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Arranging Contracts for Tours in Travel Agencies.

An example of a contract for the provision of tourist services is better to ask already at the first meeting with the agents of the travel agency. If they refuse to give it, then this may mean that something is wrong here and may become an occasion to question the activities of this firm. You can be completely sure that you have every right not only to thoroughly study the future contract for as long as you need, but also, if necessary, to contact a lawyer to tell how justified the inclusion of any clause of the contract that caused You doubt.

In the event that you want to organize some special conditions for rest and you need to arrange an individual tour, and not a standard one, then the contract will also be drawn up personally for you. In this case, the travel agent can ask you to wait for a while or to come another day. It can also be made in your presence.

In the contract should pay attention to the following points:

  1. On location, class (number of stars) of the hotel, room type, number of beds and rooms, type of food ;
  2. For the duration of your stay at the hotel;
  3. For the time and date of the flight back and forth;
  4. On the order of payment - how much do you have to pay and in what time frame;
  5. At the point of penalties when refusing an order in this travel agency, in the event that you refused after full payment of labor costs.

Recently, travel agencies began to add to the cost of the entire package of services "fuel surcharge" and the percentage of insurance against travel. This means that when paying the amount of such insurance, if you can not go to a place of rest at the appointed time, then you will return the cost of the tour. This should also be detailed in the contract.

In the process of drafting a travel contract, the agent of the travel agency should write in detail how much the value of this trip amounts to, how much and for what you have to pay, for example, hotel, transport, visa, medical insurance, individual service, excursions, travel insurance .

When you have finished negotiations with the agent, you must have full information about your future trip. By this time you should understand for yourself how satisfied you are with this information. If not satisfied, then you can thank the agent and say goodbye to him. After that, go to another travel agency and repeat the same conversation. Only after you receive satisfactory answers to all the questions can you pay for any tours.

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