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Energy Saving Electricity Saving Box: reviews. Energy Saving Electricity Saving Box: Deception or Truth?

Before buying, many consumers today are trying to read reviews on the Internet. The Energy Saving Electricity saving box falls into them quite often. But only those who bought it, do not express special enthusiasm. He did not justify their hopes, but only spent hard-earned money. Although the sellers promise a fairly good economy, in reality it comes out completely differently.

Declared principle of action

Everyone wants to save on electricity. But not everyone knows how to do this. To help such consumers, allegedly, was created Electricity saving box, customer reviews we are currently considering.

The device is plugged into a household power outlet and starts operating without further consumer supervision. The device should stabilize the voltage in the network, prevent the unused power consumption, neutralize the negative effect of the reactive current. All this in the aggregate gives a saving of 10 to 50%, which is important in today's economic conditions.

In fact, the most common about Electricity saving box reviews: divorce, deception. And it is found everywhere in different forums. Let's try to understand why people are unhappy with this device, which is not so cheap already.

Reactive electricity from a physical point of view

Where does the reactive energy come from, which saves the economist of energy Electricity saving box (the reviews do not favor him)? It's all about the laws of physics.

In school, in lessons, we studied the concept of an electromagnetic field, which is capable of repelling from itself different objects. The source of this radiation is an electric coil: an insulated live wire wound on the base.

Such coils are in many household appliances. In some they drive the motors, in others they convert the current.

Reactive electricity is obtained at the moment when the voltage disappears and the electromagnetic charge changes its direction dramatically. Thus, the active energy ceases to fulfill its function and is wasted.

In reality, feedback on the Electricity saving box says that it can not in any way influence the development of reactive energy. Hence, and it does not help to save.

Reactive energy in enterprises

Large factories and factories, on which there are many machines and powerful aggregates, are well aware of the problem of the over-expenditure of electricity in connection with the phenomenon of reactivity. This causes their leadership negative feedback. The Electricity saving box was developed based on research that is designed to reduce electricity consumption and convert it back into the active one.

This is achieved by forgiving. The network of the enterprise includes a device with capacitors of enormous power. They capture the reactive current, accumulate it and in the form of active energy are sent back to the devices. In this case, the current is obtained constant, which does not allow it to be converted back to inefficient energy.

This principle has also been tried in the home appliance. Against this background, I received the Electricity saving box reviews. Divorce is not immediately apparent to all people. But sooner or later it pops up. But the money for its purchase has, unfortunately, been spent, but it's not possible to get it back.

What in the house spends electricity in vain

Almost every household appliance is a source of reactive energy, which allegedly in private networks is quite dangerous and has high rates. The Energy Saving Electricity saving box, whose reviews and impressions are not the best, should transform it, just like in large enterprises.

The most obvious sources are devices on which electric motors of any power are installed: hairdryers, food processors, vacuum cleaners, electric drills, refrigerators.

There are a number of devices and devices in which the use of direct current is necessary, in them there are parts that convert into an alternating current. This includes computer monitors, TVs, gas lamps.

Electricity Saving Electricity saving box, the principle of operation of which is copied from industrial catchers, is an absolutely unnecessary item in the house. And all because most of the most powerful home devices already have in advance the design of suitable capacitors-reactive energy catchers.

A few words about the manufacturers

It's not at all surprising that the Electricity saving box reviews the buyers is not very flattering. After all, this firm, like the brand, is little known in our market. And all because the manufacturer of the economist is a Chinese enterprise. What else it does is difficult to say. But the very fact that the device is manufactured in China does not inspire much confidence.

If the device were produced in a European country, this would already indicate that special attention is paid to quality and reputation. Chinese goods have proved to be a conglomeration of solid marriage and deception. Therefore, even really worthwhile things in this market to earn trust is very difficult.

So it turns out that people are tormented by the question, looking at the Electricity saving box: divorce or truth? But enterprising sellers manage to convince consumers that this is a quality thing.

"The Theory of a World Conspiracy"

Of course, we will not discuss half-mythical fables that a group of people decided to destroy part of the world's population by launching the Electricity saving box. Reviews, divorce and deceit, of course, are present here. But this is a matter of local scale.

The essence of the conspiracy lies in the fact that in the world there are only a couple of really recognized design centers that own patents for the most famous inventions.

An economist of energy, if he was one, would have been bought by a Western company long ago and would not have missed the opportunity to make generous money on this. Agree, such a global discovery, as a household economist, is worthwhile for authorities to become interested in.

