Rating of jewelry stores in Moscow - description, features and reviews

Rating jewelry stores in Moscow every day is not only interested in Muscovites, but also residents of other cities. Today, a lot of people are fond of jewelry and are ready to give them any money. And to facilitate the task and help to quickly find a place where really high-quality and beautiful goods are sold, experts make a rating of jewelry stores in Moscow. The list provided in the article allows you to find out in which metropolitan stores it would be worthwhile to look for a brand new earring, bracelet or chain.

When you want to become the owner of an expensive jewelry jewelry, few will agree to buy it in the first store. To do this, people carefully study the features of all jewelry stores, as well as reviews of real buyers about them. All this information is in the article, so the search for the perfect store will not take long.


This store is not in vain entered the rating of jewelry stores in Moscow and took the lead in it. It is located at: Dmitrovskoe highway, 89 (on the first floor of the shopping center XL). Here you can buy these decorations:

  • Wedding rings with or without diamonds;
  • Articles of pure gold;
  • All kinds of silverware;
  • Pendants;
  • Earrings;
  • Chains;
  • Suspension.

For each visitor there is always something suitable. Attractive prices, pleasant consultants and always a great choice are waiting for customers on any day of the week from 10:15 to 21:00.


As already mentioned above, the showroom is not in vain present in the rating of the best jewelry stores in Moscow. Reviews about him are extremely positive. All clients note the excellent work of consultants who know everything about ornaments and quickly give answers to any questions of interest to visitors. In addition, people are pleased with the constant expansion of the assortment, so you can come to the store any day and find there something suitable for yourself, and not wait for a new delivery.


In the salon located at the address: Jawaharlal Nehru Square, 1-30 pavilion (on the first floor of the shopping center "Univers-City"), you can buy such items at an affordable price:

  • Rings;
  • wedding rings;
  • Gold and silver jewelry for men and women;
  • Chains;
  • Suspension;
  • Earrings;
  • Pendants.

The store constantly holds promotions in which visitors can win some valuable prize or at a big discount to buy a particular product. And you can visit this place any day from 10:00 to 21:00.

People's opinion

Shoppers note the convenient location, attractive prices and permanent promotions. People really rejoice when they visit this place, because there is always something to buy to please yourself and surprise others.


The premium jewelry store is located at: Mira Avenue, 40. Here at an attractive price you can buy jewelry for both men and women. All kinds of bracelets, chains, pendants, rings and other similar products are presented in a wide range, so there are several models you can like.

Shop any person can freely visit from Monday to Sunday from 10:15 to 21:00.

What attracts visitors

Jewelry salon has a lot of regular customers, and, consequently, a lot of positive feedback. People love it because they can always find something interesting for themselves. Experienced consultants who are really professionals in their business are always ready to tell what kind of decoration in size and appearance best suits a particular client. This moment is primarily allocated as new visitors, and have already become permanent.

In addition to excellent service, people respond well to the prices available to everyone, promotions that are held regularly, as well as a diverse range. Here you can find even those products that are not on sale in other popular Moscow shops.

"Perfect Charm"

In the rating of the best jewelry stores in Moscow, it was simply impossible not to bring a bench called "Perfect-Charm". The store is located at: Tverskaya, 14.

Every year, such brands as Pandora are becoming more popular. In this store, novelties of jewelry production appear almost the first in the entire capital. On sale there are products from many famous manufacturers, which are popular not only in Russia, but also in the territory of other countries. Therefore, if there is a desire to stand out from the crowd and boast of its unusual ornaments, you should definitely visit this place.

Among the main advantages of the store are the following points:

  • Fast delivery anywhere in the world;
  • Availability of a cumulative discount system;
  • Direct deliveries from the factory;
  • Manager with multiple languages;
  • Possibility to work on dropshipping;
  • Guarantee of exchange, as well as return of funds for goods of inadequate quality.

Salon, which occupies far from the last position in the rating of jewelry stores in Moscow, is open to all comers every day from 10:00 to 21:00.

What customers say

This shop for all time of existence has never received negative reviews in its address. It is for this reason that he entered the list of jewelry stores and workshops in Moscow as a place with good service and high quality of products sold.

In addition to the quality of goods, convenient working hours, as well as pleasant and highly skilled personnel, customers positively respond about the accumulative discount system. Its presence is especially pleasing to people who buy themselves rings, earrings, bracelets, chains and other jewelry often enough.

In the rating of jewelry stores in Moscow, this salon has also entered because of the fact that you can buy some goods in bulk. For example, it can be bracelets. Many people prefer to wear several bracelets at the same time. Thus, you can not only look stylish, but also amaze the people around you.


Completes the rating of the best jewelry stores in Moscow magnificent salon, located at: Verkhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Street, 2. The store is a partner of many leading manufacturers of Kostroma products, which, as is known, is today considered the jewelry capital of Russia.

Attention to visitors is quite a huge selection of quality jewelry. In the catalog, anyone can find for themselves what they really like.

Visit the jewelry store can be absolutely any day of the week from 10 am to 10 pm.

Customer feedback

First of all, buyers note the fact that Magazin-S accepts individual orders. This is really an important moment, because there are situations when a person wants something unusual and creative, and in the provided assortment such a product is simply not available.

Positively, people respond about a fairly fast and free delivery. Compared with other stores, here you can make an order by phone or via the Internet to anywhere in Russia.

No less good comments come about excellent service, pleasant prices, as well as high quality products. According to buyers, this salon should occupy the first position in the rating of jewelry stores in Moscow for the quality of products. Also, buyers are surprised by the guarantee for jewelry, which reaches ten years, which other salons do not give.

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