Red evening dress for confident and strong women

Red evening dress is the undoubted leader in the collections of all leading designers of the world. In 2013, it became an exquisite combination of bright chic and convincing elegance. Such a dress is able to turn the most ordinary woman into a Hollywood star. It is not by chance that actresses with a world name on the most prestigious film festivals acquire outfits in red tones.

Red is an irresistible, all-consuming passion. In its every shade, the energy of sexuality dominates.

In this season, designers use little dark and deep shades of red, their preferences are given to lighter and light colors: alom, pomegranate, coral. At the level of intuition, this color is associated with a solemn atmosphere, magnificent luxury, a special case. The designers made another attempt to make it universal, bringing it closer to black. Evening dresses of red color gradually gain access to the daily wardrobe and become a possible option for a successful business lady. But still because of its brightness, this color is perceived by most women as an exclusive one.

According to many researchers, a woman who wears a red evening dress becomes instantly especially attractive in the eyes of men. The famous Monigue Lhulier in the design of his "red collection" skillfully combines inserts of lace and leather with flying silk and noble velvet.

Known worldwide brand LWren Scott in 2013 prepared an interesting model of bright red velvet, made in a vintage style. This simple at first glance dress was appreciated by fans of retro style. The spectacular brocade from Louis Vuitton, differs from similar models in that it is recommended to wear with trousers.

Red color is quite informative, therefore designers with a world name do not aspire to too complicated forms and intricate styles. Evening dress of red color is a real decoration, which always remains in the center of attention, and therefore it is always actual. In many cultures of the world
This color is given a special, honorable place.

Red evening dress will easily allocate its owner among many other guests. The combination of elegant strict style and magnificent red color looks simply amazing. Adopting the best traditions of world designers, modern society is unlikely to do without such a dress at the graduation party, socialite party or at a wedding.

The evening long red dress fits perfectly with the purse and black hat. Shoes can also be black. It is desirable that they are graceful boats on the hairpin. Do not overload your outfit with accessories - the red color does not tolerate it.

Now a few words about makeup. You have to remember that the red evening dress is very demanding and whimsical. Your make-up should be done with taste. For an evening out, you will need a neat eyeliner that will make your eyes expressive and bright. And necessarily red lipstick, which will complete your image.

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