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The film "Martian": roles and actors

Almost a year ago the movie "Martian" was released. The roles and actors of the screen version of the novel of the same name are so suited to each other that the viewer can not help believing the performers' emotions. The work of the crew and cast members was appreciated by both spectators and critics, the picture received well-deserved awards.


The film "The Martian" (the actor in the title role - Matt Damon) is shot based on the novel by Andy Weir. Speech in the tape is about a man who, thanks to an unfortunate coincidence, was left alone on Mars. The team of researchers with whom he arrived on the Red Planet, flies to Earth, the nearest ship can be expected in almost two years, and there is not much food and food reserves in the research station.

What will the person who finds himself in such conditions do and what can he do? How will the departed colleagues and leadership on the Earth act? Will they try to save the life of the Martian "Robinson" or will they passively watch his death? The answer to these questions can be found by watching the movie "Martian".

Actors and roles in this film are chosen just perfect, each performer is so consistent with the descriptions in the novel that it seems born precisely for this picture.


Most of the filming took place in Budapest. This city is famous for its first-class specialists and magnificent views. The city attracted the creators of this picture with huge pavilions for filming.

In the largest of them - having No. 6 - a Martian landscape was created, including a launch pad and a research base. Panoramas of the Red Planet were filmed in Jordan.

One of the pavilions was given for the design of the spacecraft, in which many scenes of the film were shot. The other is for NASA headquarters. The third - for the workshops, in which the machinery worked.

The site where Matt Damon's character grew potatoes existed in the pavilions really. The studio was equipped with a greenhouse with artificial light and watering - distinguished from its Martian only a simplified system of feeding tubers. This stronghold of Martian agriculture was surrounded by a green screen with a height of 20 meters and a total area of almost 2 hectares.

Not for the first time the heroes of the movie "Martian" tried on themselves the costumes of the conquerors of space. Roles and actors were already "familiar" with each other, since previously almost all participants in this project were filmed in tapes about studying outer space or conquering extraterrestrial territories. Nevertheless, each actor considered it his duty to carefully prepare for each scene, achieving the most realistic picture.

For all those who took part in the work on the painting, this project became one of the most beloved, all just lived this process - filming a fantastic tape "Martian". Roles and actors were harmoniously matched, assistants and technical staff performed the work brilliantly. Even the most demanding director Ridley Scott - a great lover ahead of schedule - was satisfied with the quality and speed of the film.


The "Martian", whose roles and actors are practically inseparable, can boast of a very worthy team. The film was attended by Matt Damon, who received his first Golden Globe as an actor for the role, Jessica Chestane, who scrupulously studied the correct movements for movement in zero gravity, Keith Mara, Kristen Uig, the Blacksmith Egiofor and many others.

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