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Actress Lyubov Sokolova: filmography and personal life

Lyubov Sergeevna Sokolova is a famous Soviet and Russian actress. She was awarded many prizes of Soviet film festivals, as well as military orders. She is People's Artist of the USSR.

Childhood and youth

Actress Lyubov Sokolova was born in 1921 in the town of Ivanovo-Voznesensk. Her father - Sergei Maksimovich - worked as a cabinetmaker, mother - Praskovya Fedorovna - was a salesman, and afterwards became director of the store.

From an early age, Lyubov Sergeyevna was accustomed to work. The family had a large farm: cattle, a vegetable garden. And the responsibilities for care were laid on young Luba.

From the very childhood it was clear that the girl possesses an excellent actor's talent. Repeatedly she arranged performances for her family and for neighbors at the age of five, dressing up in old mother's dresses.

While studying at school, Love participated endlessly in artistic amateur performances, and also attended a drama club.

The favorite pastime of the future actress was a visit to the Ivanovo Theater of Musical Comedy. She so often went to the performances, that sometimes she was allowed free of charge.

Mother Lyubov Sergeevna dreamed that her daughter would enter the conservatory, but the teacher of the school drama circle dispelled these dreams, advising the girl to enter the pedagogical. So, Lyubov Sergeevna got to Leningrad in 1940.


In the Pedagogical Institute. Herzen, Lyubov Sokolova, entered without any problems. When the study has already begun, the girl learned that the listeners are being recruited into the acting school at Lenfilm. Sokolova, without a moment's hesitation, ran to audition and made a huge impression there on the admission committee, having read Nina's monologue from The Seagull.

For a year and a half Lyubov Sergeyevna combined her studies at the pedagogical institute and acting courses, and also had time to earn money at the railway station.

Almost two years after the outbreak of the war, Lyubov Sokolova found herself in Moscow. She decided to continue her studies. She was admitted to VGIK at once for the second year (the institute was in evacuation in Alma-Ata).

Sokolova's teachers were outstanding masters: Sergei Gerasimov, Olga Pyzhova, Boris Bibikov. The study was given to the girl easily, she was a constant participant of all performances. And in 1946, actress Lyubov Sokolova graduated with honors from the university. Work began in the studio theater actor, and the debut in the movie was not far off.

Actress Lyubov Sokolova during the Great Patriotic War

The war was overtaken by a girl in Leningrad. In order to somehow help her Motherland, Lyubov Sergeyevna got a job at an aviation plant. She processed parts for aircraft engines.

Her husband Georgiy Arapovsky and his mother-in-law worked at the same plant. These were the hard days of hunger and cold, but Lyubov Sergeevna managed to survive the blockade and wait for the evacuation. From Leningrad she left without a family: her husband and mother-in-law were killed by hunger. This is one of the most terrible tragedies in the life of an actress.

"The road of life" was under constant bombardment, but Sokolova and here accompanied by luck. She reached Lake Ladoga to the point of evacuation, and for some time helped the wounded there. Then she was transported to Ivanovo, and from there to Moscow. After permission from the Minister of Cinematography to study at VGIK, Lyubov Sokolova moved to Kazakhstan, where she stayed until 1946.

Work in the theater

The first theater of the actress was the Theater-studio actor in which she worked almost all her life. However, in 1951 she and several other young actors were invited to go to Germany and work in the theater of the Group of Soviet Forces. Actress Lyubov Sokolova took this decision without a doubt, because there was practically no work in Moscow, which meant that there was not enough money for living.

For five years, Lyubov Sergeevna worked in Potsdam, where the base of the dramatic theater was located. The work was rather tense, the troupe had to travel constantly, touring all Soviet military units based in Germany.

Lubov Sokolova is an actress who has played dozens of roles in the theater of the Group of Soviet Forces, including Polenka from the "Profitable Place", Shura in the play "Egor Bulychev and Others," Lyubushka in "The Last" based on Maxim Gorky's play.

