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Trimmer for the bikini zone: what is it and what is it for? Popular Trimmer Models

In the present society, a good tone is considered when any representative of the fair sex, no matter what age they are, is groomed from head to foot. And even the presence of hair on the body in certain places is considered a mauveton, and at any time of the year, and in the summer - so much the more!

Intimate depilation is a new step in the code of propriety. Agree, it is not very pleasant when from under the underwear or a swimsuit the treacherous hairs are beaten out, creating the image of the sloppy woman who does not want and who is not able to watch herself. Ways to eliminate them for several decades was invented a great many. One of the latest know-how in this area is the trimmer for the bikini zone.

What is a bikini trimmer?

Bikini trimmer, or, as it is called, groomer, is a mini electric shaver. Only it is meant exclusively for women. Do not confuse the bikini trimmer with a depilator: the latter tears the hairs, and the groomer carefully cuts them almost to the root. "Practically" - because after shearing the vegetation still remains, but it is almost invisible to the eye.

Pros of bikini-trimmer

Despite the specificity of the result, the trimmer for the bikini zone has been widely recognized among women because of the mass of the following benefits:

  1. Convenience in operation. Compact size and ergonomic shape allow the groomer to sit comfortably in his hand.
  2. Lack of wire. Eliminates the need for a mandatory connection to the mains. In addition, this item allows you to use a trimmer for the bikini zone anywhere.
  3. Frequency of application. Grumer can be used once every two days, and thus he will not injure the skin and provoke irritation, clinging to barely overgrown hairs.
  4. Waterproof housing. Allows you to use a trimmer in the shower or bath, and also wash under water.
  5. Security. Unlike machines, the female trimmer for the bikini zone does not violate the integrity of the skin surface.
  6. Painless application. Grumer completely relieves his mistress of the unpleasant sensations that arise during the procedure. Due to the special design of the head, you hardly feel how the hairs disappear even in such delicate and delicate places as the bikini zone.
  7. Efficiency. Unlike other methods of removing unwanted hair, the groomer can perform hair removal even in the most inaccessible places.
  8. Bikini design. Some models are equipped with special nozzles, allowing you to cut out the original drawings.
  9. Economical. Trimmer for the bikini zone justifies its value literally for the first month of use. Now there is no need to buy machines or replaceable cassettes, gels and shaving foams, wax - all this will be replaced only by the groomer.

How do bikini trimmers differ?

It is worth noting that, with apparent simplicity and the existence of a single goal with which trim tabs are applied, they still differ from each other in some characteristics and bundling.

Bikini trimmers are wide (with a head from 25 to 30mm) - for the fastest processing of large areas, and narrow (with a head up to 25mm) - more to create drawings. So first think about what purpose you would most like to use it for. However, both of them make it possible to efficiently shave the hairs, albeit at different speeds.

If you are troubled by hairs that strive to look out of the nostrils or get out of the eyebrow contour, you should pay attention to the trim tabs, which come with a special nozzle for removing the vegetation on these parts of the face.

Most groomers work on battery power. They are additionally equipped with a charger. More budget options require the purchase of batteries. The first option, of course, is much more economical.

A significant plus is the presence of a charge indicator device. You will not worry about how much time is left before the battery is fully discharged.

The degree of water resistance also matters. Although the market is still dominated by models with a body completely protected from moisture, but still it is worth to carefully read the description of the trimmer you like, since only its head can be water-resistant.

As for the configuration of devices, everything here is slightly more complicated. Standard trimmers have a brush, a cover and a stand. The expanded configuration assumes the presence of several additional attachments, the types of which we will consider below.

Types of nozzles

Some models are equipped with additional accessories that can perform various operations. Among them:

  1. Comb. Hair grows unevenly, so for a more efficient haircut, this nozzle allows them to be trimmed beforehand.
  2. Razor. It will help to remove tiny hairs, with which the trimmer can not cope. Suitable for those who want to "finalize" their bikini design to the full perfection.
  3. Nozzle for eyebrows. A neat and miniature accessory allows you to practically point out hairs on any part of the skin.

Popular models of bikini trimmers

Today, customers are more likely to give preference to such brands as Remington, Braun and Philips. Names are all quite well-known and have long proven themselves in the world market of technology.

Trimmer for the bikini zone, reviews about which bear the most positive characteristic - the model WPG2000 from Remington. Women like its design, the optimal number of baits and the perfect result. Some even adapted it for cutting their pets - the device does not irritate the skin at all.

Trimmer for the Braun bikini zone, model SilkFinish FG 1100, also showed itself on the good side: it helps in situations when you need to remove hair quickly, complete with a few stickers for bikini design, it is compact in size.

The Philips HP6379 Bikini Perfect trimmer, in addition to the hair cutter, is additionally equipped with a depilator and stencils for bikini-art. The main disadvantages of it are the operation of the batteries and the absence of a charge indicator.

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