Attractions of Pavlovsk: what is worth seeing?

Every inhabitant of the world dreams of visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world at least once, which is filled with history, where every corner plays an important role. And on each street you can find shadows of the past. It is a question of the most beautiful of cities, rightfully called the royal city, St. Petersburg.

Magnificent architectural compositions, unusual fountains, picturesque parks, interesting museums can all be seen here. During a walk through the ancient streets, it seems that the royal carriage has just passed. The air is full of the spirit of great Russian history.

The Park of Kings

Having visited St. Petersburg, you need to visit Pavlovsk. This suburb, located not far from St. Petersburg, was formerly the estate of Emperor Paul the First.

All the sights of Pavlovsk surprise their guests with their extraordinary beauty. An outstanding highlight of the city is the park, which is of the same name Pavlovsky. This summer residence of the sovereign is not in vain included in the sights of Pavlovsk.

Tsarsky Park is one of the largest in Europe. It is located on six hundred hectares and was created in the early nineteenth century. It is recognized as the best landscape park in the world, as architectural structures and the landscape have found surprisingly exact proportionality. Green grounds are located on a hill in the valley of the Slavyanka River.

The Pavlovsk Palace

What else is worth seeing the sights of Pavlovsk? Be sure to visit the Pavlovsk Palace, which is located on the river bank. The residence is visible from any corner of the park, the building is made in the Italian style of a country villa. If you look at the palace from above, you can see that it looks like a horseshoe.

Inside the interior of the royal chambers is made in different styles, which creates a contrast with the strict decor of the facade. It is very interesting to visit the Italian hall, which is decorated with marble sculptures, and Greek, created in antique style. The tourists are fascinated by the big hall, the area of which is four hundred square meters.

To appreciate all the beauty and splendor of the park, you need to spend more than one hour of time, because everything that is on the territory of the royal residence - this is the sights of Pavlovsk.

Colonnade of Apollo

An interesting architectural idea in the park is the colonnade Apollo, located at the entrance. Initially, she represented closed columns, and in the middle was installed a statue of the Greek god of arts - Apollo. Later the song was transferred to the river bank where the water stream washed the foot of the Colonnade, creating the ancient Greek picture of Mount Parnassus, the dwellings of Apollo. After the landslide, which happened even during the reign of the emperor, part of the composition collapsed, but it did not spoil the colonnade, but on the contrary, gave a mythical and mysterious appearance.

Not long ago a monument to the famous Austrian composer Johann Strauss appeared on the territory of the park. It was a gift to St. Petersburg from the Austrian head to the celebration of the city's three hundredth anniversary. The monument is a small copy of the sculpture of the composer, which is set in Vienna.

This is not the entire list of places with which Pavlovsk is famous. St. Petersburg, whose attractions are known all over the world, are visited annually by crowds of tourists. People who come to Pavlovsk, can extend their trip to the city of Pushkin, which is located very close by.


Places of interest of Pushkin and Pavlovsk at first sight may seem identical, since they are connected with the royal palaces and classical architecture. But this is not so, in every city you will find what to be surprised at, what to see and what to marvel. Arriving in Pushkin, you need to visit the most beautiful of the parks - Alexandrovsky.

The grandeur and splendor of you will be struck by the Alexander Palace - it is a masterpiece of architectural creation. Struck by the power and beauty of the building, looking through the windows, with your inner hearing you will hear music, it seems that you see ladies dancing at the ball, gentlemen discussing the last hunt. Looking around, in a light daze waiting for the appearance of the emperor himself.

Pavlovsk (Leningrad region), whose sights are known all over the world, is always glad to guests. All the most interesting and noteworthy objects, one way or another, are concentrated near the imperial palace.

Gateway to the city

The first to meet the tourists is the railway station, so to speak, the gate to the city. The building was built in the fifties and executed in the style of "Stalin's Empire", but this did not prevent the structure from organically merging into the architectural ensemble of the royal city.

Leaving the station and finding themselves on Sadovaya Street, the guests of the city will stumble upon the dacha of Stein. This is a beautiful building, made in the Art Nouveau style, bright-lilac. Now in the mansion there is a private music school, there is a linden grove around the cottage, which during the flowering brings a pleasant and unrepeatable fragrance.

Further, the street is decorated with cast-iron gates or, as they are still called, Nikolaevsky. The gates are on the road leading from Pavlovsk to Tsarskoe Selo.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

The beauty of the guests will surprise the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, created in honor of the Emperor Paul the First. When looking at the cathedral, thoughts arise about his beautiful attire, about the festive decoration. Inside the temple there is peace and quiet, each parishioner feels grace and pacification - it seems that Nicholas the Wonderworker himself is nearby and listens to the prayers of the laity.

The royal suburb surprises with its beauty at any time of the year, but the most amazing sight falls on the autumn season, when nature itself decorates trees. The natural decoration adds to the most beautiful historical places.

If you are going to Pavlovsk, the sights, photos of which must necessarily be yours, will forever remain in your memory.

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