Hotel Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access Kata Phuket, Thailand: reviews

Many of our compatriots come to rest on the Thai island of Phuket. And of course, Russian tourists would like to know what good hotels are available in this popular resort. A lot of Phuket hotels deserved a lot of feedback from the guests. And one of the best, in the opinion of Russian holidaymakers, is Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access Kata. At some tour operators this hotel is marked as three-, and at others - four-star.

Reviews of tourists about the location

An excellent opinion among domestic holidaymakers about this hotel is due primarily to its fairly convenient location. This hotel is located in the central part of the popular bay of Kata Bay. From the airport to the holidaymakers who booked the rooms here, on the shuttle bus the tour operator will have to travel about an hour. To the capital of the island, the city of Phuket, from the hotel about 25 minutes drive by shuttle bus. Prior to the popular resort of Patong, tenants can drive just 15 minutes.

Quite good reviews of tourists this hotel has earned, including for a relatively close location to the ocean. The complex Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access 3 * is located on the second coastline. The distance from its gate to the nearest beach is only about 500 meters. That is, to reach the sea tenants can walk in about 20 minutes.

Many domestic travelers prefer to book rooms in this hotel independently. Such guests usually book a transfer from the airport here.

The advantages of this complex include, among other things, distance from the road. Built hotel in a quiet side street. Therefore, in the mornings, hotel guests have the opportunity to listen not to the roar of motobike motors, but to the singing of tropical birds.

Description of the complex

Guests of Phuket are welcome to Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access Kata in several single-storey buildings and villas. The hotel area, according to its guests, looks just great. The yard of the hotel is literally buried in tropical greenery. On the territory of the complex a lot of neat lawns and flowerbeds with southern magnificent ornamental plants are broken. All the paths in the hotel are covered with beautiful paving slabs. Therefore, walking around the complex can safely stumble even in the evening or at night.

The reception desk, like in most other Phuket facilities, is open 24 hours a day at the Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access Kata. Unfortunately, it's impossible to live with cats and dogs in this complex. Most tourists believe that this is the best place for a relaxing holiday with children. However, young people, as well as older holidaymakers, will surely feel comfortable here.

The buildings in this hotel are decorated in a modern high-tech style. Such a design most tourists find quite pleasant. The villas in the hotel are built in traditional Thai style. Near each of these houses there is a small veranda equipped with tables and tables. Here, tourists, if they wish, can sit in the evening with a mug of beer or a cup of tea.

Rooms to rent

In total this hotel offers tourists 95 well-equipped rooms. If you want, you can rent a standard room, a deluxe villa or pool access with access to the pool. In all the rooms for rent, tourists can use:

  • Conditioners;

  • TVs;

  • Refrigerators;

  • Telephones;

  • Safes.

Provided for guests in this hotel and free mini-sets for making tea or coffee. In the shower rooms of the hotel there are hair dryers, shampoo and soap. Do not have to walk around the rooms barefoot or in slates. In addition, the rooms have slippers and bathrobes. In rainy weather, guests can use umbrellas for free.

Of course, there are in the rooms of this hotel and balconies (terraces on the first floor). Since the complex is quite far from the coast, beautiful views of the ocean from the windows of its rooms, of course, does not open. However, the forested mountains from the balconies of some rooms can be seen very well. From the furniture in the rooms there are wide beds, sofas, cabinets, desks.

Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access willa: reviews about accommodation

The opinion of tourists about the rooms in this complex was simply excellent. In different sorts of ratings on the sites of tour operators, former guests give him at least 4-4.5 points out of 5 possible. First of all, good reviews of the tenants this hotel deserved for the cleanliness of the rooms. Clean the maids in the rooms daily. In doing so, they not only wipe the dust, but also change the towels, and replenish the tea sets. The linen on the beds in this hotel looks well-padded and ironed.

Of course, in the rooms of this hotel there are no insects. The shortcomings handed over in the complex rooms, according to most tourists, almost do not have. The only thing - some former tenants of Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access 4 * consider the rooms, equipped in the villas, slightly old. But at the same time, many are advised to give preference when booking it to them. The rooms in the buildings, according to the former tenants of the hotel, are somewhat less comfortable.


For the convenience of residents in the hotel Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access Kata (photo of the hotel and its rooms are presented on the page), among other things, there are:

  • An outdoor pool, next to which there are massages;

  • free parking.

