Origami "book": article-lesson

If your hands are not for boredom, then for sure you are familiar with such an interesting activity as origami. It can be called an amusing game or approach it seriously and see the wonderful art of creating unusual and beautiful works.

Origami is divided into classical and modular. From the modular, beautiful voluminous figures and compositions are created. Classical is basically flat figures. What a well-named occupation, it will never get bored and will let you know a lot of new and interesting things.

Let me introduce you to him. Today, we will tell you in detail how to make an origami book, but for now consider its meaning and history.

Art of origami

"The art of a whole leaf" - so in Japan they call origami. This is the main law of the masters, which they have been following for several centuries. As you might guess, origami art arose when paper appeared. You understand how it was expensive at that time, that's why articles in the form of paper ornaments were used only for religious ceremonies or wedding ceremonies.

Divine Origami

And all because the words "god" and "paper" in Japanese sound the same. Here people also gave such products religious meaning. For the first time, paper figures began to be put up in monasteries - they were decorated with walls. They could depict gods, animals or even seasons.

Nowadays, if we are kindling a fire with the help of paper, then we simply try to achieve a large amount of fire, as this material quickly burns. But in ancient Japan, paper only kindled sacrificial bonfires.

Origami as a way of conveying a message

And also origami served as a way of conveying the message. The skillful master wrote cherished words on a piece of paper and added a figure, for example a crane, and only the same skillful master could read them, since a person uninitiated would only be able to break the message.

We did not in vain mention the crane. This figure was most often used by masters, because in Japan it was considered a symbol of longevity and happiness, it was called "tsuru". And till now for origami masters this is the brightest, the most important sign.

The best origami students are children

Strangely enough, but the best students of origami art are, undoubtedly, children. For them it is not only interesting, but also useful, because we all know how important it is to develop small motor skills of kids. In addition, origami perfectly develops spatial as well as logical thinking and stimulates the child's creative activity. Therefore, very often you can meet such lessons in school and even in kindergarten.

After all, in the process of folding the child works by hands under the control of consciousness. The development of the eye is due to the precise movements of the hands. Excellent trains and memory, because the sequence of work must be remembered. Origami classes perfectly help children to get acquainted with the basic geometric figures. The aesthetic taste of the child develops.

Of course, teachers choose not complex options, so that children are not bored. So our today's lesson will be simple, interesting and moderately complex. Origami paper "book" will be a wonderful souvenir. Moreover, you can create from a small book a whole mini-library.

Material preparation

And now about how to make a book origami. To begin with, we need, of course, paper.

  • Take 2-3 leaves, depending on how many pages will be in your craft. For the origami product "book" we need white paper in A4 format .
  • Another A4 sheet is needed for the cover on the book. It can take bright colors or, as an option, paint in patterns yourself.
  • In addition, we will need scissors to perform only one cut.
  • Good mood and a bit of free time.

Let's get started!

Course of work: leaflets for the book

How to make an origami book? Take a sheet of paper A4 and start to add it.

  1. First fold along the sheet, then unfold it and make four more folds across.
  2. Now return the sheet to the position of the first fold, cut the resulting line about one square square with the scissors. Take care not to cut the excess.
  3. Next, you need to put the sheet so that the cut that you did is on top.
  4. Then carefully fold the sheet so that the leaves of the book turned out.

You should get an origami booklet. The diagram below will help you understand. Gray in it painted a leaflet of our future product.

Such leaves you can make any number, just look, so that your origami "book" was not too thick. Otherwise it will be already ugly.

Cover for a book

Now, if you have decided on the number of leaves, we will make a cover for our book. As we have already said, it is desirable for her to take a brighter paper.

First of all, it will be necessary to circle our book and outline the title pages. And then cut and fold the cover. For clarity, look at the picture that is attached below.

Variants of origami from paper for a book are huge, you are limited only by the flight of your imagination.


So, we've learned the lesson about how to make an origami book. We hope you had a great time and are satisfied with your work. And even if the origami "book" from you the first time did not work, do not despair, try again one day, and everything will come out! When you hear the praise of others, your world will be much better.

Perhaps you will make a small library for your inquisitive doll, or maybe use a hand-craft as a souvenir or just for a good mood. But we hope that your acquaintance with origami on this will not end, and you will eventually become a master craftsman!

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