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Unique places in Russia - Ladoga Lake

Lake Ladoga in the old days was called the Neva-Sea. Ladoga, in fact, and looks like a real sea. In the Icelandic sagas the lake was called Aldoga or Aldoga. Since IX century there was a waterway, which was called "from the Varangians to the Greeks". The area of the lake is 18329 km. The coastline of the reservoir extends for almost 1570 km. In the northern part of the lake there are a lot of islands and large depressions, the depth of some of them is more than 100 m. The maximum depth of the reservoir is 230 m. Many significant events took place on the shores of Ladoga, both in the old days and during the last decades. Historical monuments and unique beauty of nature attract a large number of travelers. The shores of Ladoga are very picturesque and varied. They are made of rocks, built of rocky rock rocks, are cut by narrow bays with small islands - skerries.

Lake Ladoga is a pantry of solar energy. The sun, penetrating into its depths, moves the water, leaving the mirror surface fixed. Calm on Ladoga is extremely rare. Because of the long and strong winter cold, the climate here is humid and the water is cool, even in the summer. Autumn here is the time of storms. At this time on Ladoga raging strong waves. The weather (Ladoga Lake differs) here is very changeable, so the best time for swimming is June and July. The complete calm can very quickly be replaced by a windy storm. The height of waves can reach 4 meters. The biggest wave that was measured on Ladoga was almost six meters. In ancient times many ships sank in the lake. Modern ships on Ladoga are distinguished by high safety and comfort. The period from July to August is considered the most optimal for a trip along the Ladoga Lake. At this time, Ladoga is very calm.

Lake Ladoga is famous for its diversity and abundance of fish. It is inhabited by 53 species of fish. Many of them are of commercial importance, for example: trout, pike perch, whitefish, salmon, perch, roach, vendace, pike, bream, ruff. Salmonids account for almost a third of all fish species in Ladoga. This place attracts both beginners and avid anglers. The greatest interest among tourists is caused by the Ladoga seal, which is included in the Red Book. Lake Ladoga, the rest of which leaves unforgettable impressions, amazes with its picturesque beauty and unique places, among them the Alexander-Svirsky and Valaam monasteries, the legendary fortress of Oreshek, the Finnish city of Sortavala. On Ladoga, a large number of tourist centers and mini-hotels. Very picturesque Lake Ladoga - a place where you can perfectly relax and spend time. For tourists are offered hiking, biking and water routes. Specialized bases are open for hunters. You can relax on Lake Ladoga all year round. In summer, hire of boats and boats, in winter - snowmobiles. Ladoga is an expanse for lovers of extreme recreation. In addition to cycling, various programs for kayaking, surfing and jet skiing have been developed . Traveling on sailing catamarans is also very popular . Beaches of Ladoga Lake love romance for fresh wind and unique nature.

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