But in online stores we see some Chinese device, collected in a damp cellar. There can be no authoritative speech. Negative feedback about the device Electricity saving box - it's true. Not a single research center was interested in them. Hence, its technical characteristics were immediately recognized as unreal.

Let's see what's inside

Many experts were interested in the economist of energy Electricity saving box, the scheme of which is not often met. They became interested in what details it consists of and at the expense of which the claimed savings effect is achieved.

After the hull was opened, it was discovered that diodes, light-emitting diodes and capacitors are hidden inside. At the same time, the latter seem to have been put at random, without any accounting for the peculiarities of home networks. That is, they are not oriented at home with varying degrees of electricity consumption. There are no special modifications of the model or at least switches in the device.

Regarding the technical capabilities of these details, let's talk further. But their cost is about 3-5 times less than they ask for the finished device, taking into account marketing discounts.

Investigation of the efficiency

Engineers and scientists have racked up the question of whether the Electricity saving box: divorce or truth? Of course, everyone understood that there could not exist such a device in nature, but they decided to conduct a number of studies.

Their results confirmed the working hypothesis - the savings from the device are minimal and questionable. It can lower by 20-30% the indicator, which is designated as Am, but we pay for kV / hour. These are completely different things. And these "kilowatts" practically do not save. The indicator about 5% is not so already and far from the statistical error.

Stabilize the voltage in the network device also can not. This would be a complete violation of physical laws. Stabilizers are always fed in series, and not the way it is done with the Electricity saving box. Customers' reviews also say that on the contrary, the device helps increase the voltage in the network. This has also been scientifically proven.

Attention, obvious fraud

It's unclear why the economist calls for energy savings box on the Internet. They generally should not be, because all the sites on which it is sold, just glow with lies. It is so obvious that even a person who is far from physics and electricians will immediately understand: he is hung up with noodles on his ears.

Judge for yourself, why do you need an automatic switch between phases in apartments with a single-phase meter? Obviously, between what to switch? Or another absurdity: the economist neutralizes the reactive energy that modern counters do not consider. The user does not need to worry about the expense of what is given to him for free.

People at first do not carefully read the description, listen to professional scammers, buy a device, and then write negative feedback about the Electricity saving box. Lying is so obvious that people do not believe: it's just not possible to lie openly.

Homemade device

Anyone who knows how to hold a soldering iron in his hands will easily make the same electric power maker with his own hands Electricity saving box. The electric circuit of this device is quite simple. It will be read by even a man who has seen similar only in physics lessons.

At this point, another question arises: why yourself make a completely useless device? The only logical reason for this action will be the desire to prove to myself once again that there are no economists in nature. This is an ordinary divorce for people who want to save on electricity without much effort.

In the nineties for these purposes in the counters put hairpins and pins. Today, "legal" methods of deceiving energy companies are offered. If you also want to try it, better make yourself a device yourself. It will definitely save your money.

Hidden danger

And now let's talk about what many reviews are silent about. The Energy Saving Electricity saving box is a serious danger both for the home network and for the whole city.

The device is almost idle when the network maximum load. But in times of stress reduction, he himself can raise it. As a result, the home devices that are currently in operation will most likely fail. Therefore, if you do not want to mourn the refrigerator after you arrive in summer, do not leave the energy saver on.

A significant part of people believe that the device really saves. If all of the apartments have an energy economist, the overload will begin at the substations. And this means that you will definitely save, but due to regular accidents and lack of electricity in the network.

Therefore, do not create catastrophes and risk the welfare of the family. You can save in more real ways. In doing so, completely avoid the risk of burning the motor of the refrigerator or computer power supply.

Real ways to save

The power consumption depends on the power of the devices working behind the meter. This is what all the reviews say. The Energy Saving Electricity saving box, according to the same reports, has absolutely no effect on this process. Moreover, he himself consumes electricity. But it saves only a very small share.

A much greater effect can be achieved if you put in the house lamps of slightly lower power. This is possible in those rooms where illumination does not play a big role.

Also, try to make sure that the TV does not work when you are not watching it. Defrost the refrigerator, because a thick layer of ice forces it to consume more energy. Glue all holes in the windows frames for the winter. Then you do not have to use an additional heater. If possible, replace the old household appliances with a modern one with a high class of economy.

Look closely at the house. Virtually every household appliance can be saved. And these will be more real amounts than those that will be obtained after the installation of a dubious energy economist. And he himself is worth a lot of money to risk them, not knowing how realistic it is to get the benefit. Those who bought economists say: they are not effective.

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