Effective means - vaginal suppositories

Vaginal suppositories, called candles, are referred to as dosage forms. Their remarkable property is that at body temperature they gradually melt, and at room temperature do not lose their solid consistency. This drug is very rarely prepared in pharmacy conditions. Most candles are manufactured in factories. Unlike rectal suppositories, vaginal suppositories have a larger size and a more rounded shape. Some of them have a spherical shape (balls), others - ovoid (ovules), the third - the shape of a rounded body at the end (pessaries). Usually the weight of the vaginal candle is from 1.5 to 6 g.

They are made from base and active medicinal substances. Various substances (paraffin, vegetable and animal fat, glycerin) are used as a basis for candles, but the best of them is cocoa butter, which is a homogeneous plastic mass with a melting point of 32-34 ° C.

Suppositories vaginal, issued by the pharmaceutical industry, are written out in abbreviated form of the Latin prescription. It begins with the name of the form - Suppositorium (candle), followed by the name of the most active drug substance and its dosage. The prescription ends with a prescription and signature.

Some candles with a complex composition have special names. Such suppositories are prescribed without indicating the constituents of their medicinal substances and dosage. It begins with the name of the form of the medicine in the accusative and plural - Suppositoria (candles), then goes the name in quotes, and then the number of pieces is indicated.

Prepared in pharmacies suppositories vaginal discharge in the expanded form. Indicate active medicinal substances, their number per one candle. Mass of oil is almost never mentioned, but they write the following: Olei Cacao suppositorium vaginale. After that, the number of pieces is indicated.

There are many types of vaginal suppositories intended for the treatment of various gynecological diseases. Suppositories from the thrush are released with the following active substances: celandine, lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, oak bark extract, oat extract. Candles from thrush eliminate and alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Candles are produced from fibroids (fibroids) of the uterus: Fithoraxin, with propolis, with celandine. These phytopreparations have antitumor properties and are a good prevention against these diseases.

Bacterial vaginosis is treated with candles with celandine, with lactobacilli (Lactonorm) and bifidobacteria (Bifonorm).

Suppositories vaginal anti-inflammatory are used during treatment of such diseases as colpitis, vaginitis, erosion, adnexitis, inflammation of the vagina. For this purpose, candles with celandine, with an extract of bark of an oak, with a sainfoin and preparation Fitoraxin are used.

In the complex treatment of serious diseases such as endometritis and parametritis, along with other drugs, vaginal suppositories are also used. They are also used to prevent recurrence of the disease. The treatment uses candles with extracts of sainfoin, celandine, oak leaves. At the final stage of treatment, Bifonorm is used.

Anti-inflammatory suppositories of vaginal are used for complex treatment of diseases of the cervix and vagina, such as cervicitis and colpitis. Apply them and with dysbacteriosis in the vagina.

Vaginal suppositories not only have a local effect, eliminating the symptoms of the disease: burning, itching, fetid discharge, but also a deeper effect, essentially comparable to injections. Their advantage is speed. When the base dissolves, the drug is released exactly where it is most needed. The active substance penetrates into the tissues and protects the mucous membranes from infections, without affecting the hormonal balance.

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