How to make a butterfly from paper with your own hands? Three easy ways

Butterfly - a symbol of the soul and immortality of Christians. A pair of these adorable insects denote love, happiness and harmony in the house. It is not necessary to keep alive butterflies in the apartment, they can be made from inanimate material. Let's see how to make a butterfly out of paper with your own hands. A simple and beautiful hand-crafted article can be performed in at least three ways. Spend a few minutes on the performance of the product, and your kids will be happy with the result.

How to make a butterfly from paper with your own hands from a napkin

A simple hand-crafted napkin can make even a small child. You should take a regular napkin, bend it diagonally. Now we make wings, folding paper accordion on both sides. The workpiece is compressed in the middle and tied with a thread. Now we are preparing the second part of the craft, repeating the procedure with the second napkin. Now we connect the two parts with a stapler or thread. Nice butterfly is ready. You can make several of these crafts, hang them over the apartment above the ceiling, and they will flutter over their heads from every breath of the wind.

How to make a butterfly from paper with your own hands in the style of origami

Origami is very fond of small children for its simplicity and originality. What a miracle, when a real butterfly suddenly appears from ordinary paper! For handmade it is better to take colored paper to make the toy more expressive. The sheet should be folded twice, then crosswise. We lower one lower corner so that we get an even triangle. The same we do with the second half of the craft. As a result, we make a triangle with our own hands. Then bend the corners upward. We turn our future butterfly, and bend the upper corner downwards. Now we unbend our lateral folds to straighten the workpiece. The upper corner of the craft is bent so that it goes beyond the cut line. It remains to lay the toy along and spread the wings. The handicraft is ready. All the beauty is that when you lightly press the butterfly its wings move, as if it wants to fly. This is sure to please your baby!

How to make a butterfly from paper with your own hands in the style of quilling

There is another simple way to make a toy in the form of a butterfly made of paper. The work is very effective and romantic. To work, you will need a special kit for quilling or self-made thin long strips of colored paper. Their width should be no more than 3 millimeters. From long strips rolls should be rolled up, gluing the spiral at the base with glue. Rolls further form into cones. Gluing together two blanks, we get the body of an insect. For the wings we also roll rolls, straighten each wing, giving it the shape of a drop. It remains to paste the antennae, making them from thinner strips, 1.5 millimeters. We glue the details and get a charming hand-made article.


So, you can make bright and colorful toys in a few minutes with your children. To work, you only need colored paper, napkins and glue. Such butterflies from paper, templates of which can be invented on the basis of their own imagination, decorate holiday cards and will be an excellent gift for a birthday.

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