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How to draw a mermaid in a pencil step by step: ideas and tips

Drawing fantastic creatures is a favorite thing for any person with a good imagination. And the image of mermaids is generally a dream for any child. These beautiful creatures hail from legends and fairy tales seem very romantic and interesting.

If you decide to learn how to draw a mermaid in a pencil step by step, this article will help you.

How to start drawing

The first thing to begin with - decide on the image of the mermaid. The best thing for this is a real prototype, a girl you know, or a stranger from a photograph.

The style in which the work will be done is also important. It can be a stylization: in the style of anime or comics, or decorative graphics: a mermaid with patterns and lots of details. You can also draw a mermaid gouache, oil or watercolor. Working with such materials, you give a picture of picturesqueness, it will look natural, "alive".

It is important to depict the main attribute - the tail. If you want to learn how to draw a mermaid in stages (pencil), be prepared to pay attention to chiaroscuro in the picture.

  • Mark where the mermaid is on the sheet. Draw an oval (head) and lines of hands.
  • Draw a line (axis) of the tail. Determine the direction in which direction the tail is bent.
  • Draw the volume of the tail.
  • Connect the tail to the waist.

Scales on the tail are also an important part of the picture. From how the artist depicts the tail, it depends whether the girl will look like a mermaid. After all, without a tail, few will understand what kind of creature is in front of him.

Drawing scales on the tail, they can be distinguished with the help of light and shadow. Determine from which side the light falls and shade the dark opposite part of each flake. Hatching can help make the drawing more realistic.

How to draw a mermaid in a pencil step by step: details

Do not forget to draw a face and hair to a girl. These details will give the picture a mood. Expression, emotions on the face can be depicted in different ways: curved eyebrows - like anger or sadness, a smile - like joy or sincerity. The shine in the eyes can make the face expressive.

To understand how to gradually draw a mermaid in pencil, you can not be inattentive to detail. When the common features of the drawing are already visible, proceed to drawing. The hair of a mermaid is an excellent field for imagination. Make the shock of hair clearer, select several curls that are closest to the viewer. It's best to draw them different, so the composition will be more beautiful. In the hair you can weave underwater flowers, algae or insert a scallop from the shells. Any ornament in the hair of a mermaid will look elegant and neat.

Ariel - Disney mermaid

Beginners are often interested in how to draw a mermaid Ariel with a pencil. Step by step with the photo (from the cartoon) it's very simple. It is recommended for beginners to copy, however, do it with meaning. Think about how the body is built, where the hands are attached, how the head connects with the neck. It is very important to take into account the anatomy, making a sketch.

Drawing a Background

You can finish the work by drawing a background to a mermaid. Any figure looks better surrounded by something. Make dark hatching around the mermaid, adding light bubbles in the water and very dark algae. You can also picture stones, a dilapidated castle that has long been on water, or the remains of a ship. If the mermaid is in an underwater environment, sweep her hair in different directions, they develop under the water. Do not forget about the atmosphere of the picture. Now you know how to draw a mermaid in a pencil step by step. Dare!

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