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How to determine the leakage of amniotic fluid in the home

What is the leakage of the amniotic fluid? This phenomenon during pregnancy indicates the presence of violations of the integrity of the bladder. Many women in the situation do not have information on how to determine the leakage of water. While others often take this for the most common vaginal discharge. Ambulatory water (amniotic fluid) is nothing more than the habitat of the fetus during the entire period of pregnancy. The fetal bladder acts as a vessel in which amniotic fluid is found. Throughout the entire period of bearing the baby, their volume gradually increases and only in the last weeks of pregnancy can it decrease somewhat. According to average statistics, the volume of water is about one and a half liters.

What is the role of amniotic fluid? They not only protect the fetus from the harmful influence of external factors, but also contribute to the correct, and most importantly, full-fledged development of the fetus. The embryo can move freely in the uterine cavity, which ensures proper development. That is why it is important to determine the leakage of water at the beginning of the process. Also, the fetal bladder and the fluid in it are a kind of barrier that reliably protects against infection and germs from entering the fetus.

How to determine the leakage of amniotic fluid by diagnostic methods?

1. Amnioscopy - a procedure that involves examining the lower pole of both the bladder and the egg. This type of examination is carried out by a qualified specialist with the help of a device specially designed for this purpose.

2. A smear to determine leakage is the most popular and often used diagnostic method. The doctor takes a swab from the vagina for analysis and applies it to the glass, after which it dries. If the secretions have traces of the amniotic fluid, the dried out trace will resemble fern leaves.

How to determine leakage of amniotic fluid at home?

1. A special test strip will help to identify the problem in a home environment. The principle of its operation is identical with that of the usual test for pregnancy detection.

2. Litmus paper and test pads. Vaginal discharge has an acidic environment, while amniotic fluid is neutral. As the acidity changes, the litmus paper changes color.

How to determine the leakage of amniotic fluid by yourself?

Completely empty your bladder, then carefully wash the external genitalia. Fold in a few layers a clean cotton diaper and use it as a gasket. If in a couple of hours it becomes wet, this indicates the leakage of water.

A few lines in conclusion

Now it is clear how to determine the leakage of amniotic fluid. Remember that this threatens unpleasant, and sometimes fatal consequences for the fetus. The most common complications are: infection of the fetus in the womb, premature birth, weakness of labor. That is why early detection of leakage of amniotic fluid is very important for saving the life of the baby, and sometimes the mother. It is worth considering that premature discharge of water in conditions of full term pregnancy is a good sign.

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