In 1956, Lyubov Sokolova came back to Moscow. She again began to work in the theater-actor of the film actor, but was constantly involved in only one play - "For those who are at sea." Circumstances developed in such a way that Lyubov Sokolova became a popular actress of cinema, although she does not have many main roles on her account.

Working in a movie

The debut of the actress could have taken place already in 1941, in the film "Frontline friends", but she herself refused the role. Even after graduating from the institute, she was invited to the painting "A Tale of a Real Man", directed by Alexander Stolper. Sokolova played a small role of the Varvara Nurse there.

Before her departure to Germany, Lyubov Sergeevna played in several other films, but these were episodic roles. After 1956 she appeared in the films "Two Lives", "The Ulyanovs' Family", "Quiet Flows the Don", "Walking through the Flours". On the set of the last Sokolova met her future husband Georgy Danelia.

Lubov Sokolova's film career developed at a rapid pace. She was often invited to the role of mother because of a good character storehouse. She played in more than ten films by someone's mother ("Payback", "Dangerous Friends", "Melody for Two Voices"). However, the actress called her favorite film "We'll Live To Monday", where she played a woman with a hard life and the mother of an unlucky boy.

Amazing is the fact that Lyubov Sokolova is an actress of exceptionally positive characters. From the negative heroes, she simply refused, not wanting to carry the evil from the screen.

Actress Lyubov Sokolova, whose filmography includes more than three hundred and eighty roles, was brought for this achievement in the Guinness Book of Records.

Main roles

Often Love Sokolov is called an actress of episodes. But it did not offend the actress in any way, because she believed that any role is important and necessary.

There are only three main roles in Sokolova's career. In the film "Mother and Stepmother" she played Praskovia Likhachev, adopted mother of the girl Nyura. In the film adaptation of "The Three Sisters" (based on Chekhov) she got the role of Olga Sergeevna Prozorova. Sokolova also starred in the comedy "Autumn Morning".

Personal life

Being a student of acting courses in Leningrad, actress Lyubov Sokolova, whose personal life sometimes amazes with her tragedy, gets acquainted with the young actor Georgy Arapovsky. Young people immediately fall in love with each other and decide to get married. Unfortunately, their family life was short-lived. During the siege of Leningrad, Georgy dies of hunger.

For a long time, Lyubov Sergeyevna could not survive the bitterness of loss and did not pay attention to the courtship of men.

Years later, on the set of the film "Walking through the agony," she meets a young man starting a director's career. George Danelia fell in love with the actress, and soon they began to live together.

In 1959, they had a son, Nikolai (at the time of his birth, Sokolova was already 38 years old). Actress Lyubov Sokolova, whose biography is not as happy as it may seem, soon returned to work. Grandma helped to take care of Nicholas.

Sokolov and Danelia lived together for 26 years, but then he went to another woman. Galina Yurskaya became the new director's choice. Lubov Sokolova calmly suffered this blow of fate and moved to her cooperative apartment.

The son of these two talented people followed in the footsteps of their parents. He graduated from the Directing Department of VGIK and was expected to have a great future. Unfortunately, this prophecy was not destined to be fulfilled.

Tragedies in the life of the actress

Love Sokolova - an actress whose son could become an outstanding director of his time. His short films of the student days were highly appreciated by the leading specialists of cinematography. But fate decreed otherwise. In the early 1980s, Nikolai became interested in Baptism, then got into a sect, became very closed. He was not stopped even by the fact that his little daughter Margarita is growing up.

In 1985, Nikolai perishes under unclear circumstances. His body was found in the apartment of his father's new wife - Galina Jurassic. Sokolov's love is also experiencing this blow of fate. She continues to work hard, give concerts.

In 1994, on the way to the next performance, Lyubov Sergeyevna and her friend Maya Bulgakova were in a terrible accident. A few days later, Maya Grigorievna's heart stops in the intensive care unit. Sokolov's love suffered a great loss.

Actress Lyubov Sokolova, whose photo hangs in a place of honor at the State Theater of the Actor, died in June 2001.


She was awarded medals of wartime, including "For Courage", "For the Defense of Leningrad". She is People's Artist of the USSR.

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