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How to become a lark: 8 practical tips

If you have never liked to get up early, but decided for yourself that it's time to change everything, you are showing prudence. In fact, it's not so difficult to become a person who enjoys his morning hours. Follow our advice and be patient. After all, in order to rebuild in a new direction, the body will take some time. There are several differences between "early birds" and lovers of nightlife. This is noticeable not only in daily habits, but also in psychology. Therefore, when trying to reconfigure your internal biological clock, many factors must be taken into account. Here are 8 practical tips for you.

Let the dream become a ritual

You go to bed, close your eyes and wait for Morpheus to take you into his arms. However, all these simple actions can not provide an instantaneous sleep. You can lie for an hour, another, but never fall asleep. This is important if before you never went to bed before midnight. This task will be facilitated by proper rituals, which must be started in advance. After dinner, you can drink a cup of tea, but in the evening caffeine is not desirable. All evening procedures should be aimed at relaxation, which helps to forget about daily excitement, stress and carries away grisly thoughts. Take a warm bath, brush your teeth and put on your pajamas. Adjust the temperature in the bedroom beforehand. The bar on the thermometer should not exceed the 20 degree mark. Remember that a slight drop in temperature leads to drowsiness.

Provide motivation

Surely you have an acquaintance "lark" who gets up at dawn and has time to remake so many things that you are kind to him jealous. Folk wisdom will give you a dozen sayings that will emphasize the benefits of awakening in the early morning. You have heard it many times from psychologists and famous people who have achieved tremendous successes in life. But what will the new regime give you? You will have a lot of time, part of which you can spend with a clear conscience on yourself.

How wonderful it is to wake up without experiencing stress and fear of being late for work! You can take a morning run, cook and eat breakfast, meditate. All these things will make your morning pleasant, and you will forget about the stupid habit of lying in bed, until the last moment delaying the climb. To get additional motivation, plan your morning schedule in advance. Spend more time showering or think about how tasty it will smell of scrambled eggs and bacon. These and other small pleasures will facilitate awakening.

Follow the rules

The only way to start getting up early is to avoid the temptations of the morning to take a little longer in bed. Give yourself a word that you will go up directly after the beep. No repetition buttons and disgruntled phrases in the address of the alarm clock. Psychologists say that any habit is formed within a few days. Believe me, it will be difficult for you only in the first five days. On the sixth morning you will rise on the bell as if nothing had happened. Give your body some time to rebuild the internal clock. Did you know that circadian rhythms depend on several factors? Partly your internal biological clock is controlled by the environment, partly by internal signals, and partly by daily habits. Remember that the body gets used to the routine and tries to stick to it.

Reconsider the way of life

Scientists believe that there is a deep abyss between "larks" and "owls". They have differences in personal characteristics, in lifestyle and even in biology. For example, among lovers of nightlife more extrovert, people who are prone to risk, seekers of thrills. They like to communicate in a social environment, have many friends and are happy to attend entertainment. There is no doubt that if you like parties, then it will be difficult for you to change your way of life. It's difficult to become a man who spends evenings alone in solitude. However, this transformation will give you the opportunity to live a more organized life.

Avoid contact with electronic devices in the evening

What prevents most of the population from falling asleep in time? The main enemies of a serene sleep are smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions - electronic devices that emit light. From the physical point of view, the blue glow emitted by gadgets is one of the types of electromagnetic radiation. It is known that luminous screens disrupt the production of melatonin and prevent falling asleep. Numerous scientific experiments prove this, proving that the use of a smartphone or laptop in the evening provokes symptoms of depression and anxiety, and also significantly affects the quality of sleep. When you fall asleep, the brain reacts to darkness. But when the production of melatonin drops sharply, the body is misled. In this regard, it will be useful to recall the old good work that facilitates falling asleep. It's about reading books.

Physical activity in the evenings

Doctors recommend that patients suffering from insomnia practice evening sports. Even if you are fast asleep, a few minutes of physical activity will not harm you. Many people get up badly in the morning, feel tired and devastated. They do not understand that bad quality of sleep is responsible for everything. The organism does not have time to fully restore its functions. Exercises performed in the evening, will improve the quality of sleep and its duration. This is especially true for those who are accustomed to waking up in the middle of the night, tossing or snoring.

Avoid daytime sleep

Give up the habit of a day's 20-minute sleep, which invades the peaceful course of a night's rest. Only in some cases, slumber can be useful. It's about people working in shifts who need to get enough sleep. Well, and, of course, daytime sleep is very useful for children and adolescents experiencing great mental stress. But if you are one of those adults who work five days a week from 9 to 5, then give up slumber at lunchtime.

Let the sun in your apartment

If darkness at night makes your brain give a signal to fall asleep, sunlight in the morning gives the command to wake up. In the cold season, the function of a natural alarm clock can be performed by fluorescent lights. Immediately after the rising signal sounds, open the curtains and blinds and let the sun in to your home. The secretion of melatonin will decrease, the body temperature will rise. Thus, sunlight can give your body additional stimulus to start the movement.

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