Lip Primer "Yves Rocher": customer reviews, composition, rules of use

The cosmetic industry is rapidly developing, and thanks to it every girl's cosmetic bag is replenished with new means every year, becoming a real set of professional make-up artists. That there only is not present: haylajtery, shadows, a basis under a make up for eyes and the face, voice-frequency creams, lipsticks. Among a variety of various pencils, bottles and tubes appeared primers for the lips. What is it? What are they needed for? Today we propose to consider for example the lip primer "Yves Rocher". Customer feedback on the product, its description, characteristics and application will be provided in the content of this publication.

What is a primer?

These products are produced in three variations: a liquid base with a tassel, a lipstick and a pencil. The lip primer "Yves Rocher", a photo of which you can see in this article, is created in the form of a pencil. They are quite simple to use, it is wide, it falls on the lips evenly, without gathering lumps in the folds. How to whet the primer for the lips of "Willows Roshe"? Quite simply. A sharpener of a suitable diameter should be purchased. In the comments the girls write that it is sharpened quite simply, the shell is soft.

What is the lip primer?

This is a real wand for all women who like to tint their lips with lipsticks and glitter. Reviews of the primer for the lips "Yves Rocher" argue that it is better to use it if you want to get a matte finish, as when applying lipstick on it does not remain.

The product is intended to prolong the brightness of the color and "life" of lipstick on the lips. This is a kind of foundation, the so-called preparatory soil for make-up. This innovative thing allows you to pacify even the riot of red color, with it you can freely drink coffee or tea at a party, without fear of staining the mug with lipstick. With the lip primer, lipstick is able to survive without tarnishing throughout the day. It will not disappear, even if you eat, drink, so the primer is ideal for visiting dinner parties, various kinds of events where food is provided.

Purpose of lip liner

The manufacturer promises a lot of advantages when using the primer for the lips "Yves Rocher". The consumers' opinions will be considered in the further content and from them we will find out whether the claimed characteristics of reality correspond. So, what can be achieved using the means in question?

  1. Many lipsticks can adversely affect the skin of the lips, drying it. The primer is able to prevent this by creating a protective layer. It protects the lips from weathering and peeling, smooths the surface, softens, provides easy care.
  2. Using the primer, you do not have to worry about your appearance. Do not dye your teeth with your lipstick while consuming food, the color will remain saturated and even.
  3. Saving is our everything! With the base for the lips you will have to use less lipstick, so - less often to buy.
  4. On the primer, lipstick lies more smoothly, as it aligns the relief, fills all the wrinkles and irregularities.
  5. The product will not allow the gloss or lipstick to spread, breaking the boundaries of the lip contour. Many people use pencils for this purpose, but someone is not friendly with them, in this case the primer is able to help out.

Such are the characteristics of the product presented. Having familiarized with the means in more detail, we will consider reviews about it.

Recommendations for use

The manufacturer does not prescribe clear advice, whether or not to use the primer is strictly personal. It is not a means of daily necessity for everyday use, it can be used for certain cases. For example, if your sponges are weather-beaten, matte lipstick will only emphasize this, and the primer applied under it will hide all the defects. Going to an important event, it will not be superfluous to use this foundation to look perfect all evening, without blurring lipstick, not running constantly tinted. According to reviews on the primer for the lips of "Willows Roshe" it becomes clear that its application will be worth using bright shades of lipstick. They will not be smeared, they will not be eaten in half, that it will look terrible, they will not smear clothes when they are hugging friends or a beloved man, in general, solid pluses!


It is not recommended to use the primer every day. Girls write that he tightens his lips, dries them. Someone writes that "Yves Rocher" dries slightly, someone says that it is very strong. Many feel the heaviness, discomfort when applying, but write that you get used to such sensations pretty quickly. There is also another drawback: if you like wet effect on the lips and get only such lipsticks, the primer is contraindicated. They write that it completely color makes matte, as if absorbing all the moisture. Lipsticks become dry on the lips, harder to apply.

The composition of the primer for the lips "Yves Rocher"

Recently, most women are trying to choose cosmetics, created on the basis of natural ingredients. The lip primer "Yves Rocher" in its composition has many synthetic and natural substances. It is almost transparent, which guarantees the absence of dyes, has no aroma, which means that the manufacturer did not use any fragrances.

The texture of the pencil is soft, but rather dense, it contains natural beeswax. It ensures smoothness of application, smoothing of wrinkles, so that lipstick will lie on the lips more evenly, clearly, without stressing the disadvantages of the relief.

Karite oil will provide care for the delicate skin of the lips, make them soft, protect from overdrying with lipstick, frost and wind.

How to use the primer for the lips of "Willows Roshe"?

Externally, the remedy resembles an ordinary thickened lip pencil. It is colorless, but when applied on the lips, there is a whitish layer that is barely perceptible. Many girls write that it is more convenient to use that primer, which is intended for complete shading of the skin of the lips. It is applied easily, because it is rather soft.

It is recommended to initially use lip balm to avoid overdrying, and then apply the base. Lipstick dye your lips after applying the primer, and not vice versa. If the skin is not prone to overdrying, the balm can be eliminated and applied to the "bare" lips.

Do you like the effect of consumers?

Reviews about the primer for the lips "Yves Rocher" are only positive, not counting those where it is written about the disappearance of lipstick gloss and tightening of the lips. Girls write that the tool is effective, lipstick holds very long, does not lubricate, does not spoil the dishes. In the comments, it is noted that the lipsticks lie more evenly, the color does not deteriorate, since the base is transparent. It is also written that using this product, you can really save on buying lipsticks, because they are painted much less often. There are reviews, where it is prescribed that you can not spend money on the purchase of fashionable matte shades, which are always more expensive than usual, because any tool becomes so!

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