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Name Day of the Orthodox Church Calendar

Since the arrival of Christianity in the territory of Russia has passed many centuries. But, as before, newborns are baptized in our country and give them the names of Orthodox saints, who become their invisible guardian angels. What name the child will wear, tells the church calendar.

How to choose the right name for the Holy Gifts

If the birthday of the baby fell on a date when there were no suitable nicknames, then they turned to information about the names of the next three days. To this tradition the Russian people always treated with respect and understood its importance. And the name received in this way became a guard for the baby for life.

When there is an Orthodox church calendar at hand, it will not be difficult to find a suitable name for the boy or girl. It is better to choose the sonorous names of the most important saints. Here, for example, interesting names for babies: Ignatius, Arseniy, Makarii, Vasilisa, Claudia, Fedor, Sawa, Ananias and many others.

Also on the calendar are many such common names as Anna, Anastasia, Maria, Michael, Peter, Paul and others. However, today we will talk about Andrei.

This name appeared due to the great apostle Andrew the First-Called. During the year, Andrew's name-day can be very often, so this is an excellent name for a boy born at any time of the year.

When to celebrate the name day?

Name day is considered to be the day of the saint, in honor of which the name was given to man. Previously, this date was not celebrated as it is now. It was her main holiday, and her birthday was not particularly recognized.

Today in the church calendar there are many saints with the same names. However, let us return to the topic of our conversation. As it was mentioned before, Andrew's name-day can be visited almost every month. Do not celebrate them as often as modern people do by ignorance. The true day of the angel is celebrated once a year, choosing the date closest to the person's birthday. Only that saint Andrew, whose name day is close to the birth of a child, is his patron, the other saints are not associated with him.

At present, the tradition of celebrating the name day is gradually reviving. More and more parents choose the nickname for the child according to the Orthodox calendar. The name Andrei is one of the most common in our country.

Andrew: the day of the angel

Name days he marks in the following numbers of the year:

  • July 17 and December 23, Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky, took care of the deprived and sick, built the Bogolyubsky Monastery near the city of Vladimir;
  • September 23, Prince Andrew of Vologda;
  • October 3, the Great Martyr Andrew of Ephesus;
  • October 15, the foolish Andrew of Constantinople;
  • July 17, Archbishop Andrew of Crete;
  • October 30, the martyr Andrei of Crete;
  • On May 31, the martyr Andrei Lampsaksky;
  • April 28, Georgian martyr Andrei of Mesukevi;
  • On December 15, the Monk Andrew of Egypt;
  • July 13, brother of the Apostle Peter, Andrew the First-Called;
  • July 17, the icon painter Andrei Rublev;
  • October 6, martyr Andrei Syracuse;
  • June 5 and November 9, Prince Andrey Pereslavsky, Smolensky;
  • On September 1, the martyr Andrei Stratilat of Tavria died for the Christian faith along with two thousand soldiers in 302;
  • October 23, the foolish Andrei Totsky;
  • June 25 and December 13, Andrei Thebaidsky, and in the future the First-Called One is one of the first disciples of Jesus Christ, he is especially loved and revered in Russia since a long time.

Now it will be easier for you to understand. Every day Andrew's birthday is celebrated in accordance with this calendar.

History of origin of the name

The appearance of the name in the church Orthodox calendar we owe to Andrei the First-Called. He lived in Galilee and was engaged in the fact that he got his living by fishing in the Sea of Galilee. Andrew was one of the first to fall in love with the teaching of Jesus Christ. Having gained faith, he went everywhere with him, becoming an apostle.

Everyone knows the Andrew's cross - the one on which the beloved apostle of Christ was crucified. Now they depict him on flags, orders and medals. The Russian fleet found this symbol of the saint from the time of Peter the Great.

In Russia this name spread in the eleventh century. Since then, many martyr princes with such a nickname were canonized and enlarged the church calendar.

In our time, Andrei's name day celebrates many times according to the Orthodox calendar.

Strong power engineering

For many centuries, the energy of the name Andrei has only become stronger. So they called the purposeful, strong-willed personalities with great destiny and character. All this has been postponed in the subconscious of people, and now luck, luck, conquests in all spheres of life are waiting for each Andrey. Those who celebrate the name day of Andrew, it is sometimes not easy to live with such a human opinion. After all, they are not all so simple in life, although their energy and patience are in abundance.

Andrew - calm and soberly looking at the world man, but his behavior is not so. Such a joker and joker must still be looked for, that's why he is rarely taken seriously. The optimism and fun of Andrew quickly charge others with positive energy and good mood. However, do not offend the owner of this name, he will not forget this.

Characteristics of Andrei's character

As a child Andrew likes to indulge in dreams, is fond of different games: mobile and demanding perseverance. Tricks and ingenuity in the game with peers he does not hold. He is not inclined to obey adults, he does everything in his own way. Sometimes Andrew does not stand out from his environment, but as a result, it turns out that he has become much more successful than his peers. In love is unstable, changing girls like gloves. As a result, he chooses a woman as an effeminate woman, without feeling any special feelings for her.

Unpredictability is another striking feature. He can make an unexpectedly pleasant surprise, and can bring to tears because of a trifle. At work, he is appreciated and listened to.

If Andrew's name-day in winter, he has the ability to art, the autumn name holders have a predisposition to exact sciences. Good businessmen come from them.

Choosing a child's name, everyone decides how to do it. If desired, the Orthodox church calendar will do a good job, then Andrei will celebrate his angel day knowing that he reveres the saint who became his patron for life.

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