a bus, your own entrance. Therefore, it is so important to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap upon arrival. During the day, use antibacterial napkins and disinfectant hand gels. Do not bring the brush to your face and, of course, do not eat with dirty hands.

Use folk remedies

The safest prevention of colds during pregnancy is folk remedies. But in this you need to know the measure. Do not drink broths liters and eat honey in kilograms. This can lead to allergies. It is worth noting that this reaction is developing not only in expectant mothers, but also their babies. Later the child is born with allergies. So, what can you do to prevent colds during pregnancy?

  • Herbs: chamomile, calendula, mint, eucalyptus. Broth from these plants rinse your throat. They will have a bactericidal, antiseptic, antiviral effect. In a small concentration of these herbs, you can brew tea, but always be careful.
  • Onion and garlic. These two plants are considered natural antibiotics. There is a myth that garlic can not be consumed in the first trimester of pregnancy. Doctors are skeptical about this statement and assure: within reasonable limits - it is possible.
  • Sources of vitamin C: orange, lemon, parsley, cabbage. These products will fill the deficiency of the vitamin in the body and contribute to an increase in immunity. It is important to eat them raw.
  • Ginger tea. This drink is considered a natural immunomodulator. You can use it, but you should limit the volume and concentration. Start the morning with a cup of light ginger tea with a spoon of honey, and your immunity will become much stronger.

Nasal washing is the right prevention of colds

In pregnancy, you can use a variety of saline solutions and drops. They are injected into the nasal cavity in order to purify, moisturize, remove the edema. The presence of salt helps to draw out excess fluid from the mucous membranes, which facilitates breathing. In addition, the solution promotes the regeneration of inflamed and damaged tissues. If you are in contact with an infection, then the nose and throat become the passageway for it into your body. Therefore, when you return home, you must always clean these mucous surfaces.

The virus can not hit its target in a few hours. You can easily get rid of pathogens, and prevent infection. The salt solution can be prepared alone or used by all known sodium chloride. Also in the pharmacy are sold special devices that simplify the manipulation of cleansing: "Dolphin", "Rinostop", "Humer" and so on.

Preparations for prophylaxis: immunomodulators

Preventive maintenance and treatment of cold during pregnancy can be carried out with the help of drugs that increase immunity. If previously you had to use those without the appointment of a doctor, now it is prohibited. Many medications of this nature also have an antiviral effect. Indications for the appointment of immunostimulants are frequent catarrhal diseases, accompanied by complications, high probability of infection, sluggish bacterial pathologies.

It is necessary to remember the list of medications that are strictly forbidden in pregnancy: "Immunal", "Isoprinosine" or "Groprinosin", "Cycloferon", "Bronchomunal", "Proteflazid", "Amiksin" and so on. Enumerate dangerous drugs can endlessly. It is much easier to say what you can use. Preventive maintenance of cold during pregnancy can be made by the following means: "Ocillococcinum", "Magne B6", "Viferon" (from 14 weeks), "Arbidol".

If you get sick ...

What if the prevention of influenza and cold during pregnancy proved to be ineffective? At the first symptoms of infection, you should immediately begin treatment. Its basis is in the mode:

  1. Give up work and stay at home: rest and lie more, observe peace.
  2. Eat plenty of fluids. It can be simple water, tea, mors. Do not abuse raspberries (especially in the first and last trimester). If possible, replace it with cranberries.
  3. If there is no appetite, do not force yourself to eat. Do not worry that the baby inside you will remain hungry. Now it is much more important to regain good health.

Many future mothers do not want to go to the doctor and try to eliminate the disease on their own. Such an approach is possible, but once again it is worth recalling the prohibition of any medication. It is necessary to appear to the expert in the following cases:

  • The body temperature rises to 38 degrees.
  • You are suffering from cough, headache, photophobia.
  • There is pain in the abdomen, diarrhea.
  • The rhinitis gets a thick consistency, the discharge becomes green.
  • You do not get better within 2-3 days.

Heat and pain

Preventing colds during pregnancy (in the early stages especially) is not always possible. The reason for this is a natural decrease in immunity. It is necessary to ensure that the body does not reject the fruit. If the infection still happened, and you have a headache, it is acceptable to take an antispasmodic. The most safe and running are "No-Shpa" and "Drotaverin". They are not contraindicated to future mothers.

If the body temperature rises, then it must be controlled. Take antipyretics is worth, if mercury on the thermometer rose to 37.6. The safest drug in this situation will be Paracetamol. In the second trimester, it is permissible to use Ibuprofen. "Analgin" and "Aspirin" are strictly forbidden. These drugs can cause damage to the fetus.

Runny nose and nasal congestion

Preventing colds during pregnancy in the early stages does not always bear fruit. Each third future mother in the first trimester carries a runny nose. This phenomenon in itself is not dangerous for the baby in the womb, but it is unpleasant for the woman. A safe and proven remedy for the common cold is the spray and drops "Grippferon". It should be noted that they can be used for prevention. This medication is allowed for future mothers throughout the pregnancy. It has antiviral and immunomodulatory effects.

With a bacterial runny nose and a chronic chronic rhinitis, Pinosol is prescribed. This preparation contains only natural plant components. Note that women with a tendency to allergies it is better not to use it. All vasoconstrictor drugs are prohibited (especially in the first trimester). But if the edema in the nose is such that the future mothers are forced to breathe through the mouth - drugs can be administered in minimal doses.

Than to remove a pain in a throat?

What other means can prevent colds and pregnancy? In the early stages, as well as later, you can use the Miramistin solution. This drug has antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects. Spray is effective in all diseases. If the infection has occurred, then the drug should be watered up to 6 times a day or use a diluted rinse solution. Miramistin perfectly disinfects and treats, but it does not have an anesthetic effect.

To get rid of persecution and discomfort, you can use the drugs "Geksoral" and "Tantum Verde". On the appointment of a doctor, it is permissible to use Ingalipt, Gedelix, Doctor Mom. More often caress the throat with decoctions of chamomile and sage.

Use of antibiotics

Preventing colds during pregnancy (3 trimester or early terms - not so important) is never done with antibiotics. These drugs are prescribed solely on indications. They are categorically prohibited until 14 weeks. Later, medicines are prescribed only after the examination. The doctor, before appointing a medicine, weighs all the pros and cons. Antibiotics are indicated in the following cases:

  1. High temperature persists for more than 5 days.
  2. She is joined by a cough with wheezing in the bronchi and lungs.
  3. The secret secreted from the nose acquires a green color.
  4. There is a purulent coating in the throat.

Antibiotics, allowed during pregnancy, are not so many. The most commonly prescribed drugs are penicillin series: Flemoxin, Amoxiclav. Macrolides "Sumamed", "Aziromycin" are less often prescribed.


Doctors report: if the prevention of colds during pregnancy is not successful - the 2nd trimester is the safest and most suitable time for her treatment. Note that other diseases detected in a woman are corrected precisely in this period. Antibiotic therapy is prescribed between 16 and 25 weeks. But if necessary, it is held later.

Women's testimonies indicate that almost every representative of the fairer sex faces colds during pregnancy, and some of them appear more than once. Future mothers and parents who have taken place say that there is nothing wrong with that. It is important to contact the doctor in time. Do not be afraid of drugs. If they are appointed by a doctor, then they are not likely to harm neither you nor the baby.


Every future mother should be prevented colds during pregnancy. The 2nd trimester is considered to be the most beautiful, easy and safe period. At this time, all the organs and systems of the baby are already formed, and the woman's immune system is gradually restored. Visit your doctor regularly. Learn from him how else you can protect yourself from infection. Have a good health, do not be ill!

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