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A simple recipe for tomatoes in their own juice without sterilization

If you want the vegetables prepared for the winter to keep as many vitamins as possible, use our advice. The recipe for tomatoes in its own juice without sterilization is certainly sought by every mistress. The dish has a lot of options, depending on whether you prefer to add vinegar or not, whether you like using spices. In addition, the lack of sterilization makes the process much easier.

So, if you want to enjoy juicy tomatoes from the beds not only in the summer - early autumn, but also in winter, then the tomatoes in your own juice, the recipe without sterilization that we represent, will please you. Moreover, these tomatoes will go to cheer with family members and will leave the cellars of the cellar in the first place.

A simple recipe without sterilization with vinegar

For this recipe, select small tomatoes. Let's give you a list of ingredients based on three-liter cans. If you want to roll more cans, just increase the required proportions. You will need the following ingredients:

  • Small tomatoes - 3 kilograms.
  • Large tomatoes - 2 kilograms.
  • Salt - 60 grams (3 tablespoons).
  • Sugar sand - 50 grams.
  • Vinegar - 1 teaspoon.
  • As fragrances - sweet pepper peas and cinnamon.

If we ask the people of our country which vegetables they prefer to see on their desks, the tomato will be out of competition. In addition, many people like these vegetables more in canned form. Therefore our recipe for tomatoes in its own juice without sterilization should master every hostess. Let's get down to business.

Preparation of small tomatoes

Rinse the tomatoes, those that are smaller, and knead with a toothpick each from the side where the stem was torn off. This is done so that the salt penetrates into the fruit during conservation, and the taste is saturated. If the fruits are too dense and firm, you can pierce them in several places. Then in the previously sterilized jars tightly lay tomatoes, but try not to squeeze them. Now it's time to do great fruits.


Rinse them and cut them into slices in random order. Put the mass in an enamel pot, put on medium heat and cover with a lid. It is necessary only to heat the mass, bring it to a boil it does not need. When the lobules get warm, they must be removed and wiped through a sieve. Thus, we get natural tomato juice. In a bowl of juice, add salt and sugar. It is better if you focus not on the recipe, but on the volume of the juice obtained. So, in order to cook tomatoes in your own juice (the recipe without sterilization, which we offer to your attention, will help in this), it is necessary to lay one tablespoon of sugar and salt for one and a half liters of ready-made juice.

If you like cinnamon, you can add one pinch for every half-liter of juice, as well as vinegar at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 3 liters. And now the tomato juice sprinkled with spices and salt can be poured back into the pan and brought to a boil. Do not forget to remove the foam. Pour into cans to tomatoes juice must be boiling, not letting it cool. Roll the cans with tin lids and turn them upside down. Now tomatoes in their own juice (recipe without sterilization with vinegar) are almost ready. It remains to cover the banks with a quilt and leave to languish until completely cooled. Then put it in a cool place.

Some Tips for Cooking

If you do not want to wipe the tomato juice through a sieve, just pour the fruits with boiling water for 2 minutes and peel them off. Put the fruits in a saucepan, chop a little with a knife, and put it on the fire. When the mass warms up, make mashed potatoes with the help of a usual crush.

Do you want to make tomatoes in your own juice (prescription without sterilization)? A simple recipe can be slightly adjusted to your liking. If you are one of the admirers of the vigorous combination of garlic and tomatoes, add a few crushed denticles into the tomato puree.

Do you plan to use tomatoes from a jar not as a snack but as cooking hot dishes? Then use the recipe presented by us, but beforehand remove the peel from small tomatoes. In this case, there is no need to pierce the fruit.

If you have a lot of brown tomatoes to preserve, then do not mix them with ripe fruits. Try to take as a filling for the can of fruits of one degree of maturity.

To prevent damage to the integrity of the fetus during conservation, discard too soft small fruit. Better let them on the tomato fill.

If you want the taste of canned tomatoes to be unmatched, before you put the fruits in the cans, test the taste of a fresh tomato. The recipe for tomatoes in their own juice without sterilization may not give a good result, if fresh tomatoes will sour.

Some variations of the recipe

Salt in this recipe is the main preservative, and without it there is no way to do. But any other spices and sugar, if you wish, can be omitted. You can also remove vinegar from the dish, only in this case you have to nevertheless sterilize the filled cans within 5-10 minutes. You can even try to cook tomatoes in your own juice (prescription without sterilization) without vinegar, only in this case try not to leave the jars in the refrigerator or in the cellar until spring.

If you think that tomatoes take just as much salt as they need, then you are mistaken. Therefore, try not to put salt over the prescribed measure.

A simple recipe with greens

In this case, we will also select only small dense and delicious tomatoes as whole fruits and also do without sterilization. To roll up the cans we need the following ingredients:

  • Tomatoes for a small size sacking - 3 kilograms.
  • Ripe tomatoes for juice - 3 kilograms.
  • Pepper black peas - 8 pieces.
  • Dill and parsley - 2 sprigs.
  • Sugar sand at the rate of one teaspoon per 1 liter of ready-made tomato juice.
  • Salt - 1 teaspoon per 1 liter of juice.
  • Tooth cloves to taste.
  • Chilli pepper.

The recipe for tomatoes in its own juice without sterilization with herbs: cooking

Wash and clean the tomatoes. For the sunset, only ideal fruits will do. Then rinse the dill and parsley. Cut the greens not too finely. In the same way as in the previous recipe, the tomatoes for the juice must be cut into large slices and folded into a saucepan. Only here we will bring the tomato slices to a boil and, constantly stirring, we will simmer them on low heat until the mass becomes soft. On average, this takes 20 minutes. We will remove the cake from the finished juice using the sieve. Then nakolem our ideal little tomatoes with a toothpick in several places and put in pre-sterilized cans.

Put the tomatoes tightly together, alternating with the greens. At the very end, place two pods of hot pepper in the jars. Once again bring to boil the tomato juice obtained earlier. Now it remains to add sugar and salt to the juice, mix the mass thoroughly and pour it over the jars. So our tomatoes are ready in their own juice. The recipe without sterilization with the photo that we presented in this article will serve as a visual illustration. Banks will also be rolled up with tin lids, turned upside down and wrapped in a blanket until completely cooled.


Tomatoes are popular among the people for their unsurpassed taste, besides these vegetables come to a great variety of dishes as an ingredient. Until recently, a similar type of canning was not common among Soviet families. Have brought this way of cooking vegetables for the winter to us in the country from sunny Bulgaria. However, the owners were so fond of the original recipes that they soon began to use all possible variations of the dish. So, tomatoes appeared in their own juice (prescription without sterilization) with tomato paste, tomatoes in their own juice with vegetables and many other options.

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