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"With Sarafanka now on clicks it will be possible to earn up to 3000 $ per month"

This is what is said in the newsletter, which was received by all users of the website of Sarafank. Earnings can now be up to $ 3000, thanks to an updated model of the site, which will be launched in the near future.

Sarafank website is one of the most famous and old Runet projects, which allows its users to earn money on clicks and perform simple tasks from advertisers.

At its core, Sarafanka is an intermediary between the advertiser and the performer. Customers who need to qualitatively promote their brand, leave their tasks on the website of Sarafank, and performers perform their tasks, thereby receiving a monetary reward for it. The portal itself, as payment for its services, retains a small percentage.

Most of the tasks presented by customers are related to the promotion of a page or brand in social networks (joining certain groups and communities, like under certain articles and materials, reposting on the Facebook network). Such tasks guarantee advertisers a significant increase in page performance, while the performer, in fact, receives money for performing fairly easy tasks that do not require special skills and abilities.

Innovations on the site Sarafank, which are reported in the mailing, are associated with the update of the algorithm of the service.

Changes in the model of the Sarafank website, which are mentioned in the newsletter, are primarily beneficial to the performers, since now they can earn significantly more, due to the ability to fulfill orders from advertisers from around the world.

The Sarafanki administration's appeal states that now it is possible to earn up to 3000 dollars:

"Soon your attention will be presented to a fundamentally new algorithm for the platform, which will allow anyone, without leaving home, to earn up to $ 3000 per month.

  No special skills for work are needed, everything is quite simple - just a computer, the Internet and some free time.

  And, of course, a bank card or other payment system for withdrawing the money you earned.  

You all also need to fulfill the tasks of advertisers, only now you can choose any customer from all over the world. "

So, the Sarafank site became the first service of runet, which allows you to earn money for clicks all over the world, not limited to the geography of customers only from Russia.


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