Also, guests of the hotel, if you want, can visit the Internet cafe. There is a rental of motorcycles and cars in the complex. Dirty clothes can be dry cleaned if necessary. Of course, there is a small tour desk in the complex.

Guest feedback about the service

The infrastructure of the hotel Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access 4 * (Phuket), most of its tenants in terms of development, is fully consistent with the four stars. The staff at this hotel is fairly polite. The swimming pool at the hotel is not particularly large, but for swimming it is quite comfortable. The depth is about 1.2 meters. This, of course, is not particularly much. However, the water in the pool of the complex is always quite clean and does not smell bleach. In addition, when swimming in it, hotel guests can admire simply magnificent mountain landscapes.

Very much like the residents of the hotel and the massages held on its territory. Visit at least one of them is advised by most vacationers.

A good opinion about this hotel has developed for tourists and for one more reason. On Kata, unfortunately, quite often there are hurricanes. At the same time throughout the resort, electricity is turned off. In such cases, the tenants of the Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access, whose reviews are in fact very good, do not experience any inconvenience at all. The fact is that the hotel, among other things, has its own generator. Therefore, light on the territory of the complex includes literally 10 minutes after it disappears in the Kata itself. With electricity, thus, the problems of the tenants of this hotel never arise. The same applies to hot water. She is always in the hotel.

Some tourists consider the shortage of the center to be the fact that sometimes noisy Chinese are populated here. And they come to the hotel usually large companies and at night. However, the Chinese often make noise only in the courtyard, and they are hardly audible in the rooms. In addition, and leave the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom from the hotel in most cases very quickly (rest for only 2-3 days).

Dining Room Reviews

The rooms at the Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access Kata are available for catering. About the hotel's restaurant, as well as its rooms and service, there are also mostly only positive reviews. Actually the very hall of this institution many tourists consider quite clean and tidy. Staff in the restaurant, in the opinion of the former residents of the hotel, while quite polite and efficient.

In most cases, Russian tourists rent rooms in this hotel only with breakfast. But the restaurant works around the clock. So if you want, you can also have lunch and dinner. The menu in this institution, according to many holidaymakers, is quite diverse. Find yourself something new in the restaurant of the hotel you can at least every day. In addition, local chefs cook quite tasty.

In addition to the restaurant, there is also a small cafe on the territory of the hotel. It is located near the pool and has just received excellent reviews of residents. Prepared in this institution, according to many holidaymakers, even better than in the hotel restaurant.

Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access 3 *: reviews of the beach

The location of the complex relative to the sea, many tourists, as already mentioned, are considered quite convenient. But for the elderly people to get to the beach in the heat for 20 minutes, of course, it can be difficult. In addition, and go to the sea from the hotel you need directly on the roadway. Therefore, in the hotel Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access Kata, among other things, there is also a free shuttle to the beach.

Actually, most Kata beach most tourists consider the best in Phuket. The sand on the coastline is clean, white and very soft. Water in the sea in this place is usually completely clear and clean. Free lounges for the guests of the Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access Kata, however, like most others in Phuket, are not provided. To pay for their rent it is necessary separately. But the very coastline on the Kata is very wide. And therefore, in spite of a rather large number of vacationers, there is always a lot of free space.

Water in the sea on Kata beach in the season is very warm. And that's why it is quite comfortable to swim here not only for adults, but for children.

What you should know about

In a non-season in this place of the island on the sea, unfortunately, there are often very large waves. At this time, tourists should adequately calculate their strength and do not go too far into the water. On the beach of Kata , lifeguards are constantly working. However, it's not worth to risk vacationers, of course. Most of the hotel guests prefer to swim in the pool at sea.


A staff at the on-site Kata Lucky Villa Pool Access Kata tour desk is always ready to help guests plan their trips to Phuket. Interesting attractions on this island, of course, not so much, as, for example, in the same Greece or Italy. However, there is still something to see here.

Many residents of the hotel, for example, buy excursions to the very beautiful Similan Islands. This tropical archipelago is one of the largest national parks in Thailand. It consists of 11 islands, some of which are open to tourists. Phuket guests are brought to the islands by boats.

Most tour operators offer hotel guests, of course, and a free sightseeing tour. The vacationers who agreed to it can see the jewelry factory, the latex factory, visit the fruit bazaar, etc.

Helpful advice

Many tourists rent a car or a bike in Thailand. With this technique, of course, you can see many more sights. At the same time, such independent tours, of course, are much cheaper than those organized by tour operators.

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