Just about the preparation of atenolol: the instruction is brief for patients

Heart diseases more often lead to sad outcomes. Almost all of them can be successfully controlled, providing an improvement in well-being and a reduction in the likelihood of seizures. Some medicines are developed recently, however many doctors prefer to trust the well-known substances. Atenolol belongs to this category.

The instruction states that this medicine helps to cope with a large number of different heart diseases, and not only: it is useful for angina pectoris, for different types of tachycardia, myocardial infarction, symptoms arising when alcohol is abolished in addicts, and finally, under increased pressure. Also, it is prescribed for Based's disease (increased activity of the thyroid gland) for a time, until substances that suppress the synthesis of thyroid hormones begin to act .

The drug was developed to replace propranolol, which penetrates the barrier between the brain and blood (blood-brain barrier). Unlike propranolol, atenolol can not serve the purpose of migraine prevention, although it is a drug of one class. However, the inability of atenolol to penetrate the barrier has the advantage - there is no effect on the central nervous system and many side effects of propranolol.

This drug belongs to a class of drugs that can not be canceled suddenly. This can dramatically worsen the state of health and well-being. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about the abolition of atenolol with a doctor. Perhaps you will gradually reduce the dose or transfer to a similar product of a newer generation. Recently, it has been noted that atenolol often provokes diabetes mellitus. Therefore, not all prescribe this drug and not always for a long time. In general, this is an inexpensive medicine, and therefore suitable for many. For example, "Atenolol Acry" is quite inexpensive. Therefore, it is often appointed to retirees. Although it is the elderly, it must be interpreted with caution.

How does atenolol work? The instruction explains that it reduces the need of the heart muscle in oxygen, because the heart rests more time against the background of its intake. This explains the effect of angina pectoris.

Atenolol lowers the efficiency of pressure receptors, as a result of which the brain does not respond to a decrease in pressure. It also affects the production of angiotensin, inhibits it, as a result, the kidneys can not be affected by a complex reaction to pressure. Arrhythmias occur less often because tachycardia is suppressed, the activity of the nervous system that exerts a stimulating effect decreases, and the pressure is reduced-these are all factors that, without control, cause rhythm disturbances.

How soon will atenolol? The instruction says that in an hour. The effect is maximum after 24 hours and will last for another 24 hours, gradually fading.

What are the contraindications? Do not prescribe atenolol with heart failure of a chronic nature. He will not approach those whose heart is increased, for example, to training athletes. Atenolol during pregnancy can not be strictly applied. He is very harmful to the baby, so during the use of atenolol, you must carefully protect yourself from pregnancy, preferably by several methods at once. If, however, the pregnancy has begun, you will immediately come to the doctor, let him choose a remedy less harmful to the future baby. Atenolol instruction refers to the category of the most dangerous for the fetus drugs.

This drug should not be taken on the eve of any surgery. So tell the surgeon if you are taking this medicine.

Side effects include retardation, swelling of the legs, vomiting, problems with falling asleep. You can not drink alcohol at the same time.

Atenolol is prescribed as one of the many tools of the heart protection program, which also includes nutrition correction, weight reduction, and regular exercise. Only a comprehensive application of the technique will help you significantly prolong life.

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