"Dream Island" Park: description, features and interesting facts

As the deputy mayor of Moscow on town-planning policy M. Khusnullin told journalists, by early 2018 the construction of a covered amusement park, the largest not only in Russia, but in the world, will be completed in the capital. Despite the current difficult situation, the investor does not stop financing, and the construction of the children's park "Island of Dreams" is proceeding well, the official said. According to preliminary forecasts, the launch of the facility is scheduled for the first half of the next (2018) year.


The "Dream Island" Park is a project for the construction of a grandiose children's amusement park in the Nagatinskaya floodplain (Moscow). The total volume of demanded investments is $ 1.5 billion. The area of 100 hectares (total building area) is allocated for the construction of the Island of Dream Park. It is expected that the park itself will be spread on the territory of 264.3 thousand square meters. Meters. Exterior design of the amusement park "Island of Dreams" will be executed in the style of a fairytale castle, like the buildings of the legendary Disneyland. It is planned that a lot of attractions will be built in the object. It is also known that the park will be divided into several thematic zones - children's, sports, interactive, family and park, equipped with squares and artificial lakes.


For visitors it is planned to lay bicycle paths and pedestrian alleys with fountains. The complex will consist not only of the landscape park, but also the construction of a concert hall, a cinema, a hotel, a children's yacht school, restaurants and shops. In addition, guests of the "Dream Island" amusement park will have the opportunity to use a multi-level parking lot.

About the project in figures

It is known that the "Dream Island" park will be divided into thematic areas with forty different entertainments for children and adults. Twenty-seven of them will be represented by the most modern and unique attractions. In addition, the territory of the "Island of Dreams" park will be built up:

  • Landscape park (area - 31.9 hectares), which includes sports and children's areas, a dance floor, an outdoor cinema, a beach with swimming pools and pavilions for master classes.
  • Multifunctional concert hall for 3,800 spectators.
  • Cinema in 14 rooms, including a room with an IMAX-screen.
  • City promenade with a central square (it is expected that its size will exceed the parameters of the football stadium by one and a half times), a glass dome and numerous copies of famous landmarks of the world.
  • Landscaped embankment with children's yachting school.
  • Four-star hotel for 410 rooms.
  • Thematic restaurants and shops.
  • Parking for 4500 cars.

About the objectives of the project

It is expected that this facility will be the first all-season amusement park in the country. Regardless of the time of year and weather, visitors can relax, go for a ride, sit in a cafe or go in for sports. The park will also function as a children's educational site.

What will the object look like in the future?

In the heart of the complex under the giant glass dome will be the world's largest all-season indoor entertainment complex, the area of which is comparable to the size of the territory occupied by 25 football fields. Here under one roof are going to place 40 rides, the zone "The Lost World of Dinosaurs" and "Turtles-Ninja". In addition, under the glass vaults is expected the erection of the castle of the snow queen, the city of smokers, the palace of Dracula with monsters and caves of horrors, a magical palace for princesses, a circus, a multiplex cinema, grounds for children's games.

The main facade of the building will resemble the castle of the Sleeping Beauty. A pedestrian alley with fountains starts from it, starting from Andropov Avenue. The pavilion "Soyuzmultfilm" will also appear on the territory, which will present the guests with the heroes of the native fairy tales and favorite children's cartoons. Around the children's center they plan to break a walking landscape park. On three picturesque avenues there will be installed dancing and light fountains, a lot of flowering flower beds, benches and other elements of improvement.

Towards the heroes of the cartoons

It is known that the largest media and animation companies are invited to the project specially for the project. Among them are the legendary Russian studio Soyuzmultfilm, which will feature popular characters from the domestic audience such cartoons as "Kid and Carlson", "Well, wait!", "Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena", "Three from Prostokvashino." In addition, agreements have been concluded with well-known world companies that will present the heroes of the projects "Hotel Transylvania", "Smurfiki", "Turtle-Ninja", Hello, Kitty !. In total, the park will have ten thematic zones with heroes of Soviet and foreign cartoons.

About the real village of smurfs

Fans of blue people can be visited in the real village of smurfs. It will exactly resemble a cartoonish one: here a flower garden is broken up, trampling paths, erecting mushroom houses. If you want, you can go everywhere and touch everything with your own hands. Nearby there are five family and children's attractions: in the "Tower of Gargamel" visitors will have to save smurfs from the intrigues of ill-wishers - the evil sorcerer and his cat, in "Flight with Storks" guests will rise above the ground in the cabins made in the form of birds. In "Sweets from Smurfetta" (restaurant) sweet tooth will be able to taste exclusive desserts from the chef.

Hello, Kitty!

The first entertainment zone of Japanese animated cartoons in Russia will be opened in the park for young fans of the famous masterpiece. It plans to build a cafe, a corporate store, as well as an attraction in which the main character will be a famous white kitty with a red bow on her head.

On the unique design of the roof

According to the authors of the project, the roof over the central square of the park, made in the form of a glass dome, is not afraid of snowfalls, heat or rust.

Its area will be 9 thousand square meters. M, that is about one and a half football stadiums. The dome will become the largest in the country. It will be built in the form of the maximum light-weight glazed mesh shell made of metal. The roof is assembled from a multitude of cast elements. To each of them are attached supporting rods, made in the form of rays, diverging in different directions. Its form is similar to a honeycomb. A profile of aluminum and a tempered glass of 10 cm thick are attached to the mesh shell.

Such a roof is not afraid of frost, heat and corrosion. Under it throughout the year will be warm. There are climatic settings that will prevent snow accumulation. For drainage of melt and rain water, special drainage gutters are provided. Purification of air from fire and smoke is possible by means of a special ventilation system and additional opening flaps arranged in the dome. Part of the entertainment zone will be covered with two more domes with a total area of 10 thousand square meters. M.

Transport connection

It is known that a new metro station "Technopark" has already been opened near the project. It includes the construction of an elevated pedestrian crossing, equipped with travolators, from the station. Metro to the theme park "Island of Dreams" through Ave. Andropov. In the future, the Nagatinskaya floodplain is going to be connected with the 2nd Yuzhnoportovy passage. There will be built an automobile bridge with a length of up to 600 m.

In the future, next to the park plan to build a station "Avtozavodskaya" on the Moscow Ring Road (CZK). The plans also include the construction of a road that will connect the Ave. Andropov with the Moscow River, and a bridge for liaison with the highway "Warsaw Highway". For cars, an underground parking lot and a flat parking are under construction.


The first indoor park "Island of Dreams" experts estimate at $ 1.5 billion. The facility is fully funded by means of GC "REGIONS". The implementation of the thematic part is ensured by the conclusion of licensing agreements between REGIONS-Entertainment, a part of the REGIONS Group of Companies, and the largest animation and media companies that contain agreements on the use of popular cartoon brands in the implementation of the project. The concept of the covered part of the landscape theme park "Island of Dreams" was developed by the largest international companies.

One of the priority projects

A large amusement park is one of Moscow's priority projects. In addition to the "Dream Island", among the priority experts call the construction of the landscape park "Zaryadye", the stadiums "Luzhniki" and "Dinamo", the business center "Moscow City", as well as the medical cluster in the "Skolkovo". It is planned that the thematic part of the park will be visited by up to 18 million people. A year, at the start of the project implementation, the number of visitors is expected to be about 7-8 million people. The term for completion of construction is 2018. It is known, today the construction of the park is in full swing.

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