Status "Adopted ABS" (Sberbank) - what does this mean?

An effective automated banking system (ABS) is needed to manage a credit institution . It is developed by domestic and foreign specialists. The speed of processing information and notifying customers about the completion of transactions depends on the quality of the system's operation. It is she who displays on the screen messages on the type of "Adopted ABS" (Sberbank). What this means, you will learn from this article.


ABS consists of a kernel and modules. Their number depends on the bank's needs for data processing. The main requirements that are imposed on the system are reliable information protection, prompt data collection, the ability to make quick decisions.

The key element of the system is a cash settlement module. It contains all the payments made and assigns them the status of "Accepted ABS," "Rejected," "Delivered," etc. Based on this data, then reports are generated and sent for verification to the Central Bank. For each individual operation a module is purchased. All of them can be manufactured by different manufacturers, but must necessarily be subordinated to one ABS.


Some of the domestic banks operate on the self-developed ABS. This can afford only large organizations with a large staff of IT professionals and a solid amount of investment. The payback period of such systems is 1.5-2 years. Such a solution has drawbacks. First, the poor quality of the workings that do not allow tracking changes in the conditions in the future. Secondly, in such ABS, accounting and management is practically not integrated into separate programs. Thirdly, the creation process can take a long time, if several experts work on the same project. On the other hand, such automated banking technologies are fully exclusive and prepared for one organization.

Many believe that it is better to buy a ready-made software product, and then adjust it to the features of the system. Developments of domestic specialists can be purchased for 15 thousand dollars, foreign - in tens times more expensive.

The "Bank-Client" system

A vivid example of the functioning of ABS is the "Personal Cabinet" of users on the website of the credit institution. All processes, starting with registration in the system and ending with viewing the history, are carried out in close interaction with the ABS. Consider this process on the example of sending a payment order in the Sberbank-Online system.

Forming a document

To begin with, you must create a payment order by entering all the requisites of the payee into it. Automatic banking technology is designed in such a way that each stage of document formation is assigned a unique status:

1. "Control error" - the generated document at the saving stage has not been tested for all fields.

2. "Imported" - the payment order was transferred from the accounting program.

3. "Created" - the document was successfully formed in "Client-Bank".

It is necessary to allocate a payment order. Additional buttons are activated in the upper menu column. Among them, you must select "Signature". If several payment orders were formed at once, then it is necessary to specify the requisites before conducting them. Preliminary verification of documents eliminates users from further errors. Cancel the payment after it is sent into execution is very difficult. And if the operation goes through, then the money is returned to the account within three days.

Transfer to Processing

After the document is created, the electronic signature of all authorized persons must be assigned. At this point, you must enter the password specified in the SMS. The "Bank-Client" system assigns the status of the payment "Signed" to the payment. Now the payment order can be sent to the bank. For this purpose, a special button is provided on the toolbar. Further, the application is assigned an intermediate status "Added". This means that the documents are checked. After it is completed, the payment is considered accepted and sent to processing. The application can be canceled, while the document is not assigned the status of "Adopted ABS" (Sberbank). What does it mean? Documents will be removed from the queue for holding. Money from the account is not written off. After the calculations, the document is assigned the status "Executed".

Additional statuses

Documents can be located at such stages of processing:

  • "Delivered" - the document was transferred to the bank and is at the stage of passing the checks. This process, according to internal regulations, can take an entire operating day.
  • "Accepted" - the payment order has passed all verification and is sent for unloading in the ABS.
  • "Suspended" on the recall command. Such a document can be withdrawn or adopted by the ABS (Sberbank). What does it mean? The application is re-assigned the same status as the processing was interrupted.
  • "Unloaded" - is directed to the further passage of checks.
  • "ABS Sberbank was adopted." What does it mean? The document is at the last stage of processing.
  • "Card index number 2" - the account has insufficient funds for the operation of the client.

Final statuses

  • "Removed from existing documents".
  • "TSA is incorrect" - the document was not signed by the bank.
  • "Error details."
  • "Executed" - funds are transferred to the beneficiary's account.

New version of mobile app

Details of the status of payment orders will be obtained only through the "Personal Account" on the website or through "Client-Bank". Through the mobile application, you can create and view the history of completed orders. For individuals in this service other interesting opportunities are provided.

In March 2015, a new version of "Sberbank-Online" was launched for Android owners. Of the main innovations worth noting built-in antivirus, which checks not only the application, but also the smartphone itself. If a threat is detected, the program will not start. Through the application, you can perform all the required operations, starting with the payment of utility services and replenishing the mobile phone, ending with the transfer of funds to another account in the territory of the Russian Federation. This is a real "bank in the palm of your hand."

The application is still launched after entering a unique five-digit code. The modified interface allows you to pay taxes and fees in one click. Through the program you can find out about the presence of fines in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. It is only necessary to enter the driver's license number. If any, then directly through the smartphone they can be repaid.

Another important innovation. The program automatically analyzes the version of the operating system on the smartphone. If the official firmware is installed, the application will be updated regularly, constantly expanding the set of tools used. But if the gadget has a modified OS or the user has root access, then the service will work in a lightweight mode, without updates and updates.


Payment, which runs through the Savings Bank, at each stage of existence is assigned a certain status. By its name, you can determine at what stage the process of transferring funds is, whether there are any mistakes. The payment order must be created, then signed and sent to processing. After the successful completion of these processes, the document is submitted for execution. That's what "ABS" is.

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