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Scarlett Johansson: Filmography, biography, personal life

The future actress Scarlett Johansson, whose filmography is known to every spectator, was born in New York in 1984. Her name eloquently speaks of her father's Danish roots. Grandfather was a famous writer and art historian in his homeland.

The girl's mother was of Jewish origin. It is interesting that her community lived on the present border of Poland and Belarus, where there used to be a lot of Semitic people. At the same time Johansson admitted her distant Eastern European origin when she presented the blockbuster "Avengers" in Moscow. It was there that she played the Russian villain Natasha Romanova, which, of course, was very helpful to her unexpected statement. Scarlett has several brothers and sisters. One of them - Vanessa - also decided to devote herself to an acting career, although she did not reach such heights.

Childhood and the beginning of acting

Due to the fact that her parents divorced, Scarlett had to live in two cities - New York and Los Angeles. There she began her childhood career as an actress. In particular, her first performance was the production of "sophistry". There also played Ethan Hawke, who was already internationally known for his role in the film "The Society of Dead Poets."

In 1994, director Rob Reiner sought a girl for a role in the movie "North." He decided to choose Scarlett Johansson. The filmography of the actress was replenished with the first role in the big picture. In it, she co-starred with the same young Elijah Wood, who would later become Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. After that, Scarlett had several teenage roles until she appeared in the movie "Manny and Lo," for which she was awarded the first major Independent Spirit Awards.

The next film "The Exorcist" introduced her to a wide audience in the United States. In her 14-year-old teenager plays an invalid with a prosthesis. Soon, the Scarlett Johansson was nominated for the Young Actor Award. Filmography regularly replenished, despite a very young age.

Beginning of fame

The first role that made the actress world famous, found her in 2003, when she played Charlotte in the tape "The difficulties of translation." As directed by Sofia Coppola, she took a very young Scarlett because she looked beyond her years wise and insightful.

The plot narrated about the relationship of a very young girl and a famous actor at an age who were on vacation in Tokyo. Melodrama was warmly received by both spectators and spectators. Scarlett won the BAFTA Award for Best Actress, and was also nominated for Golden Globe. The last success was repeated (only in a dramatic role) after the release of "Girls with a pearl earring". In the picture was the image of the maid Grit, which went to Scarlett Johansson. Filmography was supplemented by a duet with actor Colin Firth, who played the famous artist Jan Vermeer.

World popularity

After that, the actress was on a Hollywood pedestal. Each role was marked by the press, the film budgets were great, and the names of the filmmakers were of a global scale.

So, for example, 2005 was marked in her career by two opposite paintings. Fantastic thriller "Island" with an anti-utopian storyline was Scarlett's first experience in a similar genre. In it, she, together with Ewan McGregor, played clones living in a phantasmagoric future.

Against this background, Woody Allen's "Match Point" seems more familiar to Scarlett. Under the scenario, her heroine, Nola Royce, was supposed to be an Englishwoman, but after the first candidate Kate Winslet decided not to shoot for family reasons, the role was rewritten in an American manner for Johansson, who was again nominated for the Golden Globe. According to Allen, this was one of his best films in his career, which was confirmed by the Cannes Festival, including it in his out-of-competition program. This picture in many respects echoes the classic novel Dreiser "American tragedy." In the future, the cooperation of the famous director and actress continued in two more tapes: "Sensation" and "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". True, they did not achieve their former success.

Continuation of success

Movies Scarlett Johansson, whose full filmography includes a variety of genres, has a historical adaptation. For example, the costume drama "Another of the Kind of Boleyn" in 2008 tells of the English era of the Tudor dynasty. Scarlett starred Mary Boleyn, the mistress of King Henry VIII. Natalia Portman became her "sister" in the plot.

But the "Black Orchid" with Johansson in the role of Kay Lake takes the viewer to the era of noir, that is, the 40-ies of the XX century. In it, the actress turned into a former prostitute, who turned out to be in the center of disclosing a terrible murder.

Extremely successful was the film "Prestige", which was attended by Scarlett Johansson. Filmography, biography and the track record of the actress were replenished with the role of Black Widow in the film adaptation of the blockbuster "Iron Man". It soon became clear that Marvel was creating a long-term project, and numerous superheroes began to appear in premieres every few years.

The current career

In 2012, a star appeared on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which belonged to Scarlett Johansson. Filmography, biography and its success became an example of a brilliant acting career. Then she debuted in "The Avengers" - the continuation of the superhero franchise from Marvel (after the "Iron Man"). Then followed several successful sequels of this movie series, the last tape of which will be released next year 2016. Many celebrate the successful duo, which they composed Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. Filmography of the actress for today continues to replenish.

So the exit "Ave, Caesar!" Is expected, where the spectator can look at the Hollywood world from within.

Personal life

In 2008, Johansson married Ryan Reynolds, a Canadian actor known for roles in such films as "The King of Parties," "The Green Lantern," etc. Their marriage did not work out. Two years later the couple broke up.

However, soon Scarlett married journalist Romain Doriac. In 2014, the newlyweds had a daughter, Rose. The actress is known for her closeness to the tabloids, who are constantly striving to learn about the personal life of the star.

Other activities

In addition to a successful acting career, Johansson is engaged in charity, is removed in advertising. In 2004, she participated in the election campaign of John Kerry, who was nominated by the Democratic Party.

Movies with Scarlett Johansson, all the actor's work of a woman - this is not all that she is known for in the creative field. She is well-known theatrical spectator. In 2010, she received the prestigious Tony Award for her role in the play The View from the Bridge, written by American playwright Arthur Miller.

Also in 2008, Scarlett released her debut music album "Anywhere I Lay My Head", sustained in the style of a Dream Pop. In the recording of some songs, the legendary singer David Bowie took part. Also the composer on the release was Tom Waits.

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