The Spirits of Yves Saint Laurent. The history of amazing aromas

Yves Saint Laurent was born in the distant 1936 in the country of Algeria, which was at that time a French colony. A seventeen-year-old boy, he arrived in Paris, where he began his rapid career in the world of haute couture. In 1964, they were released the first perfume, which was strikingly different from the perfume, located on the shelves.

"Opium" - these spirits Yves Saint Laurent releases in 1977. It was a shock. Millions of ladies dreamed of possessing a treasured bottle with an amazing smell on all continents. Base note: sandalwood, carnation and rose. Spicy, oriental aroma of these spirits envelops and intoxicates, immerses in the world of female passions and unrealizable desires.

Thirty years later, the spirits of Yves Saint Laurent "Belle D" Opium come out on the world stage. This time in the creation of perfumes participated Stefano Pilati, an Italian designer. The base note of this perfume has remained the same: musk, sandalwood, amber. Thanks to a completely new top note (white pepper, mandarin, lily Casablanca) and a heart note (jasmine, peach, incense and gardenia), a new sound has appeared. The aroma is light, like a breeze blowing, refined and attractive - that's what associations cause this perfume. For him, a square bottle of blue glass with gold inserts, symbolizing the eastern beginning, was designed. Such perfumes like romantic people, capable of easy flirting and appreciating themselves.

Spirits Yves Saint Laurent «Parisienne» is a fragrance of flowers with wood accents, which gradually opens. The top notes are represented by blackberries and cranberries, heart notes are violet and damask rose, and the base aroma is sandalwood, musk, patchouli, vetiver. The creation of these perfumes was attended by perfumers - two Sophia, Groysman and Labbe. They are filled with love for Paris, its streets, where you want to get lost in search of great love. Their sensual and delicate aroma will make your senses tremble in anticipation of an imminent meeting. The designer bottle with the leather logo of the Fashion House is as good as its contents.

The spirits of Yves Saint Laurent "Cinema", in which the top note is occupied by cyclamen, almond blossoms and Corsican clementine, are supplemented with jasmine, pion and amaryllis (heart line), the basic notes are simply amazing, because they are represented by amber, as well as white musk and bourbon vanilla. The flower bouquet of this fragrance is full of femininity and charm. This woman wants to admire and give her love.

The fashion house is constantly working on new flavors to surprise and delight its fans. Perfume Yves Saint Laurent «IN LOVE AGAIN» has a floral aroma - fresh, sparkling and romantic. Flowers, fruits and berries give a feeling of youth and cleanliness. The top notes are grapes, grapefruit and blueberries. The heart line consists of a water lily and exotic flowers of a tulip tree, and the base one is a water lily, sandalwood and blackberries. These spirits will not leave the indifferent man, he wants to go for such a woman to the end of the world and make her mad for her.

Another perfume Yves Saint Laurent "Saharienne" no less deserves attention and makes men's hearts tremble. They are named after a safari jacket and have a light citrus flavor. Top note: mandarin, lemon and bergamot, heart line: orange blossom, currant leaves, galbanum. Baseline: pink Madagascar pepper and ginger. These are spirits for a free, independent and at the same time feminine person.

The classic floral fragrance Yves Saint Laurent perfume "Y" is meant for an elegant and refined woman. These are the first spirits of the Master, modernized and sounding very modern. Baseline: amber, sandalwood, patchouli, styrax, vetiver, oak moss. Top note: gardenia, honeysuckle, plum, peach. Light bitterness makes these spirits unforgettable. Yves Saint Laurent is a perfume that does not go out of fashion and will be the best gift for your beloved woman, so if you need a gift, feel free to choose something that has been tested many times already.

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