What questions can there be for friends?

As a rule, spring and summer months are the most suitable for meetings with friends. It is during this period that you can walk for hours on the street, without fear of freezing, and go to the country house to eat shish kebab. Such walks should in no case be boring and tedious. People are going to meet with their friends in the first place in order to have fun and learn all the news and rumors. It should be noted that you should prepare for such a free time. This means that someone from the company should just think in advance about the topics for the conversation at the upcoming meeting. For example, you can prepare interesting questions for friends whose answers are not yet known. But this process will be rather difficult, because good friends know almost everything about each other. Despair in this case is not necessary, tk. A person always has such interesting information, which he did not dare to tell even his closest friends.

Guys in the company can ask each other about which of the girls in their faculties are free and attractive. Also you can find out information about what these representatives of the weaker sex represent, and whether it is worthwhile to get acquainted with them at all. Questions for friends can mean a request or advice. For example, a guy can ask his good friend to bring a picture of a beautiful girl (and give her phone number). In addition, a true friend must necessarily give his friend advice about building a love relationship with a particular person.

The most important thing in the company is fun. He can create cool questions for friends who are concerned with childhood. For example, your comrades can ask about what letters they did not pronounce in childhood, and what words they said wrong and funny. Such pleasant memories in any case will amuse the friendly company. You can also ask questions about the nicknames and nicknames that were with friends until the moment you met.

About tastes in food and preferences in clothes close friends probably know. But about their families, almost nothing is told. But the fact that questions for friends will touch family members, there is absolutely nothing terrible, because close friends should not be shy and something to hide. In this case, you can ask about the work of relatives, about the number of children, about divorces, etc.

If the company has a girl who is in love with one of the guys and wants to tell about her feelings, then first of all, she needs to think carefully about what question to ask her friend. In this situation, you must be extremely cautious, because incorrect or incorrect information can be offended by the man he liked. To scout the situation, you can start with questions about whether the guy has sympathy for any person. If not, then the next thing to be asked about is the qualities that he considers to be the main ones and which, in his opinion, a real girl should have. Do not ask your friend questions about your appearance. This will only repel the guy. If he is friends with the girl, it means that he is quite happy with her physique, nose shape and eyes cut. Questions about the former beloved in this case will be inappropriate. On the one hand, there is nothing terrible in this, but on the other hand, if the relationship was painful, and parting heavy, then such conversations will contribute to emotional experiences and other unpleasant emotions.

It is worth noting that with the topics for conversation in the company you need to be careful, because There are issues that can cause a person pain. To avoid this, you must always first think, and then just say your questions out loud. Questions for friends should never undermine, offend and put them in an uncomfortable position.

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