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Cold during pregnancy: the right treatment for the health of a future mother

For a pregnant woman, the main task is to take care of one's health and protect the future child from negative factors. One of them is cold during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the immune system is weakened. Developing a child, the female body perceives as a foreign body. In this regard, the body of the future mother is set up to bear pregnancy, and thus is exposed to viruses and infections.

Especially dangerous is the development of the cold in the first trimester, t. At this time, all internal organs are embedded, and the embryo itself is not yet protected by the placenta. Therefore, doctors recommend taking special care for their health in the first months of pregnancy.

Is the common cold dangerous during pregnancy ?

A particular danger is the cold in the first trimester of pregnancy. In most cases, it would seem, a common cold during pregnancy, can cause irreparable harm to the future child. Let's look at how the cold affects pregnancy and the future child:

  1. Fetal hypoxia is revealed;
  2. There is a high probability of premature birth;
  3. The child can be identified with developmental defects;
  4. Possible intrauterine infection of the fetus and its death;
  5. Development of phytoplacental insufficiency;
  6. Increased blood loss and complications during childbirth.

What if you get sick?

Colds with beremannosti - the most terrible thing that can happen in the first trimester of your pregnancy. The first thing you need to start treatment is to call a doctor and take a sick leave. Pregnant women should strictly comply with bed rest and in no case suffer a cold "on their feet." If you have all the symptoms of a cold that starts, but there is no fever, call the doctor boldly. Decreased immunity during pregnancy suppresses high temperature. However, doctors recommend that the temperature be raised only by Paracetamol. You can drink a warm hour with raspberries, currants or lemon.

What can be treated from the first day of the disease?

Pregnant women therapists prescribe one of the listed drugs - suppositories Viferon, tablets Anaferon, Antigrippin, Aflubin or drops in the nose Grippoferon. Women who are in an "interesting position" are not allowed to use alcohol tinctures and immunostimulating agents based on the following herbs - echinacea, rhodiola rosea, licorice, magnolia vine, etc., since. They help increase the pulse. It is worth remembering that tinctures based on alcohol are harmful to the future child.


Treatment of the common cold should be carried out with safe drops, such as "Aquamaris" or dig in natural oils (for example, sea-buckthorn), which effectively cope with pathogens. Effectively perform the lavage of the nose, designed for this drug "Dolphin". Remember that vasoconstricting drops should be used only after the appointment of the therapist. The period of their use should not exceed 5 days.

Treatment of cough

When coughing, it is permissible to lubricate the wings of the nose and chest and back with vegetable ointments - "Doctor Mom", balm "Asterisk", "Pinosol". It is recommended to dissolve vegetable plates "Travisil". It is recommended to use breastfeeding.

Treatment of sore throat

Colds during pregnancy can cause sore throats. In the case of painful sensations, it is recommended to rinse with the following herbs - sage, chamomile or calendula. With angina, antibiotics are prescribed that will help cope with the disease and rule out possible negative consequences for you and your unborn child. It is acceptable to use topical sprays - "Tantum Verde", "Ingalipt", "Bioporox", or "Hexoral". If there is a purulent blockage in the nose or throat, you should immediately contact your doctor. This phenomenon can be a sign of a bacterial infection that has begun.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, they will help to replenish your body with vitamins and guarantee a speedy recovery. Take in the habit of daily eating onions and garlic, which are compared with antiviral drugs. It is their regular consumption of food that contributes to a speedy recovery.

So, a cold during pregnancy can cause irreparable complications, which can negatively affect your baby and the course of childbirth. If you have tried all of the above methods, but the long-awaited relief does not come, inform the treating doctor. But, if you quickly become worse - do not hesitate, call an ambulance and insist on hospitalization. The risks in your situation are great. Help yourself and your child, who too can be very ill because of your illness. Take care of your health and the future baby, who so needs it.

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