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Actors: "Honey, I've reduced children." Biographies of artists and life after filming

The film "Dear, I Shrunk the Children," the actors in which they performed their roles brilliantly, went on a rental in 1989. In Russia, the picture was translated and shown to viewers in June of the same year. Refers to the genre of family cinema, science fiction and comedy. The director was Joe Johnston, and the main roles were played by Rick Moranis, Marsha Strassman, Christine Sutherland, Matt Frewer.

The plot of the movie

Professor Wayne Zalinski is involved in the invention of various devices that significantly improve the lives of everyone. He is an unrecognized genius, and therefore works exclusively in the home laboratory. In ordinary life, if not busy with work and science, Wayne is an exemplary family man: he loves his wife, takes care of children and even walks a dog.

If you do not take into account his constant finds, which constantly dust in the attic and do not need a single company, the scientist lives the simplest life of a family man.

Now Zalinsky and the company that the actors played ("Darling, I've reduced the children"), decided to invent a device that can reduce objects. This technology will make a real breakthrough not only in construction, but also in ordinary life. However, the latest tests are not so positive - the fruits that Wayne reduced, exploded in place as soon as the beam was directed at them. Having worked a little over the structure and having adjusted the car, Zalinski decided to rest and left the attic open. On an unfortunate accident the children just climbed and fell under the beam. Now travel around the yard of your own house will become dangerous.

Rick Moranis

The actors "Dear, I Shrunk the Children" coped well with their roles, and Rick himself played the main role of Uyan Zalinski. Born in Toronto in April 1953. From the beginning of the seventies I tried myself on the radio, worked as a host under the pseudonym Rick Allen. The craving for comedy was always. Once Rick and Ken Finkleman decided to create a funny show on the radio so people could hear them and cheer up.

Fame in the world of cinema Riku brought work in the films "Ghostbusters" (all parts), parodies of Mel Brooks from the saga "Star Wars" and the film version of the animated film "Flintstones."

After the picture "Dear, I Shrunk the Children" starred in the television version of the series about a crazy inventor. In the midst of a career, the actor's wife died of breast cancer, and this greatly influenced his decision to film. After the film, Rick decided to leave the cinematography and devote himself entirely to raising children.

Marsha Strassman

The actors of the film "Dear, I Shrunk the Children" for a long time rehearsed their roles, but Marsha performed the role of the wife of the insane inventor - Diana Zalinski. Marsha was born in April 1948 in New York.

Marsha played more than fifty roles on the screen, but the most famous for her was the role in the film "Dear, I've reduced the children."

Before the beginning of her career in cinematography, Marsha performed on the Broadway stage, and in the late seventies - as a singer. I released a few songs.

Strassmann died in October 2014 at the age of sixty-six years from breast cancer.

Matt Frewer

Actors "Dear, I have reduced children" instantly became popular. It did not work and Matt, who played the role of Russell Thompson, the neighbor of the Zalinsky couple.

He was born in January 1958. Since childhood, fond of football and played for protection. After graduation, decided to move to the UK and it was there decided to study for the actor. He graduated from the prestigious drama school.

The debut in the film took place in 1983. Fame brought the film "Dear, I have reduced children" and "Eureka."

Refused to move back to California, despite the fact that most of the filming took place exactly at this place.

Kristin Sazerland

The actors "Dear, I Shrunk the Children" starred in the continuation of the film, and Kristin herself played the neighbor of the Zalinsky-May couple. It was her children who declined along with their neighbors and experienced heavy adventures in the backyard of the house.

The most famous role of Kristin is the image of the mother of the famous vampire slayer Buffy in the eponymous series.

The role in the film "Dear, I have reduced children" became debut, after it the actress began to try on other, more significant roles and persistently go to castings.

For a long time he is married to actor John Pankow, better known under the pseudonym "Ira" in the sitcom comedy "I'm going crazy about you."

The film "Dear, I have reduced children," the actors and roles in which were remembered for a long time by the audience, received many awards and had its continuation. In it, Zalinsky increased children and reduced himself and his wife.

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