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Grace Zabriskie: biography, filmography

Probably every second fan of television series watched "Santa Barbara". At a time when the film was on our television, almost every housewife worried about the fate of the main characters. The actors coped well with their roles. Today we will talk about the talented actress Grace Zabriskie, who starred not only in the series "Santa Barbara", but in many other exciting films.


The future actress was born in New Orleans in 1941. Her father owned a bar and café on Bourbon Street, so the family was often visited by celebrities such as Tennessee Williams, Gore Vidal and Truman Capote. As a child, the future actress was engaged in creativity, she beautifully painted, composed poems, was interested in sculpture. And soon she became famous as a poet, releasing collections of poems. After some time, Grace Zabriski became interested in the cinema world and went to Hollywood to try herself as an actress.

Film career

In 1979, Zabriskie made his debut in the film Norma Ray. Grace showed herself well, so she was invited to participate in many projects. However, the actress has gained worldwide fame thanks to the TV series "Santa Barbara". And when the famous director David Lynch met this lovely lady, he immediately invited her to shoot the movie "Wild at heart." Then Grace Zabriski Could be seen in other films of this legendary director. First there was a picture of "Twin Peaks", a little later he released his second series called "Twin Peaks: Fire, go with me," and over time the viewer could see Grace in David Lynch's "Inner Empire". Everyone remembers Grace as Miss Ross in the famous sitcom comedy Seinfeld. In her entire career, the actress starred in more than one hundred and twenty films. She was most popular with the series.

Work in other industries

Grace Zabriskie, films With the participation of which many know, Not only starred in the movies, she still has time to work on the radio, takes part in radio shows together with the famous actors of the theater. Grace is also known as an artist, she paints beautiful paintings, does original things.


Grace Zabriskie starred in a lot of films. Her filmography has more than one hundred and twenty paintings. Let's consider some of them. In 1979, the actress starred in the films "Norma Ray" and "Private Detectives", two years later the tape "Galaxy of Horror" and "Falcon Crest". A year later the spectator could see the actress in the tapes "Officer and gentleman", "The song of the executioner", "Fairy tales of the golden monkey".

In 1984, she released such films with her participation as "The Burning Bed", "Rock of the Body" and "The Secret Life of My Mother". In 1985, the television series "Santa Barbara" was released, which brought Grace worldwide fame. A year later, the movie "Blues Hill Street" comes out for hire, and a year later - "The Great Kicks" and "Leonard the Sixth". In 1986, such films appeared with the participation of the actress, such as "Doping", "My father, my son", "Frenzy", "Shooter". Three years later, the actress starred in the films "Pharmacy Cowboy", "Deadly Silence", "The History of Ryan White," in the series "Tales from the Crypt."

The nineties of the last century are full of work for Grace. In 1990, she starred in the films "Megaville", "Bearing the Good," "Rest in Pain," in the famous for today's TV series "Twin Peaks." A year later, the films "Object of Desires", "Servants of Twilight", "Bloody Ties" are rented. In 1992, there are paintings "Dance on the water," the television series "Twin Peaks: Fire, go with me," "Seinfeld." In 1993, films featuring Zabriskie are shown on screens: "Fallen Angels", "Double Deception", and a year later - "Landing Zone", "Veterans of the Desert".

1995 was marked by the release of films with the participation of Grace "The Children of the Ashes", "The Police of New York", and 1996 - "Burning Zone", "Killer's Profile", "Family Business". From 1997 to 1999, there appeared such films, where the actress played: "The Devil's Child", "Special Forces", "Jesse", "Armageddon", "Funeral in Texas", "West Wing".

From 2000 to 2003, the viewer could see the actress in the films "Gone in 60 Seconds", "Defender", "Beetles", "Shining", "John Doe", "Charmed." In 2004, the paintings "Curse", "The Last Letter", a year later, the actress starred in the series "Medium". In 2006, the films "Big Love" and "Inner Empire" are released, in a year the tapes "Carefree" and "License for Marriage" appear. In 2008, the actress starred in the movie "The Public House", and in 2009 - in the film "My son, what have you done?". Four years later, the paintings "Murder" and "Wrong Cops", and in 2014 - "Judge".

Interesting Facts

Grace has two daughters, one of whom works in Hollywood, is engaged in animation pictures and special effects. Together they are fond of sculpture and the creation of paintings that can be seen in their joint gallery in Los Angeles. When they say that you can not be talented in everything, Grace only smiles. Few American actresses of serials were able to prove themselves in other spheres of activity, as Grace easily succeeds. It remains only to wish her creative success and prosperity, as well as new interesting roles.

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