Choose Eternal Table Tops From the Stone

We continue to study the question of equipping the kitchen. When creating a practical and comfortable, as well as a beautiful and stylish kitchen, you can not ignore the kitchen countertop. Firms producing kitchen equipment, furniture and appliances offer various options for materials for countertops - ennobled plates of fiberboard, wood, plastic and even natural stone. And for any of these options there are buyers. We will give due credit in this article to the modern newest material - artificial stone.

In the Russian market, items for the construction or finishing of artificial stone - countertops and window sills, floors and wall panels, fireplaces and steps, bar or office racks - is still an element of novelty, while in Europe and America an artificial stone has long been used in the production of sanitary -technical products for public and domestic premises. And it is not surprising, because this material has undisputed merits, some of which we will describe here.

And since we are interested in countertops made of stone, we will distinguish several varieties of artificial stone used in the manufacture of table tops: acrylic artificial stone, cast artificial stone, quartz artificial stone.

Acrylic artificial stone. A modern composite material, consisting of acrylic resin, natural mineral fillers, pigmentary additives, has unique properties. Unlike natural stone (and compare it makes sense just with it), there are no micropores in the acrylic stone, due to which the surfaces from it are impermeable to moisture and bacteria, resistant to pollution from coloring substances, easy to clean and do not emit anything into the atmosphere. Stability and strength to impact loads and mechanical forces are much higher than that of natural stone. Having on all volume of a material identical structure and color, from it it is possible to make products of any form and the size. The individual parts are glued together with a special compound, then they are ground and the finished table top looks like it was cut from a single stone block. At the same time, such a tabletop made of stone weighs less, the surface is warm and its color can have a large palette. After all, it is desirable to select it to the installed built-in technology and kitchen sink to achieve the desired style. As a rule, the table top made of acrylic stone is made to order, so it will be unique and exclusive. Some trademarks are listed here: Montelli and Staron, Max-Top and Corian.

Quartz artificial stone. It is produced by combining the crushed natural mineral quartz (base), high-quality polyester resin (binder) and coloring powders (coloring of the material). There are several technologies for the production of artificial quartz stone and, as a consequence, many brands, under which the products are manufactured. But the main unique characteristics are peculiar to them all. Quartz stone is ahead of natural stone in strength, products from it can be given any color, size, shape and texture. The lack of pores in the artificial stone gives it moisture resistance and resistance to temperature changes, as well as to the effects of chemical (household chemicals) and highly dyeing (food products) substances, and, as a result, simplicity in daily care. The worktop made of quartz artificial stone will serve as long and happily as high-quality household kitchen appliances. And in the case of shallow breakage - chipped (which is unlikely), scratches - it, like technology, is subject to repair. Let's note some trade marks: ZODIAQ, Plaza Stone.

Molded artificial stone. It is also called artificial marble or cast stone, but all because this composite material is made from natural marble chips. High-quality polyester resins are a binding element, pigments stain the material, a gel coating is applied from above. In appearance, much like natural marble, artificial marble in many respects surpasses it in its properties: it has resistance to abrasion, vibration, corrosion; Minimal moisture absorption and antibacterial properties greatly simplify the care of the countertop; Wear resistance is 2 times higher than that of marble. Defects on the surface of artificial marble in the form of scratches and chips are easily and completely eliminated; Products can be drilled and cut without the formation of microcracks and chips. Safe temperature range from +80 ° C to -50 ° C allows you to fearlessly use the countertop, while its original appearance will be preserved for many, many years. One example of a trademark: FOSTER Ekotek.

In conclusion, it remains to note that those who are interested in the materials described, we send to the website of the online store of kitchen sinks and mixers, equipment and accessories Atlant-Yu (http://www.atlant-u.ru/). There you can buy mass-produced kitchen equipment, as well as order almost any product from stainless steel, artificial stone or a combination thereof. Especially convenient is that when selecting or ordering countertops of artificial stone, you can immediately pick up specially designed for them washing and FOSTER technique, as well as washing TELMA (installation under the countertop).

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