How to calculate square meters in different ways

The question of how to calculate square meters, usually arises in those cases when it is planned to carry out repairs, and technical documentation for housing is not available. Therefore, the simplest solution in this situation is by simple arithmetic and mathematical calculations to obtain a general area or some sort of separate room. There are various ways to perform such an operation. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now let's move on to the theoretical and practical part of how to calculate the square meters.

According to plan

The simplest case from the theoretical point of view is to get information if there is a plan for the room. In this way, you can calculate the area as a separate room, and the entire apartment. It is especially convenient to use it when physically it is impossible to get into a residential building (for example, you are in another city). If the most part of the room is rectangular or square, then it is enough to multiply their sides among themselves and sum them. But in the case of a non-standard form it will be easier to use a coordinate grid to solve the problem of how to calculate square meters. To do this, we take a transparent oilcloth (a transparent bag can also come up). We plot on the same scale as the plan, lines with a step of 1 meter. And we carry out both horizontal and vertical. As a result, we obtain a coordinate grid on a scale. An important condition: the size of the oilcloth should be greater than the plan of the room. We put it on top of it and consider the number of whole square meters. Then determine the approximate number of incomplete and summarize. The result is the area. The minus of the method is low accuracy in those situations when the walls of the room have a lot of bends. The main advantage is the possibility of obtaining a result without the need for direct measurements on the spot.

Measurement and summation

Not always available there is a plan for the room. In such a situation, one can not do without direct measurements. It is necessary to have a roulette for this operation (its length should be greater than the longest distance in the room), a pencil and a sheet of recording paper (a notebook or notebook may also come up). For rectangular rooms, length and width measurement is done. If they multiply each other, then we get the area. But for the round it is enough to determine its radius or diameter. In the first case, the area is equal to the square of the figure multiplied by the number "πi". For another situation, the calculation becomes a little more complicated: this will be the square of the diameter divided by 4 and multiplied by the same constant. The last option is a triangle. If it is rectangular, then it is enough to multiply its two legs with each other and divide the resulting result in half. In other cases, you need to measure 2 sides and determine the angle between them. Multiplying the length of the segments with each other, multiplying by the sine of the angle, we obtain the area. For rooms that have a complex contour, it is better to use the partitioning into the simplest parts and then sum them up. This method allows in various cases to decide the question of how to calculate the square meters.


Recently, computers are increasingly being used for this purpose. Now a lot of software products have been developed, which, based on the results of measurements, allow for calculations and obtaining the area of housing. In this situation, you do not need to think about how to calculate the square meter for each room. The initial data is simply clogged and the final result is obtained. In this case, it is displayed on the screen in a matter of a fraction of a second. Very convenient and fairly simple solution.


This article is devoted to how to count a square meter. There is nothing complicated here. This simple operation can be done very quickly.

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