Pereslavl-Zalessky: the year of foundation, history

Many tourists are very interested in Pereslavl-Zalessky. The year of its foundation is 1152. This is an incredibly ancient territory, which is part of the Yaroslavl region. In total, 40 thousand people live here as of the year 2015.

Popular tourist destination

From Moscow, you need to drive 140 km to get to Pereslavl-Zalessky. The foundation year gives it the status of a very valuable historical monument of architecture.

It is necessary to move along the road "Kholmogory" to Lake Pleshcheeva. It is worth to stop there, where the riverbed of the river Trubezh flows into this reservoir. Many visitors here are attracted by the year of foundation. Pereslavl-Zalessky is also interesting because it is the center of a national park. You can arrive by train and get off at Berendeyevo station. From here you can get to the Russian Golden Ring. In 2009, a record 292 thousand people managed to visit here, most of them were tourists. 2% of them turned out to be foreigners.

From ancient times to the present day

Pereslavl-Zalessky has a very long history. The year of foundation of the city is 1152. It was built by Prince Yu Dolgoruky. Then the name contained only the first part of the present name as an example of another, even older Pereyaslav-Russian, which today is called Pereyaslov-Khmelnitsky.

You can get there if you go to Ukraine. This place was founded by Vladimir Svyatoslavovich. Many archaeologists and historians have worked painstakingly to learn more about this place. The year of foundation was taken as the starting point. Pereslavl-Zalessky fully justifies the second part of its name, as it was covered by dense forests.

Also nearby were the fields that were successfully cultivated. In a word, in the bosom of the local nature, man had everything he could need. It is thanks to the environment that the final version of the name used today, which was established in the 15th century, was formed.


Many scientists have tried to perfectly study Pereslavl-Zalessky. The year of foundation is by no means the starting point in the narrative about him. More important is the period that began with the birth of A. Nevsky in 1220 in Pereyaslavl.

His son, Dmitry Pereyaslavsky, Prince of Vladimir, founded in this territory the capital of the northern and eastern territory of Russia. In the 14th century the city became part of the principality of Moscow. At this moment, more active changes begin, although almost two centuries have passed since the year of foundation and mention was dated.

Pereslavl-Zalessky could be attached to the lands of Andrei Alexandrovich, but this was prevented by the charter of the Khan of the Golden Horde, published in 1303. In accordance with it, the rights of the princes of Moscow were confirmed. The year of foundation and the first mention of the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky became the beginning of the great history of this settlement. Local residents showed themselves well in 1304, when a raid was carried out by the Tver detachment commanded by Akinf, a noble at that time boyar. The Moscow army defeated the enemy with honor, not letting him into his house.

The raids

For the point of historical reference take the year of foundation. The Pereslavl-Zalessky year of the first mention has the same early appearance as the appearance. Since then, many significant events have happened here.

For example, in 1238 the walls were besieged for five days. Similar raids were repeated in 1251 and 1281, then in 1282 and 1294. The city was burnt by a prince named Black Fyodor. Then this point attracted the Horde, who took him in 1382 and 1408, as well as 1419.

However, despite everything, the fortress walls stood. It is thanks to this perseverance that we can now trace what the year of Pereslavl-Zalessky's foundation is. The year of the first mention became the starting-point of the exact numerous chronicle information data that the scientists found and provided for study to everyone not indifferent to the fate of this place.

Historical events

This point, like many in the Middle Ages, had to endure not the easiest times. For example, in 1372 here there was a raid Keystut - the prince, who arranged another fire.

If you trace the life of a settlement from 1302, the governors from Moscow ruled here. Sometimes he was subordinated to princes who were outsiders. In the 15th and 16th centuries there was the patrimony of the Moscow rulers. From here to the capital there was a fish as a tribute.

The year of the foundation of the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky is as interesting as its coat of arms, where one can just see the ruffians - the fruit of the national craft, which served as a tribute. It was considered an extremely delicious and even delicacy breed, it was not found anywhere except Lake Pleshcheyevoy. Now it can be seen on the pages of the Red Books of the Yaroslavl Region. And Russia as a whole.

Great importance

In the autumn of 1374, Prince Dmitry Ivanovich from Moscow hosted a meeting of the most important boyars and princes. The state men talked about the problem of the yoke of the Tatars and Mongols, which had to be urgently disposed of.

In 1608, the fortress suffered from a new enemy. Then the Lithuanian-Polish interventionists invaded. Also, his troublesome imprint left the Time of Troubles. Beginning in 1688, under the decree of Peter I, a comic fleet was created here. Actually, from that moment the shipbuilding industry in the state was developed.

In 1692, these works were completed, they arranged a celebration in honor of the review. Since 1708 this area included the Moscow province. In 1719, they founded the central point of the province of Pereyaslav. From 1778 there was a district territory of the viceroyalty of Vladimir, as well as a province with a similar name. In 1929 on this place was the industrial region Ivanovskaya, and from 1936 - Yaroslavl. If you go back a little in time, you can trace the creation of a water pipe in 1884. From 1872 to 1917, the city was under the leadership of the city council. Its reconstruction took place in 1994.


As for the coat of arms, the first version was created in 1781 year. He portrayed two goldfish - those same delicacy ryadushkas against the black field. Also there was a leopard lion, which symbolized the viceroyalty of Vladimir, part of which at that time was the city.

The modern version of heraldry was adopted in 2002. Compared to the previous image, now there is no upper part of the composition, since this territory no longer belongs to the previous administrative unit. Fish depicted schematically. The flag is very much like a coat of arms, it was approved in February 2002. The difference is that the background is yellow, and the images are, on the contrary, black.

Once here, you can face a temperate continental climate. In the winter it is cold and cloudy, periodically there are thaws. This is a great place for a tourist trip and a pleasant stay. Having been here, you can saturate not only your imagination and imagination, but also draw a lot of interesting knowledge.

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