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How to draw a loving couple beautifully and correctly

Depending on the season and mood, art lovers would like to draw something special. Often the craftsmen own a pencil and brush to represent people or several, in order to fully convey the desired emotions. Before you draw a loving couple, you should think over all the details that will be present on the canvas.

What can you draw loving couples

To determine how to draw a guy and a girl, it is worth considering, in what position they will be, that they will be surrounded. Loving couples can be drawn:

  • Embracing;
  • Dancing;
  • Kissing;
  • Holding hands;
  • Laughing.

In general, any emotion that can be in a relationship can be depicted on paper. The most important thing - before you draw a loving couple, you need to place the accents correctly and determine the sequence of traces.

What to focus on

Of course, the main characters of the work should be a guy and a girl. Accessories, background images are all secondary moments. Therefore, all the details you need to think about before you draw a loving couple. Depending on the intent of the artist, you can focus on:

  • Hands;
  • Lips;
  • Eyes.

But here you need to judge by the chosen composition.

How to draw a pair of lovers in stages and correctly

It is very important to pay attention to the sequence of drawing. Before you draw a loving couple, it is worth the preparation:

  1. Prepare the workplace.
  2. At a distance of the hand put pencils, paints, brushes - everything you need to implement the idea.
  3. The next step is the outline of the sketch. As a rule, circles are drawn (in their places then the heads of the heroes of the picture will be depicted), vertical and horizontal lines (these will be bodies, hands, feet). At this stage it is important to determine in what position the couple in love will be.
  4. Then the heads, hair, facial features are depicted. It is very important to convey emotions. For example, the eyes of lovers can be drawn closed, lips - smiling, hair - flowing in the wind.
  5. After that, the bodies, arms, legs are drawn.
  6. The next stage is the image of clothes, shoes, accessories for characters.
  7. Then, if provided, the picture is painted. In the picture of lovers it is reasonable to use red, pink, orange colors. All those that are associated with love and passion.
  8. Lastly, the background is drawn, so as not to change the idea of the picture as a whole.

It is very important to follow the sequence - this will help to fully convey emotions and express what was originally conceived. If possible, it is worthwhile to use high-quality and reliable materials for drawing. So you can discover the vast facets of artistic possibilities.

What background do in the drawing of a couple in love

It's clear that the background is not the main element when drawing sympathetic guys and girls. Nevertheless, the background should be present on the image, so that the work has a completed look. It is worth thinking about what the background will be for emphasizing and completing the artistic creation. In the figure of this type of background, you can choose the following:

  • Heart;
  • Balloons;
  • abstraction;
  • fireworks;
  • Moon and stars;
  • sea.

Any solution that has something to do with romance will do.

One of the most important factors for a qualitative and beautiful image is not the correctness of the forms or the ideality of each facial features, but the artist's soul invested in the picture. Then even the most unprofessional drawing becomes favorite and giving good mood. Do not be afraid to show emotions. Even if something does not work out - not scary. The most important thing is to show what lies on your heart with the help of a pencil and colors.

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