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What is a pickled fish

It's far from a secret that you can marinate absolutely any fish, both fresh and salted. Salted with this it is recommended to pre-soak in water, and fresh - salt. If the fish is large , it is cut, the fine is marinated entirely. In this marinated fish is a product preserved with vinegar and salt, in which various spices are added, so it acquires a spicy smell and sour taste.

Marindas for fish are boiled, fried and cold.

Cooked marinade is usually prepared for herring, pike and mackerel. This fish is cleaned, gutted and for several hours salted in brine, after which it is boiled for ten minutes in a marinade of vinegar and salt, cooled and poured with tomato paste. Marinated fish is stored no more than three days in the refrigerator.

Fried marinades are prepared as follows: the fish are cleaned and gutted, salted in brine for two hours, dried, then dumped in flour and fried in vegetable oil. Fried fish pour a solution of vinegar with the addition of spices and sugar, and store no more than two days in the refrigerator.

Cold marinade is good for herring. First, it is cleaned and cut, carving a loin, then poured with various spices and poured with a spicy marinade. For the preparation of marinade use a mixture of ground spices, from which it will depend, what flavor and taste will have a pickled fish. Spices should be taken in an amount of 1% of the weight of fish, cooked for half an hour. Ready marinade can be stored for up to one month in the refrigerator.

Cold marinating is the most common way of cooking fish. Let's consider in detail how to marinate fish by this method.

The fish must be gutted and cut out of it loin. For a marinade, take half a liter of wine vinegar, one hundred grams of salt, two hundred grams of sugar, two medium bulbs, a bunch of dill, ten peas, several laurel leaves and one spoonful of water and mustard.

Add sugar and salt to the boiling water. When the water cools down, vinegar, water (to get one liter of marinade), spices are added to it. The fish are poured with marinade in an amount equal to the weight of the fish, and left for three days for marinating. The ready fish is transferred to another dish, poured with the same marinade and put in a cold place. In this case, the pickled fish can be stored for up to three months.

Very delicious is a pickled pike. In order to cook it, you need to clean the fish, gut, removing the bones and the ridge, and cut into pieces. Onions and garlic are peeled and cut into rings. Next, you need to prepare a marinade. For one kilogram of fish, take seven spoons of vinegar, twenty-eight spoons of water, four tablespoons of salt, a spoon of vegetable oil. The fish is placed in a bowl, peppered with onion, pepper, garlic, bay leaf and pour marinade. Marinated pike during the day in a cold place.

Very often fried marinade is used when cooking fish. Consider how the pickled fish is cooked (a recipe for a roasted marinade).

To prepare the marinade, water and vinegar are taken in equal parts, various roots are cooked in this brine. When the marinade cools down, it is soaked for four hours with fish. Then the fish are dumped in flour and fried. To make sauce in the same fat, roast a spoonful of flour, adding a little marinade, pounded garlic and lemon juice. All this should be cooked for five minutes, after which the refueling is filled with fish. This fish can be stored in a cool place for a long time.

Thus, there are a lot of ways to prepare marinades for fish. Depending on the spices used, you can get a wide variety of dishes - for every taste.

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