How to determine the size of shoes when ordering online

How to determine the size of shoes - it would seem that there is a complicated ?! However, not everything is so simple ... Not all adults can confidently answer the question of what their shoe size is. Why? Because on one pair of shoes can be, for example, written 38, on the other 37, and on the third 39. And what to believe? With the dominance of our market with Chinese-made products, the size breakdown has become particularly significant, but often even the shoes of leading manufacturers have their own dimensional scale. Hence the mysterious words "smallmerit" and "larger" (that is, accordingly, is less or more than the size written on it).

A question may arise: how long to talk about how to determine the size of shoes, if you can just try on and understand whether this model is convenient or not. It is so, but fitting is not always possible. For example, recently, orders from foreign stores and catalogs have been widely distributed. In this case, it is very important to know how to correctly determine the size of shoes, so as not to make mistakes and then not have problems with the addition of an unsuccessful pair (although 100% of the insurance will not be insured against it). Why is this method of buying shoes popular, despite the probability of error with the size? Because, firstly, foreign online stores provide a huge choice, and secondly, as it is not paradoxical, but even with remuneration to intermediaries and payment for delivery through half the world, the shoes bought in this way are much cheaper than in ours Shops, and its quality is often much higher.

One can give one simple advice, which concerns how to determine the size of shoes: it is worth getting into a large shoe store and trying out various models, always paying attention to the manufacturer. In this case, it will be possible to understand how much the size grid of a manufacturer corresponds to a standard size scale. So, ordering shoes via the Internet will become a little easier (at least, those firms that managed to measure).

However, there are standard size grids, and in the absence of information on the greater or lesser extent of a particular firm, as well as reviews of previous customers, it is recommended to determine the size of shoes in accordance with this grid. It is best to do this in the evening, as the leg "tramples" during the day, so these evening measurements are more informative. It is necessary to become a foot on a sheet of paper and outline the foot. This can be done standing or sitting. Some just measure the length of the foot with a centimeter tape or ruler - it's wrong, we do not need to make any measurements on the weight, they just turn out to be wrong. It must be remembered that very often a person has one leg more than the other, so you need to measure both feet, and from the values you select, choose a large one and round it to 0.5 cm. Then you should use the table and determine the European size of the shoe, and if necessary the American and English. It is also useful to know how to determine the size of shoes without using any nets and tables: measure the length of the foot (in centimeters), divide by 2, and then add the value added to the length of the foot. As a result of these simple mathematical actions, it will be possible to determine the European size of shoes.

However, it should be remembered that any measurements, even if carried out very clearly and impeccably, can still lead to the wrong result, if the size grid of a particular manufacturer does not meet the standard. Therefore, ordering shoes online is a lottery (with a good chance of winning). As a consolation, it can be said that most of the unsuccessful couples can be sold very quickly (especially if they were bought at a sale or promotion price).

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