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How to craft a saddle in the Meincraft, or we are preparing to saddle a horse

So, today we'll talk with you about how to craft a saddle in the Meincraft. The fact is that this is quite an important item for riding. Without it, the idea will not work out. In addition, if you have a horse, then it can become your faithful companion, you only need to put on it the subject under consideration. So let's see how the saddle is made in Meincraft.

What and why

But first, let's try to figure out what functions in the game our object does and for what it is still needed. As already mentioned, the saddle in the "Meincraft" is the only way to saddle a mount and ride it on horseback. So if you wanted to be a knight on a horse, then you can not do without this item.

In addition, using a saddle in the "Meincraft" you can get a new achievement. It does not sound very heroic: "It's a pity that pigs do not fly." What does it take to open it for your character? Saddle the pig and jump off it on horseback from the cliff. So if you want to have a little fun, our today's subject is suitable for this purpose. Let's talk about how to make a saddle in the Maincraft.


So, the first thing we need for crafting is skin. Quite an important resource, which can be difficult to obtain. The whole problem is that the game world of "Maincraft" is close to reality. This means that in order to get the item we need, we will have to chase the animals. After all, we are talking about bestial skin.

In order to answer the question of how to craft a saddle in Meincraft, you will first have to think a little about the resource proposed above. After all, it is also created on the workbench. Of what? Of rabbit skins. To create one skin unit, you will need to get 4 skins. Where can I get them? With rabbits! When killing an animal, you will drop from 0 to 2 units of "wool." So go ahead - to hunt! Five skins - and you can think what other resources we need.


So, let's get acquainted with the remaining materials for creating the saddle. For example, with iron. More precisely, with ingots of iron. They will need us when we think about how to craft a saddle in Meincraft. You can obtain this resource in several ways.

The first option is to find an iron block and destroy it. From one such "cube" it will be as much as 9 ingots. If we consider that only two such materials are needed for the saddle, then this is a very advantageous "proposal". True, detecting blocks can be quite difficult. They are usually created with the same ingots on the workbench.

But there is another option - processing of iron ore. If you find a mine, you can easily extract the appropriate resource. The ore is in the Lower World at a height of up to 64 blocks. Easily mined. After you have "dug up" yourself material, it is enough to process it in the oven. At the output from one "cube" will be one ingot. True, you can go into battle with an iron golem to get the necessary amount of resources. After the murder 2-3 drops will drop. But there is one more component, which we can not do without.

A thread

The last thing you need to cope with the task of how to craft a saddle in Meincraft is the most common thread. As a rule, it is not difficult to obtain it. Especially for those who prefer to travel through mines and caves.

Threads drop from the web. Naturally, it can only be found in abandoned places. In addition, if you fight with a spider and kill it, you get the right material. From one mob falls from 0 to 2 units of thread. Only one thing is needed on the saddle. Among other things, you can search the temples. Sometimes there, too, you can stumble upon the thread.

Now, when all the materials are in your inventory, it's enough just to combine them on a workbench. You will get a saddle. You can use it for the purpose. A successful game!

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