We attach balusters with our own hands. How to fasten balusters to the stairs, to the floor correctly

Balusters - this is a stance, used to connect rails and steps. The main function is to ensure safe operation and sufficient strength of the ladder. Owners of their own homes often use balusters. How to fix them correctly? The following material will help you understand.

Materials used for making balusters

For the production of balusters you can use different materials:

  • Wood is not only the most environmentally friendly material, but also harmoniously fits in almost any interior;
  • Metal - a real find for the designer, as it allows to get absolutely any shape;
  • Forging - the main positive qualities include elegance, unusualness and reliability;
  • The concrete is distinguished by its strength and durability;
  • Glass can give the house a fantastic view.

Features of mounting wooden racks

Wooden baluster includes the following main parts: support, base and central array. The main burden will be assumed by itself, therefore, it should be as strong as possible. The fixing point of the support is the railing, and in order to ensure their reliable functioning, it is necessary to achieve their close fit to each other. In the manufacture of these two elements, a small margin of length is made, which in the future will allow the installation of racks. The array performs an exclusively decorative function.

The structure of the post is usually divided into 3 parts: the support, the center and the base.

Balusters how to strengthen? If the house has small children, you need to carefully monitor the distance between the racks, otherwise the child may simply fall out.

Support posts can be connected directly to the floor. To save space on the stairs, balusters are often attached to the string or kosouram.

To install balusters made of wood, you can use self-tapping screws, studs and dowels. The simplicity and convenience of the first method is fully manifested in the presence of a staircase on the Kosovar. This case involves fastening the balusters to treads. The screw is screwed directly to the stage in such a way that its tip protrudes halfway. Then you need to mark the point on the lower section of the column, which will serve as the place of screwing.

Sequence of installation on the studs

Balusters how to strengthen by means of hairpins? The lower part should be screwed into the tread, and with the aid of the top, fix the stand. Before proceeding with installation, it is necessary to stock up the following tools and materials:

  • Standard zinc-plated studs;
  • With a drill;
  • With an end saw;
  • Wooden racks;
  • Glue.

Now you can proceed to installation:

  1. The bottom end of each wooden baluster should be equipped with a hole of at least 0.8 cm in depth and 2 times smaller in diameter than the diameter of the hairpin.
  2. Then you should start making upper and lower cuts by means of an end saw. In this case, it must be taken into account that the angle of inclination should fit the string.
  3. The pin and the hole must be connected with glue.
  4. How to fix wooden balusters? The depth of the holes in the string must be at least 8 cm, and when installing, you should not forget about the optimal order - first 2 of the outer column, and then all the rest.

Self-tapping screws

How to fix balusters to the floor? In this case, the most universal way is to use screws or screws. They can cope with the fixation of both wooden and metal elements.

Attention deserve the following approaches:

  • Sub aliens;
  • Use of a support plate;
  • Application of direct fixation.

All these methods are very similar to each other. A reliable connection to the steps can be achieved by using a plate, for which four screws are usually used.

In addition, screws allow you to easily connect balusters with handrails.

If the stage is not equipped with a riser, the best and most convenient is the removal of the attachment to the bottom. And if the risers are removable, then there is nothing else to do but disguise the junction.

The presence of a thin bowstring does not allow you to fasten the balusters with the above method, but you can solve the problem with a single interesting enough technique. It requires the addition of an additional rotary element to the structure, which connects the baluster and the side of the Kosovra. This maneuver not only increases the free space on the steps, but also allows you to carry the fences beyond them.

During the execution of works, utmost care must be taken so that damage to the supports does not occur. For manufacturing, it is necessary to find a suitable tree species that is resistant to splitting, which is capable of withstanding the carrying out of such an installation.

How to install balusters on rods and dowels?

How to fix balusters to the stairs? Wooden structures assume the use of ordinary round dowels. Their diameter should not exceed ¼ of the diameter of the rack, and the length of two diameters of the baluster.

Marking involves each element - rails, steps, columns. The depth of the hole should be equal to half the diameter of the dowel. When installing fasteners, coated with glue, you must observe the following order: first steps, then rails.

Metal rack can not be called a complex installation

The use of metal in the ladder is considered to be traditional. Such elements are distinguished by refinement, elegance, and the regular appearance of new ornaments and bends of lines remind of a new time, a new trend or a new trendy trend.

Metal balusters how to strengthen? It's very simple, because all the necessary details and detailed instructions are included with these racks. The sequence of standard mounting is as follows:

  • The distance between the balusters pre-coated with paint is planned;
  • The stand is screwed onto the tread with a bolt or a self-tapping screw;
  • The backs are attached to the rack from above, after which the railings themselves are glued.

Private houses do not presume the use of hollow balusters, they are much more popular in office buildings. The main advantage of such structures is a special protective layer, which prevents the appearance of rust, therefore, increases the service life. We fix balusters with our own hands:

  1. On the steps you need to make labels, in the place of which the columns will be located in the future.
  2. To install each column, you need to use bolts or screws.
  3. Lying, which will later be attached to the railing, you can rotate to the desired angle.

Mounting Features

The safety of the structure is directly dependent on the reliable fastening of the balusters to the staircase, which, regardless of the material and form used for their manufacture, obey the following general rules:

  1. The optimum safe distance between two neighboring supports is considered to be 15 cm, especially if there are small children in the house.
  2. The value of the support height, comfortable for many users, varies between 80-100 cm.
  3. Mounting of each support should be carried out in two points - the top and bottom.
  4. The security of the structure does not depend on the thickness or the area of the baluster's section, since this element does not fulfill the carrier function, its choice is mainly influenced by the style and design of the staircase, as well as the interior of the room.
  5. How to fix the balusters correctly to the structural elements, handrails and handrails? The answer to this question depends largely on the material used to make them.

Glass baluster

How to fix balusters made of glass? Despite the fact that such elements seem very fragile, they have sufficient strength and reliability.

To fasten the glass to any support, metal hinges or nozzles are used. Installing protective screens from glass requires the presence of certain profiles.

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