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Vitaly Dyakov: all the fun about the life and playing career of the defender "Dynamo"

Vitaly Diakov was born in 1989, on January 31, in Krasnodar. To date, he stands for the Moscow "Dynamo", but he did not start from such a successful club. Well, it is worth telling about how he achieved his success and what are his most striking achievements.

Youth years

Vitaliy Dyakov is a pupil of SDUSHOR-5 (a football school for children and youth in Krasnodar). In it, he trained in the art of football until 2007. After that, he moved to the Moscow club "Locomotive". However, in the main part of the "youth" he did not manage to gain a foothold. So for this reason, in the spring of 2007, he was rented to a team like Sochi-04. But in this club for a long time Vitaly Dyakov did not stay. A year later, again in the spring, but only in 2008, he was sent to the Gubkin team. In this club, the player at last managed to show himself to some extent. He went on the field 21 times and even designed two goals. This had a good effect on the development of his future career.

Return to the "Locomotive"

In 2009, Vitaliy Dyakov returned to Lokomotiv, where his head coach (who at that time was Rashid Rakhimov) immediately took the main team. However, the debut for the first team was not destined to take place. March 13 of the same year, Vitali played his first match in the youth championship of Russia. It was a match against FC "Khimki", which ended in a draw in 2: 2. The player came out in the starting lineup and on the 15th minute of the game has already issued a penalty.

Vitaly Dyakov, whose biography is full of interesting facts concerning his career, was again leased in 2010. At this time - in the second team of "Locomotive". The first game he spent April 18 against the "Torpedo" from Vladimir, and the first goal was issued only in the fall, September 5, - in a game held with "Tekstilschikom."

Then, in 2011, he was again attracted to training, passing with the main line-up. However, again Diacov failed to gain a foothold and went to the "youth". But there he showed himself perfectly that year. It was then that the people recognized: Vitaly Dyakov is the football player who is the best in the youth team. In that season, he played 27 games and scored 9 goals. Three of them - from the penalty spot. Moreover, he was the captain of the "youth".

Last years

In 2011 it became clear that Dmitry Poloz, Georgy Nurov, Roman Bykov and, in fact, Vitaly Dyakov decided not to renew contracts with the team and left the "Locomotive". Some time later, Olga Smorodskaya, who is the president of the club, made a rather provocative statement. Allegedly, players who left the team do not realize their potential.

But Poloz plays in "Rostov", Nurov - in "Tom", Bykov successfully showed himself in the "Dnepr" and "Torpedo", well, Dyakov moved to "Rostov". All the guys began to get more playing time and started scoring goals, so Olga was clearly mistaken.

Vitali became a really valuable player. He even scored a hat-trick in a match with Tosno. And then he was bought by the Moscow "Dynamo", where now Diacov plays. True, there were some difficulties when signing a three-year contract, but still the contract was concluded. Before that, the player even for a while practiced with the composition of the club. Since the fall of the current year, 2015, Djakov has entered the field 9 times and scored even one goal for his new famous team.

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