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Name day in November. Men's Angel Days

Orthodox holidays in November, as in any month, are mostly related to the names of saints who glorified the name of the Lord. Often they did not spare their lives and were martyred. It makes no sense to list all of their huge list, we will focus only on some of the most famous.

Name days in November: men's

First of all, let's talk about the main November holiday, celebrated on November 4 in honor of the most venerated icon of the Kazan Mother of God in Russia, as behind this there were truly great miraculous events. On this day the whole of Russia and the Moscow dining room got rid of the Polish-Lithuanian invasion.

And now let's look at the name-day in November. Men's holidays of this month are often associated with the name of Prince Dimitry Pozharsky, who in 1612 led the militia. He was a descendant of Yuri Dolgoruky - the one who founded Moscow. The prince was born on November 1, 1578, but so far the ROC has not canonized it. He is revered as a Russian national hero. On November 1, 2008, on the day of his birth, a memorial plate and a cross were erected on the site of his burial, and on November 4 in 2009 a funeral crypt was restored, at the opening of which Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was present at the time.

And one more look at the name-day in November. Men's holidays can not do without the date of November 5 - the day of veneration of the Apostle James Zavedeev - one of the 12 apostles, who was also called the brother of the Lord, since he was the son of Joseph the Betrothed. Jacob became the first bishop of Jerusalem and the author of the Epistle, which entered the New Testament. In the year 62 Jacob awaited a martyr's death - first he was thrown off the roof, and then finished off with stones.

Saint Athanasius

November 6 - the birthday of Athanasius I Patriarch of Constantinople (in the world of Alexy). He left his father's house and in one of the monasteries of Thessaloniki took monastic vows with the name of Akaki, then he went to the holy Mount Athos and gained the favor of a monastic brotherhood. As a result, he was on the Galantine mountain in the monastery of Blessed Lazarus, took a great schema with the name Athanasius and received a priestly order. Once in the temple he received the revelation of God, the Lord Himself called him to the pastoral ministry. In 1289, the Council of Bishops and clergy unanimously elected him to the Department of the Universal Church. In 1311, fearing the church troubles, the Patriarch left the throne and devoted himself entirely to monastic deeds, having received from the Lord the gift of miracles. Saint Athanasius introduced himself at the age of 100 years.

St. Demetrius of Thessalonica and the Wonderworkers Cosmas and Damian

But on November 8, all Orthodox Christians honored the name of the Great Martyr St. Demetrius of Thessalonica, who was the son of the proconsul of the Romans in Thessaloniki, a secret Christian, whose place after his death the emperor appointed Dimitry. But instead of persecuting Christians, he began to confess Christ, for which he accepted martyrdom in 306. A century later, his incorrupt relics began to melt. The Russian army began to honor him as one of his patrons.

November 13 - the day of the birthday of Vasily, the Russian presbyter, a martyr who was repressed in 1937.

You can not get around the holiday on November 14, when Orthodox Christians honor the memory of the saints of the Kosmos and Damian brothers (III century). They were skilled doctors, who acquired the gift of the Holy Spirit, who could heal bodily and spiritual ills by the power of prayer. The holy healers always refused all payment from the sick. They died in middle age and were buried in one cancer, and then a church was erected on this place, to which streams of sick and healed streams through prayers to holy people flowed.

Patriarch Tikhon and John Chrysostom

November 18 is a special day in memory of the holy Russian patriarch Tikhon. In 1917 he was elected to the patriarchal throne. He served in the most difficult post-revolutionary years, when the Russian Orthodox Church underwent persecutions and schisms, and the priests' main task was to preserve the purity in it. He rested in 1925, and in 1989 his imperishable honest relics were found in the cache of the Donskoy monastery, and then the patriarch Tikhon was canonized.

November 26 is the day of the memory of St. John Chrysostom. The great theologian and archbishop of Constantinople is one of three Ecumenical teachers. In addition to the theological works, he wrote the rite of the liturgy, did a lot of charity work and struggled with heresy. The Empress Eudoxia, who was dissatisfied with him, sent him to exile for his diatribes, where he died.

The Apostle Philip and the Apostle Matthew

November 27, all Christians honor the memory of the apostle of the twelve - Philip, whom the Lord called after the apostles Andrew and Peter. After the Ascension of the Savior, he preached about Him in Galilee, Phrygia and Scythia, and always his sermons were accompanied by miracles. The pagans crucified him on the cross upside down in the year 87 in Hierapolis of Phrygia.

November 29 - the birthday of Matthew - the evangelist and apostle. The tax collector, called Levi from Capernaum, went for the call of Christ the Savior, leaving his work. After the Ascension of his Teacher Jesus, he preached the Word of God in Palestine, then went to other countries, before writing the canonical Gospel. The apostle Matthew then went to Syria, Persia, Lydia, Parthia, and ended his righteous path by martyrdom in Ethiopia in the year 60.


As you can see, the name-day in November (men's) are different in that they have a lot of apostolic names. At once three apostles are worshiped by Christians this autumn month. However, it is simply impossible to list the entire list of November's Orthodox name-days, as there are a lot of them, and you just can not tell about all of them, because they all deserve special attention.

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