Best wishes to your girlfriend

We can say that lucky people who have real friends in this life who will always understand, always support, survive quarrels and resentments and will be with you again. For such a person you never feel sorry for anything, you try to give him all the best - trust, love, joy and understanding, share happiness and sorrow with him.

There are times when a holiday is approaching, and you, of course, will never forget to congratulate your girlfriend on this event. There are thousands of occasions throughout life, but every time the way of congratulation should be special, this is the closest person after family.

Wishes of a friend can be presented in a variety of forms - poetic, prose, orally or in writing, beautifully, colored pens, writing a wish in a postcard, you can show your imagination and somehow in an original way, perhaps without using words, to convey to it that you I would like to wish her. When this happens, and she understands you without words, it will give you unlimited pleasure.

Wishes in the form of a poem can differ among themselves and carry a different kind of content and mood: serious ones will be suitable for formal celebrations - weddings, anniversaries, state holidays. Although for some special cases, poems and jokes are suitable. They can be used, preparing the wishes of a friend for a birthday, you can at a wedding, if you have a goal to amuse her with a second half and all relatives.

You can congratulate your girlfriend on a holiday in poetic form or in modest prose, but it will always be nicer, decorated with a joke. What are the cool wishes of a friend?

Here are some of them:

"A girlfriend, real men, a species that is dying out." I wish you to put them in the Red Book, or rather, in your passport! ";

"My best friend!" I wish on your birthday to be like a fashionable mobile phone ... Be, like him, always the same stylish, miniature and beautiful, so that it's always been easy and easy to communicate with you !;

"My dear, agree, money is rubbish!" I wish you to take the post of director of the "garbage" landfill!

- Let each next day become like the previous one in only one - it will be just as light and happy! Good luck, joy, inspiration!

- On a merry birthday, I want to wish you dizzying happiness, good health and a wonderful mood for the rest of your life!

"I want all your years, flew by and flew by, taking everything bad into the unknown, and leaving good things with you forever!"

Wishes a friend can be presented, putting the meaning in some subject. Usually, when they wish to have a baby, they give a pacifier or diapers when they admit to love - red roses, when they want to buy a car - a car steering wheel or keys, when they wish happiness - a horseshoe, warmth and comfort - a samovar.

Such gifts, which carry a special meaning, a person will appreciate much more expensively for themselves than ordinary, boring envelopes with money, boxes of chocolates or something like that. Wishes that carry a special meaning, convey through themselves your love, attention, care.

Another interesting way of conveying the special meaning of a friend's wishes is to make an interesting image with her portrait, which is placed on a vest or a cap, mug or other object.

It will be an interesting, original and very pleasant gift.

The vast expanses of fantasy will allow you to come up with an original and unused way to present your friend's wishes, even to a birthday, let to a wedding or the birth of a child, by March 8 or New Year - it is important to do it heartily and tastefully, then your efforts will be high Are appreciated, and someday in return you will receive a no less touching and original gift.

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