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Svetlana Antonova. Filmography, personal life, photo

This young talented actress appeared on our screens in many ways thanks to her older sister - now very popular and beloved by millions of actress Natalia Antonova.

Childhood, family

Svetlana Antonova was born in our capital on December 10, 1979. Mom actress - teacher, father - military. Svetlana has an older sister - Natalia, who has always been an example for a girl. Parents raised daughters in severity, and never raised their voice on them. It was enough only to look severely at the children so that it became clear that they were doing wrong.

When Natalya entered the Theater School. Shchukin, the younger sister decided - she, too, will become an actress. Probably, the biography of Svetlana Antonova could have been different, she would have been successful in other professions. Her bright appearance, an ideal figure allowed her to become a famous model. At the age of sixteen Svetlana was invited to work in a modeling agency.

In addition, the girl could have turned out to be a wonderful teacher, and she would continue the work of her mother. After graduation she even submitted documents to the Pedagogical Institute. However, in time realized that the acting profession for her is much more important.

The first to choose a profession Svetlana Antonova told her sister, who helped her prepare for the exams. The girl submitted documents and successfully entered three universities - "Schepku", GITIS and "Pike". Naturally, because of her sister, she chose the latter option.

Satire Theater

In the school taught A. Shirvindt, who was the head of the Satire Theater. The girl was warned by many that it would be difficult to work in this team - there are some eminent stars serving there and it will be impossible to wait for the role. But it was impossible to dissuade her, Svetlana decided to work in the famous theater. Contrary to the skeptics' forecasts, the young actress in the troupe was very affable. To date, she has successfully performed roles in many productions: "Secretaries", "Apple Thief", "Ornifl", "Eight Loving Women" and others.

Personal life

During the entrance examinations at the school Svetlana met Oleg Dogin. A real friendship arose between the young people, there was no question of romantic relations. They together discussed girls and guys, and even tried to acquaint each other with the most worthy ones. One day they decided to introduce their friends. The four of them silently walked around, and suddenly they suddenly felt terrible discomfort from this situation. Referring to urgent business at the institute, they fled, leaving friends in complete perplexity. Only at the end of his studies at the university did Oleg confess our heroine in his feelings.

Svetlana Antonova and her husband lived in marriage for eleven years. They had a charming daughter Masha, and it seemed that their marriage was not threatened. But in 2008, the couple unexpectedly broke up for many. Svetlana Antonova accidentally, as it happens, learned that her husband has changed her for a long time, and her mistress is pregnant with him. The actress took her daughter and moved to her parents. With her husband, she broke all relations, and her mother-in-law also talks today. Veronica Arkadevna helps the former daughter-in-law and granddaughter in everything, takes an active part in the education of Masha.

The charming actress has always had many admirers, but Svetlana is not loving, her environment is very selective. However, she met a man from whom she wanted to have a second child. They became director Alexander Zhigalkin. Spouses raise both daughters - and Masha (2004), and Taisia (2012).

Filmography by Svetlana Antonova

The first steps of the young actress in the cinema were very timid. At first she was offered very small, even episodic roles - Natasha in the film "Citizen Chief", Oksana's ticket-office ("Station"). Tanya from the series "Evlampiya Romanova" for a long time to remember the audience.

Svetlana Antonova won the first major role in 2005, in the series "My Love". She played the erratic and unbalanced Angela Raysky, who by force of circumstances is forced to live under the same roof with her half-brother. They are completely different people, but no one is immune to love ...

Starry hour

When the director of the famous militant "Piranha Hunt" selected the actress for the main role, among the many requirements for the pretenders were physical strength and endurance. Andrei Kavun knew Svetlana on the TV series "Vokzal", so he invited her to the casting. After reading the script, the actress caught fire with a new role. Casting lasted two weeks, and all this time the girl sat on a rigid diet - water and apples, bringing her figure to perfection. Sometimes it came down to fainting, but the rising star was not used to retreat.

Svetlana Antonova - the actress is versatile, very plastic and surprisingly feminine. On the set, her partners were famous and experienced actors - Yevgeny Mironov, Vladimir Mashkov, Sergei Garmash. At first the girl was even afraid of them - such stars are nearby ... Later it turned out that these eminent and beloved actors are very friendly and contact people. The shooting was very difficult. All the stunts star actors performed independently, without doubles - jumped from the helicopter to the lake, crawled along the swamp.

On the set of this series, Svetlana lost her luxurious hair. If someone thinks that the hero Mashkov cut off a false bracelet for the girl, he is mistaken - it was the actress's natural hair. As she recalls herself, it was very scary, painful and terribly sorry for the hair. After the episode was removed, the girl ran away into the forest, and cried for a long time. On the last day of filming, she was presented in a gold frame to her braid. She lay on her knife, which she was so barbarously cut off.

Filmography Svetlana Antonova began to replenish very strong work. She became a recognizable and popular actress.


It would seem that "Hunting for piranhas" is a typical action film, which is a lot in Hollywood cinema, and in the domestic one a lot. But thanks to a strong cast of actors, the picture turned out to be very lively and received deserved success from the audience. After this work, the talented actress was talked not only by the audience, but also by specialists. Svetlana Antonova, films with which they began to appear regularly, gives spectators a real pleasure. The images it creates are always very natural. Today we will present you the most recent of her works.

"By the razor's edge" (2014) is a drama, a multi-part film

In this tape Svetlana Antonova played the main role. Events develop during the war in occupied by the Fascists Exactly. The Soviet intelligence agent Gusnetsov works here. The film is based on real events from the life of the famous Nikolai Kuznetsov.

"Restless site" (2014), in production

The former investigator of the General Prosecutor's Office, and today the usual precinct Tatiana Petrova experienced a terrible tragedy - five years ago, her daughter was stolen from the playground. The investigation yielded no results. Tatiana resigned from the prosecutor's office and settled on the site where Nadia was gone. This work turned out to be the real vocation of Petrova. She does not miss a single detail, hastens to help everyone, always remembering that she could not help her daughter ...

"Alien" (2014) - a detective, in the production

A young music teacher promised her dying girlfriend to find the rightful owners of diamonds, which she kept from the war. On the way of the girl stand bandits, who through their channels learned about the intentions of the teacher. They try to stop her and get hold of the jewels ...

Filmography of Svetlana Antonova is constantly replenished. The actress, no doubt, is talented, so we wish her great successes and new interesting roles!

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