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Famous mathematicians and their achievements

Mathematics is manifested in all phenomena of life, its language is logical and understandable to people from all continents. The greatest scientists who worked in this field often continue to influence people's lives even after their death. What kind of mathematicians should everyone know?

Bertrand Russell

Like many other well-known mathematicians, Bertrand showed interest in exact sciences as a child. He enrolled at Cambridge University, and afterwards continued to teach in it. In addition to mathematics, he was also interested in philosophy. He defended his doctoral dissertation on geometry. Russell's fame was brought by a book on the principles of mathematics, created with colleague Whitehead. The work "Problems of Philosophy" has become one more important contribution. This work is still considered the best. In addition, Bertrand Russell led an active social life and published works on knowledge issues.

Alan Turing

It is rare when well-known mathematicians become a source of inspiration for writers or directors. But Turing is an exception, he is not just a genius scientist, but also an inventor of unique ways of deciphering. Therefore, his life seems such an exciting story. Modern mathematicians and programmers still use the Turing machine, the principle of which is the basis of the theory of algorithms. It is obligatory for study in all textbooks on logic. Moreover, Alan Turing alone did more than many famous mathematicians put together. He personally came up with the term "computer", became a pioneer of computer science and founded the theory of artificial intelligence, without it it is impossible to imagine modern programming. In the end, it can be called the first hacker in the world. He cracked the code of the German fleet, which allowed the Allies to win. Perhaps, without Turing, the course of history would have been completely different. But the life of a brilliant scientist ended tragically: he committed suicide by eating an apple poisoned with cyanide.

August Möbius

Many well-known mathematicians gave their surname to any concepts or phenomena discovered in the process of work. Not an exception, and Mobius: his name was heard even by someone who is not strong in exact sciences. The future mathematician was born in Saxony. After studying at the college Schulpforte entered the University of Leipzig, where he first studied law, and then changed his specialization in astronomy and mathematics. It is believed that the impact of the Leipzig teacher Molvevede was so apparent. In 1813, Moebius moved to Göttingen, where at that time the most famous mathematicians worked. In 1815 he received his doctorate and became a professor of astronomy. At the same time he was engaged in mathematical research, many of which, including the famous Mobius tape, were published only after the death of the scientist. His works on the theme of projective geometry and algebraic curves seem relevant even to the present day.

Nikolay Lobachevsky

Famous Russian mathematicians should also be on the list of the world's leading scientists. One of the most famous, of course, is Nikolai Lobachevsky. The future mathematician had a difficult fate. He was an illegitimate child, besides, his father died early. Education Lobachevsky received in the gymnasium in Kazan, and even then was carried away by mathematics, and then entered a local university. Unbelievable success in studies led to the fact that Nicholas was given a master's degree, in addition, he was left at the university for a professorship. In the course of his teaching activity Lobachevsky read a course in physics and mathematics. In 1826, he proved the parallel theorem, which was the beginning of non-Euclidean geometry and reversed the notion of space that existed before. Already in 1827 Lobachevsky became the rector of his native university. On his post he was elected six times in a row. At Lobachevsky the university has changed: new buildings have appeared, the library has received a lot of books, and laboratories - the newest equipment. But after six terms the government decree of the Ministry of Education, he was sent to the assistant trustee of the training district, which interrupted his scientific activity and became the end of a serious career of the great mathematician.

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