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State and church November holidays. Weekends in Russia in November

What associations do you have with November? Slush, cold, rains, autumn depression ... But in November, a lot of good! This is the last day of autumn, which means soon winter, snow, skis and the New Year! Secondly, there are many wonderful holidays in November! What is the only day of national unity! After all, Russia is a huge multinational country, and in every region this holiday is celebrated with great scope.

Walking in the soul

So, the November holidays are eagerly awaiting the peoples of the North. These days it is customary to organize large-scale deer runs to please the children and to compete with their quickness and dexterity themselves. All the inhabitants of Russia are ready to take to the streets of their cities to unite and together rejoice at this holiday.

First week of November

The Day of the Bailiff of the Russian Federation opens the first day of the last month of autumn. This holiday is still young, it began to celebrate in 2009. Prior to this, all law officers did not have a separate weekend.

The second of November is a private day for men. In our country only the interest in international jubilees is beginning to show, but there are already a lot of supporters of the unofficial men's day. So rest for the November holidays can be safely planned for the representatives of the stronger sex.

On November 3, Japan celebrates the day of its srawn. And we should refer to the Orthodox calendar. On this date the memory of the Monk Illarion the Great is honored.

Well, on the fourth of November, the real fun begins. The Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, has already signed a decree on the days off for next year. Therefore, you can safely ask the household: "How do we rest on the November holidays?" After all, there are three days off! From 4 to 6 November. You can even organize a small trip with friends and family.

By the way, while you will rest for three days, remember, do you have any familiar scouts? Their professional holiday is celebrated on the 5th day.

Day of National Unity

A few more tens of years will pass and nationality in our country will finally be mixed. After all, how many peoples are united by Russia! All just do not count! But people, get married, give birth to children, our nations mix and merge together. We must respect and honor everyone, regardless of origin and religion. That is why the Day of National Unity opens the November holidays and is an important day for rallying of Russia.

The idea to celebrate this event was born in 2004, and was proposed by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Alexei II. For Christians this is another very big holiday - the day of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. And so it happened historically that it was on this day in 1612 that Russian troops were able to repel the Poles' attack and completely rid their homeland of their pantries. Exactly 24 years before this, the icon of the Kazan Mother of God was revealed to the people as a sign of full adherence of the Tatars to the composition of the Russian state.

As the day of national unity in different regions of the country

The days of the November holidays go away very quickly. But every region wants to celebrate them as loudly as possible and more fun! In addition to traditional rallies, concerts and festivities, some cities were particularly prominent.

  1. In Petrozavodsk last year the city's residents united in one friendly round dance. Both adults and children happily circled the central square, after which they all performed the anthem of Russia.
  2. 7000 people in Yekaterinburg confessed their love to their homeland. This was evidenced by posters, flags and happy smiles on the faces of the people marching.
  3. In Vorkuta every year starts the Day of reindeer herders. And although officially it is celebrated on another date, it is on November 4 that city competitions are held on reindeer sleds. The inhabitants of this northern city have no disputes, they do not ask themselves the question: "How do we rest on the November holidays?". All from small to large go to the center of the city to look at the horned lords of the tundra.
  4. In faraway Kamchatka, their traditions have also been preserved. Here is celebrated the national Koryak holiday with songs and dances. The November holidays for this people have a sacred meaning. After all, with their arrival, the heat was coming to an end and a long, harsh winter began, in which it was necessary not only to survive, but also how to rest. On November 4, guests of the peninsula are greeted with dishes from seals, ear and pancakes with caviar.

Where to go for the November weekend

Weekends for the November holidays in 2016 give a unique opportunity to see the wealth of our homeland. But every people has something to be proud of. But, unfortunately, many of our fellow citizens prefer to admire the sights of Egypt or Turkey, rather than the property of their Motherland.

Let us recall the most popular excursion tours for the November holidays.

By the Golden Ring

The big advantage of these tours is that they allow you to choose a trip by interests, are affordable and located in the central part of Russia, where it is convenient to get from remote cities.

Different tour operators can offer dozens of different routes. Usually they are united by themes, for example, "Land of Masters", "Provincial Sketches", "Crystal Chime" and others.

St. Petersburg and Ladoga

For the northern capital and the week of November holidays will be small. In this city there is something to see and where to go. It is not surprising that it is much more instructive to travel accompanied by an experienced guide.

Often, St. Petersburg is linked with Kaliningrad as a variant of the tour for the November holidays. How many days is required for such a trip? Some agencies offer complex tours with an overnight stay for 3 or 5 days. By the way, Kaliningrad is the birthplace of amber, and thematic excursions can also attract the attention of jewelry lovers.

Orthodox tours

In this category there are many excursions, including a trip to the key places of the Orthodox faith. It can be monasteries and churches of the Golden Ring or the history of the phenomenon of the Icon of the Kazan Mother of God. Carrying out the November holidays will help realize the most cherished dreams and see what you want.

Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution

During the Soviet Union this holiday was considered one of the main. Not recollecting the history, nowadays few of the younger generation can answer what did happen in 1917. Yes, and the state is different now, which means that they also have their own holidays. But the old people love to nostalgic, and you can hear from them how 50 years ago in a slushy and rainy day, "we went with my mother to the parade." Demonstration of military equipment and solemn rallies were an integral part of a significant day. And of course, all employees relied on a day off. And they gave it for 2 days - on the 7th and 8th.

In 1995, with respect to the memory of the events of a hundred years ago, the government decided not to cancel the holiday, but only to rename it on the Day of the military parade. But somehow the people did not get such a name. Within a few years everyone was confident that November 7 was the Day of Accord and Reconciliation. Remembering how we work for the November holidays, do not forget that since 2005, the day off on November 7 has been canceled, and so on Monday everyone will work, regardless of their condition.

What do we celebrate in the second week of November?

A strong request to all readers: it is not necessary to celebrate all holidays every day. The article is written for the purpose of acquaintance, and not to search for an excuse. Therefore, we ask to rejoice only those for whom it is a professional holiday or a landmark event.

On November 9, the whole world unites in a common struggle against racism, fascism and anti-Semitism. In addition, at this date it is customary to conduct anti-nuclear actions. The next day Russia is ready to congratulate its defenders - the police.

Employees of the state bank can not stay away, because for them a special day is allocated - on November 12. Happy holiday, dear and respected employees of the Savings Bank! And the ornithologists share this solemn event. After all, for them the twelfth of November is Sinichkin's day.

The day of the policeman was noted, but what about the police officers? They, too, want a separate holiday. Please, here's to you on November 17th. But that is not all. In two days all the workers of rocket and artillery troops will commemorate their fellow soldiers. And on November 21, all employees of the tax authorities will walk.

November Student Day

Students are very spoiled people. They were even given two days a year for the holiday. One, more traditional for Russia, is celebrated on Tatyana's Day - January 25, well, on November 17, the whole world honors students.

The history of the memorable date began tragically. In 1939, Czechoslovakia was captured by the fascists. But this did not stop the society, including students, from opposing the new order. October 28 thousands of students took to the streets of Prague to mark the anniversary of the formation of the Czechoslovak state. But they were quickly dispersed on that day, and one student was shot. On November 17 the people gathered again for a demonstration, but after that everything ended badly. Many were imprisoned in concentration camps, hundreds were shot without trial and investigation.

In memory of these events at the world congress in 1946 it was decided to celebrate the Day of all brave and brave students.

What to look for in the third week of November

This does not end with the November holidays. How many days will be fun, depends only on strength and health. The main thing is not to forget that December and January are ahead! And so it is worth noting Father Frost's Birthday, which was decided to be congratulated on November 18.

The day before, medical institutions celebrate the day of premature babies. In our time, unfortunately, this is not uncommon, and sometimes it is worth remembering those whose strength is saved by a small life.

November 21 turn to mark their professional holiday passes to accountants. They share this date with television workers.

What will please the last week of November

November holidays in Russia in the last week of November opens the day of the psychologist - 22 numbers. On this day, the Orthodox worship the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsy."

On this great memorable dates of the Christian faith do not end. The very next day, November 23, it is worth to pay tribute to the memory of St. George the Victorious. This man did a lot to establish the Christian faith in the Roman land, being a simple soldier in the service of the emperor-gentile.

Another day later the church worships the Monk Confessor Studit Fedor. He became worthy of the rank of saints after exposing the illegal marriage of the king of Constantinople with his relative, which is the desecration of Christian faith.

And on November 24 Russia marks the day of the walrus. The next day the world community unites for a joint struggle to eliminate violence against women.

End of the November holidays Day of Information Protection - 30th.

Orthodox dates

  • On November 1, parents are honored, the day is called the parental Saturday.
  • On the 3rd day the Great Hilarion day is celebrated.
  • The fourth of November, as already mentioned, is the day of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God.
  • On November 6, the glory of the icon of "Joy of All Who Sorrow" is sung.
  • Dmitriev Day - November 8.
  • On the 19th, they recall Paul the saint, the Patriarch of Constantinople and St. Germanus, the Kazan Archbishop.
  • November 21 - Mikhailov Day.
  • On the last day of the month, the memory of Bishop Gregory and Reverend Abbot Nikon is honored.

November holidays in the world

The whole world also does not do without feasts. The most famous holiday in the US is Thanksgiving. It is customary to celebrate it in the fourth week of the last month of autumn. The event is considered the end of all agricultural work, and so historically it was customary to thank the heavens for the harvest. And for one meal and feast so that it thundered all over the world.

November 5, the British gather together in nature to commemorate Guy Fawkes Day. One of the traditions is the creation of a scarecrow, like what we have in Shrovetide, and burning it at the stake.

For several years in a row it was decided to celebrate the Day of KVN on November 8. Russia, by the way, also began to join the universal next day of humor. But the most happy holiday is a black cat, which you can remember on November 27.

The main thing is not to be late for work

No matter how long the November holidays last, do not forget that we are all busy, responsible people, most work, some have studies. All good things need to be finished on time and focus only on the main. This month there is a great opportunity to relax extra - use it to the maximum.

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